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It is d time and d season of change. He is alive,alive for ever more Join us to praise and worship the Lord Just 3 more days #TPAG #CEUKVZ4

The night of music, singing and making melody to the Lord our God, for He has done us well and He makes all things well #TPAG #TNOP #ukvz4

#TPAG #CEUKVZ4 #cebarking It's happening very soon. Get ready.

Hmmmmm, 7 days more, whao whao whao, am ready what about you. A date with destiny. #TPAG #CEUKVZ4 #cebarking

There is an overflow,abundance of blessing it a new level,it's a new level. Come experience the new level #cebarking #ukvz4

Hey hey hey,still countingup,are you ready?You can't afford to miss this. It's goin 2 be life changing. Don't miss out. #cebarking #ukvz4

This are the days of His power and His glory, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for you are part of history.# #cebarking #ukvz4

Ain't gonna miss this for anything in the world,we counting up now,it's just just 9 more days. Are you readyyyyyyy?I am ready what 'bout u?


Just 10 more days to go, how prepare are you for this glorious visitation of the Holy ghost? #cebarking #ukvz4

Is alive, He is no longer where He was laid. Jesus is alive for ever more. Get ready for this encounter with the spirit of God. Be there.

I'm gonna dance and praise him........ Shout of joy #TPAG #UKVZ4

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I know that I know, that there will be rivers of testimonies with power and glory. #TPAG #UKVZ4

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Glory! Glory!! Glory!!! #TPAG # UKVZ4

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All things are ready. Come and enjoy the glory #TPAG #UKVZ4

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Hey hey hey, glory glory glory, get ready it is your season of change. The lines are falling for u in pleasant places don't be told.#TPAG

Whao whao whao are you ready? He is risen, He is no longer there, it is time to rejoice!!The power and the Glory. Be there, don't be told.

Another time in God's presence, don't miss out. It is your set time. Jesus is arisen.#TPAG #CEUKVZ4



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