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Christ Embassy Abuja and the Translators Network International held the first ever Translators Network Conference Hawaii on Sunday, 31st July 2016. The delegation from CE Abuja was led by the Esteemed Pastor Nanna Chidi Emmanuel who in a brief exhortation, encouraged the Translators to keep up the good work of touching lives and bringing the Gospel to the people of Hawaii in the languages they best understand. It was an inspiring, uplifting and rewarding moment for all present. Thank you Esteemed Pastors and Partners of Christ Embassy Abuja Zone for making this a reality. #ceabujazone

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Now no mincing words. Annywanny's cakes are the best cakes ever!!! Sophiya can testify! lol. Make your bookings sharply by calling +2348139514635. You will be glad!!! PeeYuu says so!!!

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#UpNext #WorldNews #1900GMT Join us on World News tonight, for another round of news from around the world. Showing by 8:00PM Nigerian Time. www.loveworldplus.org/watch Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App today!! #LoveworldPlusSpreading

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DAY 6 OF '8 DAYS OF GLORY' The Esteemed Zonal Director reveals on Day 6, the  principles and laws for financial increase. Deuteronomy 8:18  A wealthy man has everything in the multiples. Abraham was described in the Bible as a wealthy man. Your connection with God is what makes you wealthy.  Promotion comes from above.  Never be controlled by the system of this world. The Greater One lives in you and you have overcome money. Money power has been delivered to you. You cannot be shaken by the economy. There are principles and laws for financial increase.  They are: 🔘 THE TITHE: These are financial laws.This is a financial secret in the Kingdom of God.  The tithe is not negotiable. Learn to tithe over everything. The insurance that the world gives you is the same as God's security. these are financial laws.  If you pay your tithes, you will not be broke.  Life is spiritual. Don't hold back.  Malachi 3:10  Bring the tithes to the storehouse. Your storehouse is where you feed from.  🔘 THE FIRST FRUITS: Proverbs 3:9-10  This is the training: for every increase you have, you give God first. Remove the thing that may cause you trouble.  Change the way you think. Your substance is what defines your character. 

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Rhapsody of Realities appreciates the esteemed Pastor Moses Olayemi and partners of Christ Embassy Benin Zone 1, for your role in spreading the message of the BLW Nation through the sponsorship of the upcoming missions trip to NEPAL. #ROR#250millioncopiesin800languages

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Rhapsody of Realities appreciates the esteemed Pastor Ruth Musarurwa and partners of Christ Embassy Zimbabwe, for your role in spreading the message of the BLW Nation through the sponsorship of the upcoming expedition trip to PANAMA. #ROR#250millioncopiesin800languages

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HAPPENING TODAY: THE FIRST EVER RHAPSODY EVANGELISTIC OUTREACH NETWORK MINISTER'S CONFERENCE By 9 am (GMT +1) today, thousands of ministers from different ministries around the world will participate in the very first Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network (REON) online minister's conference. They'll be charged from within as they receive inspiration from God's Spirit on how to make impact in their world with Rhapsody of Realities. It promises to be a worthwhile experience for all the ministers! Stay tuned for more details. #ROR#250millioncopiesin800languages

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WHY SHOULD YOU PARTNER WITH RHAPSODY OF REALITIES FOR RON 2016? 👉 Because we are ministers of reconciliation. 👉 Because we must make disciples of all nations and people. 👉 Because our message is the only undiluted word; everyone ought to hear it. 👉 Because God is patient, not wanting any one to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 👉 Because as we distribute Rhapsody of Realities, we shine the light of God's word to the dark regions. 👉 Because we want to give more hope to people.

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#COUNTUP #GlobalCommunionService #01DAYToGo The UNUSUAL is about to happen! The August 7th Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris is 1 day away... Just 1 Day to go! Share your expectation and support the LIVE transmission. Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store ) #LoveworldPlusSpreading

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IT'S DAY 7 OF "8 DAYS OF GLORY!" This evening, The Esteemed Pastor Joy expounds on "How To Position Yourself For A Harvest". The Word is taking us higher! Don't miss it!!

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Can I Expect A Harvest Of Money Because I Sowed Money? These and many more questions to be answered on Day 7 of "8 Days of Glory", beginning by 5:00pm in all the centers. Don't miss it!

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Thank God for ROR! Imagine a world where every human wakes up to these truths! We must keep spreading ROR. I am committed to the Mandate!

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#LoveworldPlusSpreading Loveworld Plus celebrates Pastor Anthony Olukoya. Happy Birthday to you Sir! We love and appreciate you. Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App today!! (Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store & Windows Phone Store )

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SUMMER SESSION 2016 - 1ST HEALING SERVICE (8 DAYS TO GO!) The 2016 Healing School Summer Session in Toronto, Canada, commenced on Friday, the 29th of July. In attendance are hundreds of registered candidates from various countries across Europe, North and Central America, Asia and Africa. Despite having come with diverse health conditions (mental, physical, spiritual and medical), these students have one thing in common: the desire to be healed and made whole. With the first healing service scheduled to hold on Sunday, the 14th of August, many of the participants at the Summer Session are filled with great expectations for the supernatural. Several have expressed that they are looking forward to this time of visitation. Without a doubt, every one of them will be met at their point of need and their lives will never be the same again. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of their victory reports. Be a part of the Summer Session by:  - Giving for the Session - Praying for the Session - Inviting someone to attend the Session. Visit www.enterthehealingschool.org or download the Healing School Mobile App for more information. #summersession2016

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DAY 7 HIGHLIGHTS OF '8 DAYS OF GLORY' The brethren have been motivated higher on Day 7 of the Conference, "8 Days of Glory"; the glory of God impressed upon the hearts of everyone, participating from the various centers in the zone. In an impactful message, the Esteemed Zonal Director teaches on "Positioning For A Harvest" and highlights two factors that affects the harvest for every seed sown: There are two things that hinder harvest: 👉 Your thoughts 👉 Your words 🔘 YOUR THOUGHTS: 📑 Proverbs 23:1 ⚫ When you have a seed, talk to it. ⚫ Your seed became small at the moment you said it was small. Learn to value your seed. Value anything that comes from you. ⚫ You are exactly the way you think. Be such that whenever God requires you to give for a need, you do it quickly. You are the vessel that God has chosen. 📑Philippians 4:8 ⚫ Protect your heart from the wrong information. Though you sowed a seed into a good ground, you would have to protect your heart. ⚫ Give your seed with reverence, because you are giving to God. Let your heart go with your seed. ⚫ Speak words over your seed. Utter some invocations over it. Water your seeds with your words. Your seed carries your personality.  ⚫ Speak only the right words over your seed. The wrong words can destroy your seed and your harvest. ⚫ Be happy all the time. As a seed sower, don't allow offence in your heart.  📑 Matthew 13:5- 19 ⚫ Every seed in your hand, no matter its size, has the potential to produce a harvest. There is a good ground, prepared for your seed sown to bring a harvest.There is supposed to be a harvest everytime you sow your seed into the good ground. Did you sow into the good ground? 🔘 YOUR WORDS: ⚫ Never say with your mouth that there is no harvest from your seed. 📑 Proverbs 6:2, Genesis 4:3 ⚫ Abel followed the instructions, the due process; He gave the first and best. ⚫ Abel had the right state of heart. Let your heart go with what you give. 📑 Genesis 8:20-21 ⚫ Follow the specific instructions on what to give. Give according to what God required of you. There are specific seeds that you will sow that will bring a deliverance. Your seed has a voice.  ⚫ Mind your language. Don't use the wrong words to uproot your seed. You would be judged by every word that you speak. ⚫ After you have given, keep yourself in the love of God to receive a harvest. 📑 Proverbs 3:97 ⚫ When you give, God opens your mind to new ideas, money-generating ideas. An idea can make you so influential. 📑 2nd Corinthians 4:13 I believed, therefore have I spoken... ⚫ Speak forth those things that you have received from the Word of God. 📑 Malachi 3:10, 📑 2 Corinthians 9:6-10  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: (As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever. Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;) ⚫ Your righteous life is supposed to produce fruits. Because you are righteous man, your way of thinking is different. ⚫ The fruits of righteousness means a correctness of thinking; a correctness of actions. It changes your way of thinking. ⚫ Everytime you sow your seed, God uses that seed to position you for harvest. The seed takes you to another level of thinking. ⚫ Remove those things that would cause offence.

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Special Happy Birthday to Pastor JR Wojacek. I celebrate you and your precious wife.

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COUNT UP TO AUGUST GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE. It's few hours to go, what are your expectations?

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Happy birthday to a trailblazer in God's vineyard, Pastor JR Wojacek. I love you so much. Shine on.

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