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VIRTUAL REALITY AND AUGMENTED REALITY Progress in virtual reality and augmented reality has democratized their use with the release of many virtual reality headsets. To avoid any confusion between these two technologies, I will recall what virtual reality and augmented reality are. Virtual reality means to create a user immersion in a 3D virtual world in which he can move and interact. Augmented reality is to use the real world to display 2D or 3D information such as images, numbers and texts with which the user can also interact. This augmented reality technology actually superimposes virtual elements to the real world, so the real world is augmented with digital information to provide more detail to the user about his environment. There is also the mixed reality, which is in fact, the mixture between the two previous technologies, that is to say between virtual reality and augmented reality which is reflected in the superposition of digital information such as images, numbers and texts in the real world and the superposition of objects or moving elements. #inspire #ideate

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DID YOU MISS TESTIMONY JAGA'S HEARTFELT MINISTRATION AT #LIMA2019? T'WAS HOTTER THANπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ RELIEVE THE MOMENTS.β–ͺπŸ‘‡ Remember to LikeπŸ‘, Comment and ShareπŸ‘‰ if you enjoyed watching this. #CEAMC

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#lima2019 Hotter than fire πŸ”₯ Thank you Frank for this song! Truly inspiring! God bless you richly. #cedartford #UKR2Z3

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Discover more in this insightful episode of Pastor Chris Teaching as the Man of God expounds onΒ  scriptures. Be blessed! Showing now onΒ  Loveworld Plus channel! Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store )

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It was totally out of this world. I wept like a baby, worshipped and trembled in awe of His loving enveloping presence... He SAID and SPOKE to the core of my being!! Thank you @testimony_jaga God bless youπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’

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THE VISION OUR MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS HAD WHILE PRAYING IN 1988 During the IPPC 2019, as my man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome shared with us from the Book of Revelation on the Second Coming of Christ, I remember something he shared with us in Benin City, Nigeria way back in 1988. He told us of how while praying he had a vision in which he was standing on a huge balcony and looking down on the earth. He went on further to tell us that as he looked down on the earth below he saw explosions, war and destruction as the whole planet was locked in the global conflicts of the great tribulation. Pastor then told us that as he watched, a young man came up to him on the balcony and said to Pastor, thank you for saving me from that. All these years later, I have still not forgotten that vision and as Pastor shared during the IPPC on the feast to come in heaven after the rapture and the disastrous events that would be taking place during the great tribulation, I wondered if that young man would ever know that Pastor had seen him so many years ago. It brought back to me the reality that Pastor carried us all in his heart and that truly we have a divine destiny being a part of this ministry. Secondly, Pastor shared on Friday morning here at the IPPC about a certain meeting where there was Holy Ghost chaos during our camp meeting in 1991 and I remember it distinctly as I was in that meeting. I recall the amazing things I saw as the clouds of glory descended on the audience. People were getting healed right before our eyes, prophesying and having visions and glorious experiences in the spirit. So many people were slain in the spirit and there were often people dancing in the spirit. To see it was more than words could explain. At one point, dozens of people came on the stage and started dancing in perfect synchrony all doing exactly the same dance moves without any rehearsals. I remember that sometimes after the meetings in those days there would still be people slain in the spirit lying in different parts of the hall. Lifting them up didn’t help as they were lost in the spirit, you had to leave them till they were able to stand up by themselves sometimes hours after the service. There were so many supernatural manifestations in those days and amazing healings that time would fail me to list them all especially as many of those seeing such things had never seen them before. During the IPPC, Pastor came up to give some guidance on the prophetic and it brought to mind one of the reasons we as a ministry have remained so balanced and effective in the area of manifestations of the spirit as Pastor always took us back to the word reminding us that the spirit and the word always agree. Sometimes he corrected certain things in very funny ways. I recall in that camp meeting that Pastor came up on 2 occasions to explain to us what was happening with the various manifestations we were seeing and also to correct or instruct where necessary as he didn’t want us going into interesting excesses. As an interesting example, I recall sitting in the gallery because there was no space on the ground floor and people were packed so tightly up there on metal chairs. As the glory of God was in manifestation, a young man seated just a little way from me was praying and shouting very loudly which caught my attention. As he saw people falling under the power on the ground floor below, which I can only conclude from what I saw next, that he didn’t want to be left out but there was no space to fall intentionally due to the number of chairs. Suddenly I saw him spread his arms wide and he staggered forward pushing all the chairs in front of him away clearing some space then I noticed that he turned left and staggered forward clearing more chairs to the left, by this time I was interested and was watching. He then staggered to the right pushing more chairs away, staggered back arms still wide and pushed back the chairs behind him then he stood in the middle of the space he had cleared, shouted loudly and fell down. I wanted to give him an Oscar but had no trophies handy. As Pastor corrected such excesses when he spoke then and now, it gave me a certain orientation about the spiritual.Β  Pastor Sir, thank you for not just teaching us, demonstrating the character of the Holy Ghost , and imparting such divine grace to us, but also, always keeping us centred on the word. I love you Sir. #IPPC2019 #PastorChukaSpeaks #CEBerlin #WEZ4 For more articles like this please follow the Superuser account for Western Europe Zone 4

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Happy blessed Birthday Sir, you are unique and special, God bless your new age. I love you...

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Listen to the 𝐭𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠 for this #monthofblessings! ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ #IPPC2019 #IMCC2019 #loveworldawards2019 #rhapsody #ropc2019 #roadtoippc #ITPLC2019 #CELVZ #affirmationtrain #PCDL #cephzone3 #lima2019 #thankyoupastorchris #GYLF #ceamc #PAI1411 #TLB

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Happy birthday to a great man of God Pastor Wole, i Join the heavenly host to celebrate you on this special day May the continue to uplift you always,God bless you for all that you do for Papa God. Stay bless love you

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Reaching out with Rhapsody of Realities in the Tagalog language made the gospel available to more areas in the Philippines. During the ReachOut Campaign, partners from Christ Embassy U.A.E visited the congregation of a missionary, who visits Islands known for terrorists. The missionary did not have any material to give the people whenever he ministered to them so the partners introduced the Messenger Angel to them, teaching them how to use it. As a result of this, the missionary now has access to copies of Rhapsody of Realities to bless his mission field. Partners also dressed up to Rizal Park, a favorite weekend outing destination for most Filipinos. It was evangelism with fun as most people were intrigued by their attire which made it easy to engage the people in their language. Get involved in the sponsorship and organization of a ReachOut Campaign today. To give, callΒ +2348025013846, +2348025013715, +1 832 4537524 or visit

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Happy birthday to royalty. Our dear highly esteemed CEO. Thank you for your effectiveness, focus and joyfulness. Thank you for all that you are and do in our Ministry. Its always enlightening listening to you. I love you and celebrate you always. Happy birthday pastor Dee.

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10.26.2019 Yesterday will always be a landmark day for me. Not in the least because it was my birthday, but rather because of what happened to me on the day. I entered into a special year of my life on the NIGHT OF BLESSINGS with PASTOR CHRIS in Accra, Ghana. Pastor Chris prophesied, in and by the Spirit, to the LOVEWORLD Nation that we have been elevated to a new and higher platform on the world stage. What a Word to begin a year!!! In the Year of Lights! In the month of Ministry! Pastor sir, Thank you most sincerely for the overwhelming and mind elevating special birthday celebration that you gave to me on your highly esteemed platform on my birthday. The words that you spoke were so loving, so gracious, so kind, so elevating, so fatherly, so special. You blessed me immeasurably. I'm grateful sir. I Love you sir. Thank you for giving me the very best birthday ever. I thank, so fully, the esteemed CEC members - Rev. Tom, Rev. Ray, Rev. Ken, Dr. Owase, Pastor Ambrose & my super SG (the best SG worldwide) Pastor Kay. I love you all so much. Thank you to my staff in church and all the brethren, Christ Embassy Abeokuta Ministry Centre, for their outpouring of love and fellowship. I thank all my brethren in this great nation for your awesome fellowship and celebration of my birthday yesterday. You were all so awesome. Finally, I thank my wife and fellow worker (my prayer partner) Pastor Ewaen and my excellent children, William, Andrew and Evelyn, for your love and fellowship.

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Lol!!! Not about what you know, but who you know... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so who do you know? #FunnyCrib #Just4Laughs

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Wether u like it or not.U will be insulted,persecuted and embarrassed one way or another,while preaching the gospel.Peckham scenery with brother kelvin and Decon Ellis.

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#stillOngoing THE "MEET MY TEACHER" CAMPAIGN IS STILL VERY MUCH ON TOP GEAR, THROUGH OUT THIS MONTH OF OCTOBER!! Wow!!! Glory!!! Watch this inspiring video from Pastor Benny Hinn... You too can share a short testimonial video of how Pastor Chris' messages have impacted your lifeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ......Post pictures as well in KingsChat of those who get a special message gift on PCDL in appreciation of our man of God and great teacher Pastor Chris. #mmtcelebration #pastorchrisismyteacher #thankyoupastorchris #Warriministrycentre #mmtcelebrations

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The School of the Word message for this week is β€˜Growing Spiritually’ Parts 1 & 2 (Video) by Pastor Chris on Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL) mobile app on Hashtags: #mydeclarations #’yourchurch’ e.g #cedartford #UKR2Z3 #Schooloftheword

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FINISHING STRONG WITH THE BLW CAMPUS MINISTRY! The Highly Esteemed Most Rev. Tom Amenkhienan is finishing strong with his BLW CAMPUS MINISTRY PARTNERSHIP this year 2019! You too can do same! Partner with the BLW CAMPUS MINISTRY TODAY! For more information on how to partner, kindly send us an email @ #Blwcampusministryrocks #FinishingStrong #Partnerhsipthatworks #SMC

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Thank you Pastor Chris sir for impacting my life & that of my siblings from a very early age.Today l join my sister, Rachel & her husband, Thomas to say thank u daddy for raising us to live the life God has called us into. We are grateful sir. l love u Pastor sir.

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Happy birthday ma, thank you for always feeding us with the word of the spirit. We love and appreciate.

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