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TOP 5 PARTNERING MINISTRY CENTERS AND ZONAL CHURCHES 5th Position: Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3. Thank you for your valued partnership with the Rhapsody Bible and for keeping the Bible in its place as the Number 1 book in the world. #ippcaward #rhapsodybibleaward

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#NEWEPISODEALERT #ROADTOIPPC S1E04 GETTING READY It's 24 hours to #IPPC2019 and Martin PK is getting ready for the greatest IPPC yet! In this episode of #ROADTOIPPC we introduce new stars, @martin_pk and @farlonlyte as we get a sneak peek into the rehearsal sessions of The Chosen! It’s getting really exciting! Remember to Like, comment and Share. #celebrationoflights #ippc2019 #roadtoippc2019

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#IPPC2019 - A GATHERING OF EAGLES!! It all started with a resounding prophecy by our dear man of God Pastor Chris, that the achievements of 2019 will make 2018 look like child’s play. We heard it, received it, we’ve seen & experienced the materialization of this prophecy in our lives. Glory to God! IPPC 2019 is a crowning glory of a remarkable year and it’s just 2 days from now! Glorrryyyyy!!! Watch the featured video on Important tips you require in having a most beautiful IPPC 2019. God bless you!

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To the ends of the world ...the Gospel is heared

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IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR YOUR CARE GROUP MEETING ~ PRAY ° PLAN ° EXECUTE Prayerful Preparation What You Would Achieve In November It's The Meeting To Pray & Plan For It We Have The Blessings Advantage Prayerful Planning What A Divine Expression of Blessings Evident For Our Care Groups Brethren & Your Care Group MEGA Outreach #CELVZ #TheMonthOfBlessings #PrayerfulPreparation #ParticipateInTheBlessings

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The CALL OF BLESSINGS. It's available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library App. Click on the link below to instantly purchase your PCDL vouchers online. https://tinyurl.com/y9sqaabd

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DECLARE NOW!!! prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org I’m strengthened, energised and emboldened to preach the Gospel, and I’m doing it fervently, hauling men from darkness into the kingdom of light, and the glorious liberty of the sons of God, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Download Now on the Google play store bit.ly/rhapsodyapp3 OR the App store: bit.ly/iOSrorapp #prayingnow #rpn #rhapsody prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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#UKZONE2 #LWESSEXGROUP #LWNORWICH I am Conscious from today, that Blessings are mine! My Vision, Calling, Destiny, Assignment, Ministry, Finances, Work, Family, Job. Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body. Everything I do!..Walk, Talk = Blessings Hallelujah!

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LET'S PRAY CONCERNING AN INCREASED INFLUENCE OF RHAPSODY prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org Join millions on the Rhapsody Prayer Network as we pray concerning an increased influence of Rhapsody of Realities in the hearts of men and women around the world. Click to pray: prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org #prayingnow #rhapsody #rpn prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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Happy Birthday to my Dear Friend and Sister, Pastor Deola Phillips - the Magnificent🤗 Too many inspiring words to describe your distinguished personality but these are just a few: D - Dynamic, Diligent , Dependable E - Efficient, Excellent, Exceptional O - Outstanding L - Luminary A - Audacious faith Thank you for all you are to our Man of God, the ministry and the body of Christ. Thanks for your love, care and inspiring friendship through the years. Greater exploits of faith and blessings overflowing will be the hallmark of this year for you. Happy Birthday dearest Pastor Dee, I love you so much! Cheers 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

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Its DAY TWO and we are getting accelerating already If you haven't joined yet, you can still do so using this link www.kingsch.at/jl/N2ZpSl #The30DayChallenge. #TransformedByTheWord

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WOW! ITS 11 DAYS TO IPPC 2019.....ARE YOU READY? Watch the Opening Events of IPPC 2018.....If 2018 IPPC was like this,How would that of 2019 be?....Don't Miss it for anything....! 💃💃🕺🕺🕺💃💃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️⭐⭐⭐💯💯 #GAMC #GAMC2019 #CEAbaZone #monthofministry #howicarryoutministry #ministryinprogress #iaminoffice

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RHAPSODY ALIVE! bit.lynewrorapp Wednesday, October 30th 2019. HEIRS OF ABUNDANCE Read On The App: Android: bit.ly/rhapsodyapp3 iOS: bit.ly/iOSrorapp   IT'S REACHOUT NIGERIA SEASON! Get Involved: bit.ly/RON2019 #BemorewithRoRv3 #rhapsody www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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13DAYS TO #IPPC2019! Have you cleared your schedule from Monday 11th- Sunday 17th November? There's no better place to be at this time than the Lord's Presence where LIGHTS would be celebrated!!! Don't miss it!

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What is your financial experience? ° Credit! Debit! Debit! Debit! Debit! Debit! Debit! Debit! Credit! Debit! Debit! Debit! ° OR ° Credit! Credit! Credit! Credit! Credit! Credit! Credit! Debit (Seed)! Credit! Credit! Credit! Credit...! ° Yes! It's God's desire that your credits far exceed your debits. It's credit after credit for you...one on the heel of another. It's raining financial blessings. Believe it! Talk it! Receive it! God bless you. ° #SayIt1000TimesADayChallenge #MyAffirmationMyExperience #TheHavenNation #TheHavenMillennials #THMN #GodsAnswerToTheNeedForTrueLeaders #MonthOfMinistry #HowICarryOutMinistry #IAmInOffice

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The Haven Nation Celebrates Our Highly Esteemed CEO ;Pst Deola Philips On The Occasion Of Her Birthday. Congratulations!! We love you dearly Ma. From all of us in The Haven Nation.

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💃💃💃CELEBRATING OUR AMAZING PCDL GOLD LUMINARIES .... 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 thank you Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu for saying yes ..... ...and TAKING PROMPT ACTION to GIFT Free Copies Of the epic MESSAGE - 7 Amazing Blessings of the Gospel - to thousands of attendees @ the ONE NIGHT OF BLESSINGS 🇬🇭with Pastor Chris .... To participate and TAKE ACTION, kindly use contact information 👇👇👇👇 #pcdlgiftamessageinitiative #7amazingblessingsofthegospel #onenightofblessings

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SHOOT LIKE A PRO ~ GET YOUR EVENTS IN THE NEWS Ever Wondered Why Your Pictures Never Made The Cut Nor Good Enough Despite Best Efforts? @ 12Noon on Saturday, 26th October 2019 Let's Show You How To -Cover Your Outreach/Care Group Events -Effectively Use Your Phone For Pictures -Get Free/Inexpensive Photo Enhancers -Become Proficient @ Mobilisation - Become A Profitable Media Connector #CELVZ #HowIcarryOutMinistry #NEWS Powered By CELVZ COMMUNICATIONS

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Isreal Oyakhilome. Thank you for being selfless in your commitment to the work of the ministry and CELVZ.  You are forever lifted up in all that concerns you. We Love and appreciate you dearly.

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