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STILL CELEBRATING OUR PRICELESS PASTOR OYAKHIRE JAMGBADI We rejoice over you, thanking God for His immeasurable grace demonstrated in your life. Thank you for touching countless lives with the love of Christ through your passionate partnership with the BLW vision. We love you dearly! #ceabujazone

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#Mindset_Introspect Rev.Tom "We don't work to make a LIVING, but to make a GIVING. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it's wrong to be ambitious. The reason you should be ambitious in your work or business is for the sake of Kingdom. Don't patronise the lies of the devil. When the Lord lifts you and positions you, you must see yourself as a leader; a leader lifts others. God has given you something to give to others - His Word and His presence. #I_Am_Exalted #OFFER7 #NCRegion

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WORLD'S BEST DAD! Click like and reshare if you agree with me. Pleeeeaaaassee!!!!😎😎😎

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