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We are light, illuminating, innovating, we are empowered to lead, we are the light of world. #ewcaz4 #cellministry #iclc2021 #cebepanda

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31 Days of Meditation - Day 28 This year, you will enjoy the blessing of supernatural health. You will walk in divine health. No sickness or disease will have a place in your body. Meditate on Mark 16:17-18 and Psalm 91:5,6,10 and 16. Have a great service today. #31daysofmeditation #ewcavz4

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31 Jours de Méditation - Jour 28 Cette année, vous jouirez de la bénédiction de la santé surnaturelle. Vous marcherez dans la santé divine. Aucune maladie ou infirmité n'aura de place dans votre corps. Méditez sur Marc 16:17-18 et Psaumes 91:5,6,10 et 16. Ayez un merveilleux culte aujourd'hui. #31daysofmeditation #ewcavz4

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SUNDAY SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR AKIN OKETUNJI. •••••••••••••••FIRSTFRUIT••••••••••••••• I) What's First fruit? It's the first of any increase or blessing you have having come into your inheritance in Christ. Exo13:1-14 The blessing works when you always put God first. Giving Firstfruit is showing appreciation to God, acknowledge him to be the author of the glorious life he brought you into. II) Why do we give Firstfruit?  Because the Word say so. III) Why do we give the Firstfruit every year?  It's supposed to be from year to year as Exo13:10 and Neh10:35 state it. IV) Where do we give our Firstfruits?  Neh10:35-36 , Exo23:19 We give it to the house of God.  V) What are the benefits for giving Firstfruits? Rom11:16  1-Giving your firstfruits is your security , your insurance of the things that belongs to you. It helps you to receive the blessing and keep it. Nothing will be taken out from you. 2- it's your sure way to connect on what belongs to you. Pro:3:9-10 3- it causes the blessing to rest in all things that concerns you as the Man of God pray upon it.  Ez44:30 #Havingagreattimeinservice #EWCAVZ4

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#Having a great time in service #EWCAVZ4 #CEDOALA#

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Day1: #8DOM Get your meditation guide via this link Ensure you follow the guide properly. #8DOM #EWCAVZ4

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ZPPC day 3 when the King laughs.... #ewcavz4ippc2017 #newlevelsewcavz4

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#ewcavz4ippc2017 wow zppc is epic

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#ewcavz4ippc2017 #newlevelsewcvz4

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