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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Wed Feb 26 We're admonished in today's Rhapsody not to fret over our dreams, but trust the Lord. Learn more from the article and share with others too. Paul the Apostle declared in Rom 1:16-17, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith:as it is written, The just shall live by faith". During our prayer times, we'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, interceding for salvation of souls, the world over; that many would be brought into the kingdom and the Name of the Lord glorified. Remember to attend the midweek service today in church, onsite or online. God bless you.

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💥Today is Day 3 of our Special 8 days of Meditation!💥 STUDY TOPIC: ALIGNMENT Click here to download the full 8DOM study guide: and also, get the short video clip on the PCDL app. Remember to get your family, friends and colleagues to join in the life-changing study. Post your inspirations from the study and your testimonies on KingsChat using the following hashtags: #8dom2020, #2020theyearofperfection, #CECANADA #iwatchistudyimeditate, #meditatingnowonpcdl, God bless you.

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Happy birthday Perfect Sister Grace Rutendo Dube. Thank you for your dedication to our work in Canada through the years. Your heart of service, love and kindness is inspiring. From glory to glory, perfection to perfection in Jesus name. CE Edmonton love & celebrate you!


¡WAO! ¡WAO! ¡WAO! What a night it was at our Youth AMA with Pastor Richard Peña! Over 500 questions came in from youth all around the world and the wisdom of God flowed through all our panelists to respond! Many lives were surely impacted! What’s better —> Pastor announced that ¡YOUTH AMA! will be a monthly program streamed globally! Thank you, Pastor, for an amazing program! Thank you panelists for your insights into truth. #AMA #AskMeAnything #CENorthYorkGroup #CENorthYork #RiseandbeHealed #TheYearofPerfection #RECHARGE #YourLoveworld #Torontochurch #Torontolove #lovetoronto #Torontolife #gta #toronto_insta #churchfamily #gtachurch #praise #worship #pastorchris #healingschool #christembassy #loveworld #loveworldusa #lwusa #loveworldtv #CENorthYork #vision2020 #healingschool #jesus #ilovejesus #forgiveness #healing

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These are the faces of soulwinners 😁 We won a soul today and it's exciting.🎉 #Canada #CECanada #LWTeensMinistry #Teenscan #LimitlessFellowship #YearofPerfection #Reachingoutwithlove

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Celebrating our dearest Pastor B, the perfection of beauty, excellence personified, complete glory and love overflow. Thank you Pastor for all that you do for the Gospel. Happy Birthday Má, we love you so dearly. #CEMilton #CECanada #PB222 #Canada #yearofperfection #monthofsongs

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Happy birthday dear Esteemed Pastor Bunmi. It's indeed a great blessing to have you in our region. Your testimonies of faith and impact with the gospel are inspiring. Thank you for your warmth, kindness and the grace you exude. We love and appreciate you WOG.

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#1Day To Go: THE YEAR OF PERFECTION IS SOMETHING TO SHOUT 🗣🗣🗣 ABOUT. Get inspired with the all new 8 DAYS OF MEDITATION💃💃💃. You definitely can't afford to miss this👌🙌🏻🤸🏼‍♀️ 💥 Align yourself with God's Vision and purpose for you. 💥 Being complete, fill your spirit with the word of God. 💥 Walk in excellent bringing every project to fruition. 🎁All these and much more will become your everyday reality as you participate in the 8 DAYS OF MEDITATION starting from SUNDAY 23rd of February, 2020. 🎉The 8 DAYS OF MEDIATION will be available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL)🎉 THE YEAR OF PERFECTION IS INDEED A WALKOVER🏃🏽. 👌🙌🏻🤸🏼‍♀️ See you on Day 1👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 #8dom2020 #get2020yearofperfectiononpcdl #downloadstudymeditate #getitonPCDL #PERFECTION #Gift2020YearofPerfection

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ANSWERS! ANSWERS!! ANSWERS !! @ THE #HSOPC GRAND FINALE God means business through the Healing School!! Testimonies from around the world: Kenya: My left sole was pierced by a nail. The wound was healed on the 2nd day of the HSOPC. Turkey: I felt extreme release on the 1st day of the conference. USA: I was healed of lumbar pain and pain in both knees. Ghana: I was made free from an infection that caused me to bedwet. Germany: On the 2nd Day of the conference, I was healed and made whole in my mind. United Kingdom: Pains in my right leg disappeared on the 2nd Day of the HSOPC. Germany. On the 1st day of the HSOPC, I was healed of kidney problems. Ireland. I was healed of severe coughing on the 2nd Day. Hungary: I was healed of a numb left foot. Now I can feel on both feet. Stay connected to us for more updates. #HealingtotheNations #AutumnSession2020 #HealingSchool #Healingnow

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Amazing testimonies from the ongoing Healing School Online Prayer Conference... Wow! Are you watching? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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HEALING SCHOOL ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE IS LIVE! • Many singers have their ways of getting inspiration but I just need to be under the word of God. • When I sing "I have seen the blind eyes received their sight" it is because I have seen it. When I sing "Awesome God how great thou art... " it is because I have experienced it. ~ Sinach #hsopc #cephzone1

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#HSOPC DAY 2 ARE YOU CONNECTED?! Don't miss the action today. Join us to intercede for the sick now: #Healingtothenations #HealingSchoolAutunmSession2020

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Amazing and most inspiring 'Healing School Online Prayer Conference' live on loveworld networks. Have you been watching? still on. But don't miss rebroadcasts and tomorrow's session.

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WE ARE LIVE!!! To participate, Log in now @ #HealingtotheNations #HealingSchool #AutumnSession2020

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💥Celebrating Perfection and Excellence. Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Mpho Lorraine Mohulatsi (CE Toronto)💥 Thank you for your loyalty to our dear Man of God and to the vision of the Ministry. Thank you for being a succor to many and for the countless lives you’ve impacted with God’s Word. We celebrate your LoveWorld Exceptionalism, Perfectionism and Expansionism. Thank you for all you do in our Region. We love you dearly. #Perfection #Songs #Canada

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💥Celebrating a dispenser of Divine verities. Happy Birthday esteemed Bro. Peter Fakeye (CE St. Catherines)💥 Thank you for being a glorious blessing to us and for displaying the virtues and perfections of Christ. We love you dearly. God bless you. #Perfection #Songs #Canada

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#HSOPC #CECanada #CEEdmonton

COUNT UP TO THE #HSOPC - Have you invited and registered others? - Have you sent in your prayer request(s) and theirs? - Have you posted your expectations and theirs? The Healing School Online Prayer Conference is 1 DAY TO GO! #HealingSchool #HealingtotheNations #AutumnSession2020

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Rhapsody everywhere is Jesus everywhere!!!! I have registered for the 1Million ROR Campaign in Calgary. Have you? Don't wait, join the bandwagon of the elite multitude who publish the gospel. #1millionroroutreachcampaign #cecalgaryne #cecalgarygroup #cecanada #ror

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