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HBD My King! You have been a true friend, brother, lovely husband, best Dad, prompt BIL & SIL. 10q for the love, warmth and care that you express always not only to myself & Evan but those around you. May Ur heart desires be met speedily & may God bless you abundantly. I 🥰💖💞 U

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THUMBS UP FOR OUR CHILDREN ~ THIS CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION IS ONE LIKE NO OTHER This Is The New Normal Love So Lavishly Expressed Liberality, Likeness of Our Man of God What Joy One's Self To So Avail #CELVZ #Children'sDay #1MillionRhapsodyOutreaches #TheYearOfPerfection

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Seeing d whole world celebrate u reiterates how much you mean to me n d kids. Your heartbeat in rhythm with mine gives me so much joy. On this special day I pray Gods love in u would manifest much greater and greater for d whole world to experience Happy birthday my love🥰🥰🥳

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Happy birthday to success personified. Thank you for the divine ideas that you make visible on earth. Thank you for being a glorious example of followership of our Man of God. Thank you for being my sister and friend. Happy birthday Pastor Princess Yemisi Kudehinbu. I LOVE YOU.

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Still celebrating dearest Pastor G! Thank you for all you do in Ministry and for your impactful life. Thank you for your calm, helpful & kind disposition. May God continually empower you for kingdom expansion. HBD much love💘

HBD my Dear Pastor Foluke. Firstly, let me take this opportunity to thank you for being who you are, caring, helpful and kind. I join the host of heaven to celebrate you special. This New Year all that is yours are perfected and aligned to God’s will in Jesus name. I ❤ always.

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Happy Birthday wonderful Pastor G. Always great celebrating your amazing spirit and personality. Thanks for all you do in ministry, and all the help you give, so graciously and selflessly. God bless you more and more. I love you. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday to the amazing PFK. You're indeed a special blessing. Thanks for always responding. I love you dearly.

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HBD Dearest PFK! I join the Saints on earth & the host of heaven to celebrate u on this Special day; u r dependable, reliable, caring, kind, impeccable & humble.10q 4 always being there 4 my family & I. I pray that ur heart desires are met speedily IJN. God bless u richly Sis😘

Happy Birthday my dearest sweet, caring and loving Sister - Pastor Foluke. I join the host of heaven and the saints to celebrate you today. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for everything- care, kindness and support. I love you dearly

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HBD PERFECT ABURO! your path, is d path of greatness and of your increase and impact, there shall be no end!Thank you,for the unending JOY and LAUGHTER you bring ALWAYS! The Lord has perfected all that concerns you. Thank you for your consistent love & kindness thru the years💞

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Celebrating the Exceptional PFK!U r simply amazing;one with such a large heart to accomodate everyone,one who wld stand for the truth at all times,who defends justice.She wld put her life on the line to ensure u get what is rightfully urs.I luv u very much dear friend.Hapi Bday

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Happy Birthday Esteemed PFK Ma!!. Thank you for being so loving and kind always. Thank you for your chubby heart so full of love always. It's a perfect year for you ma. I love you very much!!!

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Happy birthday to my beautiful , wonderful, loving and caring Sister. You have a beautiful and a kind heart and that is what I love most about you. Keep kinging Sis.I love you exceptionally 😍😍😍

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Happy birthday Pastor Foluke May God continue to bless you and make His word good in your life Do have a super day

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Celebrating Dear Pastor Foluke Kudehinbu. Thank you for your love for the Master and your commitment to the propagation of the gospel. May God continually perfect all that concerns you. We love and appreciate you dearly. Happy birthday!

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