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They are planted in the house of God and they grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ #mydeclaration Ceph zone 3

Our first timers and new converts are growing through the structures that have been put in place for their spiritual growth #mydeclaration



I declare that I'm fervent in spirit, I do not lag in zeal and I'm burning for Jesus.#mydeclaration

I declare that all grace and earthly favour abound towards me; I'm kept in supernatural health.#mydeclaration

I declare that I've been exalted by the Lord; I'm the seed of Abraham and nothing is too big for me to have.#mydeclaration

I declare that my children are 10 times better, wiser and sharper than their contemporaries. #mydeclaration

I declare that evident and supernatural changes have taken place in Nigeria. #mydeclaration

I declare that I'm supernaturally blessed in all things; there's no disadvantage for me; I'm an heir of God and all things are mine

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Henry Abbas, Adaobi Abbas, Divine Henry Abbas(academic excellence) Chimdindu Henry Abbas(baby), Ifeoma and Ifeanyi Obiefuna,

I won't spare, I keep sp..r..ea.....ding!

Don't Spare, SPREAD!

Lives will be transformed tonight, I'm a partaker of God's blessings tonight. #nightofbliss

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My increase, growth,expansion and progress this year is unstoppable!

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Destruction will NOT come when u are at the centre of God's will!

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