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Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

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We'll be live from Israel in about 30 minutes. Make sure to watch from 5pm GMT.

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Celebrating An Ardent and Ever Shinning Partner. Happy Birthday To Our Esteemed Pastor John Amenkhienan. We love and appreciate you dearly! Watch LoveWorld TV on www.loveworldtv.co.uk/watch-live LoveWorld TV 3.0 Mobile App Sky 585 Freeview IPTV Channel 258 To Partner/Contact us Call: +442075115830 Email: sponsors@loveworldtv.co.uk; info@loveworldtv.co.uk #MostImpactfulStationofTheYear2018 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear2017 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear #LoveWorldTV Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Chior Ministration at the ongoing A Day of Glory @ CE Enugu 2 with our Highly Esteemed Pastor, Pastor John Amenkhienan #CEEnugu2 #SERegion

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Birthday Loading 💃💃💃 #PJA1203 #SERegion

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Highlights of the ongoing program @CE Enugu 2 Our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, being invited to the stage by the Host Pastor with so much joy expressed by the congregation. #CEEnugu 2 #SERegion

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A Special Commemorative Edition of the Birthday Celebration of our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor John Amenkhienan We love you dearly Sir and salute your passion and commitment to the Ministry.

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DAILY PRAYER GUIDE - 3 DAYS TO MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR, 4 DAYS TO HEALING SCHOOL AUTUMN SESSION LAUNCH - #CEAMCMFS 🔊PRAYER TIMES:- 5:30am-6:00am, 12:15pm-12:30pm, 6:00pm-6:30pm &  10:15pm-10:30pm ⭕ Declare that our publicity for the Miracle Faith Seminar is most effective, and our invitees are coming in multitudes. Declare that every channel of communication we deploy receives a massive response as people are drawn from everywhere to partake of the glory of God manifested at this historic program. ACTS 5:16 - There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one. ⭕ Thank the Lord profusely for the glorious manifestation of His presence and power which we would witness at the Miracle Faith Seminar. Declare that growths dematerialise, cancers disappear, blood conditions are cleansed, and hopeless situations are turned around in the presence of the anointing, and great joy fills every heart as each one celebrates miracles. ACTS 8:6-8 - And the people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. 7-For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed.8-And there was great joy in that city. ⭕ As we count up to our Healing School Launch this Sunday in all our churches, thank the Lord specially for your participation, and for the opportunity to be His partner in taking healing to the nations. Declare that as we make commitments and give in faith, new money gravitates towards us in abundance from diverse sources for the speedy fulfilment of our pledges, and we each receive specific testimonies of our partnership with the Healing School. AMOS 9:13[MSG] - "Yes indeed, it won't be long now." God's Decree. "Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won't be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.  #CEAMC #CEAMCMFS #HEALINGSCHOOL #HSPC #HSAUTUMNSESSION

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#FoodForThought PUTTING THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS TO WORK HEBREW 1:13-14 ▪It doesn't say "angels were sent to minister to you". It says " angels are sent to minister for you!!! " ▪That means Angels are waiting to receive instructions. Your instructions! ▪To minister for them (HEBREW 1:14). That means they are working for you. They are ministering on behalf of you. So there are Angels working for you! ▪Instead of saying "O God see my situation, I don't have anything, see my situation"..... STOP seeing your situation, see the reality, the truth of His word. And then you respond by saying " Father, I thank you. I am blessed in Christ Jesus. Ministering Spirits, I dispatch you in the name of Jesus Christ, GO FORTH AND CAUSE THE MONEY TO COME!!!". ▪Put this to practice. Regardless of the situation. ▪START TODAY AND LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS!!!....YOU WILL BE STUNNED, YOU WILL HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU HAD IN YOUR LIFE! ▪If it is true that Jesus Christ is the son of God, If it is true that He died for us, If it is true that God loves us according to the scriptures, as the word says He does, If it is true, After truly saving us, WOULD IT BE HIS WILL TO LEAVE US IN SICKNESS, IN POVERTY, TO LEAVE US AT THE MERCY OF SOME GOVERNMENT, AT THE MERCY OF SOME DECISION MAKERS, AS VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES? ▪God couldn't have left us as victims. His word shows us. So, it doesn't matter your experiences, START PRACTICING YOUR CHRISTIANITY, CHRISTIANITY IS FOR DOING! YOU DO YOUR CHRISTIANITY!. YOU LIVE YOUR CHRISTIANITY. ▪So you say "In the name of Jesus, I rise above this situation (describe the situation that you have been in), and I live and walk above it from this day!". ▪Also, did you know you could decide how much you want to have at the least every month?. ▪Don't work to make a living. Princes don't work to make a living. Work because that's your opportunity to contribute to our world. ▪Your work is not your livelihood. It's a curse to refer to your work as your livelihood. Refuse to live in a curse. Why should I be labouring for my life. Work because it's a responsibility to contribute to the society, as an opportunity to be a Blesser. But, not as a measure of who you are, what you have and what you get! ▪You're a Prince! ▪Lift your hands and give Him praise. Thank Him for your life and for the opportunity to contribute to your society. Worship Him. ▪Angels are ministering for you! God bless you abundantly.

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A New Season of Joy, Peace & Hope in the hearts of all. Glorious things are spoken of thee.. #LWWITHAM #UKZone2MegaCellOutReach #UKZone2 #EssexGroup

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Isuti is my training ground and I must conquer


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Celebrating the most joyous Personality, full of grace and love Happy Birthday Ma We love you so dearly! #0602 #SERegion

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BREAKFAST SPICE 🍞🍞🍞🍷 Tuesday 5th February, 2019 STRONG AND TOUGH IN THE HOLY GHOST Like the Apostle Paul, it makes no difference the adversities we face; we stand strong and tough in the Holy Ghost! We affirm, “None of these things move me.” Hallelujah! Discover more in today's article and kindly visit http://bit.ly/ROR_SERegion to get your copy of Rhapsody of Realities today. God bless you.

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