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Happy Birthday to my Exceptional brother and leader. You're blessed beyond measures. Keep spreading you're a star!


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Thank you Rev.Sir for Business Seminar, my testimonies are lined up.


Happy birthday my special sister, you're a unique personality, full of love and kindness. More grace! Congratulations and I celebrate You.

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"The value of education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think."Albert Einstein. #IamwhoIambythegraceofGod

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HAPPENING NOW: This is the beginning of a new dawn. When God wants to bless, He creates new opportunities. -Pastor Joy #Ce Rumuibekwe #CEPHZONE3

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Checklist For Sunday Service by Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome My dearly esteemed wife, Pastor Ewaen Edun, sent this checklist to her church members today. I loved it and I have decided to share it with you, my most esteemed readers. Worth Sharing! Today's Saturday. .....plan for Sunday service tomorrow by doing the following today: 1. Put your Bible and notepad in your bag if you don't have an electronic device. Don't plan to just sit down and listen in church tomorrow. Take down notes and go back to study them. 2. Get your freewill offerings, seed offerings, partnership offerings and tithe ready. No one goes to see the King empty handed. You have to know what you are giving always and be consistent or keep improving. I set targets for my offerings and partnerships every month and I decide to do only above it and not less. Don't plan to be giving the same offering you have been giving last year. Do better! Increase and spread! 3. Meditate on what you plan to receive during the praise and worship. 4. Plan to be early. Set your alarm, go to bed early if possible. 5. Take out time to pray for the service, for first timers, the ushers, choir members, leaders, and foundation school teachers. It's not just the pastor's responsibility. 6. Talk to someone about Jesus and about coming with you to church. When they ask you is it a special service ? Your answer should always be "yes it is". Every service is special. 7. Pick out the clothes you will wear and make sure they are ready (my mother always taught me this one). Iron, wash, dry clean, and make sure you plan to look your best. You are going to see the king, and you are royalty so you should look like one. Lastly......PAY ATTENTION DURING THE SERVICE. DONT GET DISTRACTED BY WHAT PEOPLE ARE WEARING OR WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING OR DIDN'T DO. Don't wait for a song to excite or move you to worship God. Delight in His presence and create your own atmosphere to receive from God. When its time to pray, Pray. When its time to worship, Worship. When its time to give, Give. THAT'S ORDER! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #YearOfSpreading #ceAsaba #midWest4 #MVZ4

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Inspired! forgot yesterday's, spreading continues!

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