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Your Inward Man is a reflection of the Outward Man. Investment made in the Inward Man shows in the Actions of the Outward man.. #Wordlounge

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Rhapsody session: SO MUCH TO LEARN FROM CHURCH Luke 4:16 There's so much to learn in church. Every church service you attend, the Spirit of God has something planned for you. It's an opportunity for your life to be improved. It's therefore important that you cultivate the habit of attending church services. #ceabakaliki1 #ceabakaliki #yof #vision400 #hspnopc #imcc2017 #iprayoupraywepray #thankyoupastor #blwzonejinprayer #ropc2017 #totalexperienceportharcourt #ippc2017 #BLWcelebrates30years

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@1MinuteWithPastorChris Enjoy this short video and transport yourself to higher realms... Glory! #cebayelsa #ceenugu1 #ceenugu2 #ceawka #ceughelli #nss1vzone2

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Great is your faithfulness my heavenly father.

THUS SAYS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! This next half of the year will come with great fear, doubt, unbelief and confusion all around the world. The financial systems of the world will go into chaos and the powers of the world shall be shaken. Many that were high shall be brought low and insecurity will increase all around the world. Tell my children that with my mighty hand i shall do a new thing, I will do them good even in the simple challenges of life. Everything you don't want will stop at your word and everything you want will flow in by my Spirit. My Glory is risen upon you and I am going to demonstrate My Glory in your life, in your affairs and you shall be strong & do exploits. Fear not, money will hear your voice. Tell my children to continue giving their seeds (tithes & offerings) because this is their security. When many are saying where will help come from, you shall say "I am help" because I am the seed of Abraham. Your light shall shine ever more brightly, saith the Lord. Do not fear that which you shall see, for I have empowered you. No evil shall befall you, the blessings I have given you will remain & stay with you. You are unshakable because I have secured your future says the Spirit of the Lord. YET, THUS SAYS THE SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ! These are the last days, these are the last times.For these are the times of the fulfillment of my Words. Do not be moved by the challenges of this age for they must come to pass. For they are not to harm you but to exalt you and to lift you high. Take my word with you in your heart and in your mouth, for it shall be your wisdom concerning the times. As in the day of the great floods so are these days, your ark shall rise above the terror, it shall rise above economic hardship, in fact it shall ride upon the evil; For the darker the night the more excellent your light will shine. Hear my voice in this time, it is your life and your light. This is the set time to favor my church. I beautify my church I adorn and decorate her. Stand on my Word. It is your foundation and solid rock. I have sent you supernatural help and will guide you into a place of strength. The ability and power of my Spirit will work in the yielded mightily. You will win, victory after victory. I have spoken to the land where you are concerning you. I have spoken to the city you live in concerning you. The noise of you has gone abroad. I have sent you helpers, laborers and mighty men who will stand with you by my Spirit. These will not break rank.They will be swifter than eagles and faster than horses for I have given them the speed of my spirit.They will not be weary and they shall not faint. I have spoken concerning these people, that they are mine and are my battle axe and weapons of war, with you I will cut down the plans of satan. I have anointed you, be not dismayed, I have anointed you, be not discouraged. I am with you till the very end.Set your gaze on me.You will not slip nor fall. For I hold you by my mighty right hand.The hand of my righteousness.I will wrought my righteousness through you.Have no fear of your future for I have taken over your life to make you great and when I use you I will not leave you empty. Follow me for i have made you great. Your joy is in me! Says the Spirit of the Lord.

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