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HAPPENING NOW: STPPL DAY 3, MORNING SESSION (Port Harcourt Ministry center) 2ND SUPER SESSION WITH ESTEEMED EVANG EDDY OWASE - Internal Motivation and Conviction for Pastoral or Leadership Functions or Responsibilities God expects us to be successful in the responsibilities and resources he has given to us. Conviction is an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence. The depth of your conviction would determine how far you'd go in your assignment. What are your convictions about the Gospel? Are you convinced about the powerlessness of death when it threatens? #cephzone1 #stppl #stpplph

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Happening Now! STPPL Day 3, Super Session with the Most Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan "RAISING LEADERS FOR THE NEXT LEVEL OF MINISTRY WORK" #STPPL #SERegion #Pastorchrislive

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#nobph2019 #liftchallenge

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STPPL DAY 3 MORNING SESSION : #Highlights RAISING LEADERS FOR THE NEXT LEVEL OF MINISTRY WORK- A Super Session with the Highly Esteemed Reverend Tom Amenkhienan. 📝Raising leaders is a fundamental scriptural requirement for ministry ( 2 Timothy 2:2) 📝Raising leaders is a proof of your stewardship. 📝 We have to raise leaders in a conscious and clear manner. #STPPL #CEPHZONE3

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#Highlights STPPL DAY 2 EVENING SESSION ( PORT HARCOURT MINISTRY CENTER) Super Session with the Highly Esteemed Pastor T. T. Edun 📝”It wasn’t your choice to be in Ministry, you were predestinated to be this!! 📝People should hear the oracle of God from your mouth. 📝Don’t be the one that doesn’t do anything, don’t be the one that people are careful of. Your response in ministry will either bring you promotion or demotion" #CEPHZONE3 #STPPL

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Anticipate... Night of Bliss Port Harcourt With Pastor Joy 4th October 2019 Be there!!!

Today is a great man's birthday. Blessed armed with the forces of heaven. He is Bro Young. Take more nations! Happy Birthday!!!

"...that ye receive not the grace of God in vain" 2 Corinthians 6:1 KJV Take advantage of His grace and power in you to be an effective witness of the resurrected Christ! Fulfil your calling every day, as a soulwinner and a soul-builder. #liftchallenge #cephzone3 #cemodeltown

When a Saint is celebrated, even the Host of Heaven carries the news. Today I celebrate one of God's dear personality. Happy Birthday Bro Willy J. You are such a blessing to all. God increase and uplift you continually as you shine brighter Amen. #cephzone3 #hbd #browillyJ

Thank you Lord for the ministry of reconciliation. Agents of light! THIS GOSPEL! #60daysofharvest #cephzone3 #cemodeltown

YOU ARE THE FOURTH MAN. GOD HAS ENTRUSTED YOU WITH THE SALVATION OF MEN. Watch this. Kindly download the Pastor Chris Digital Library App to get messages by our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris. #21DaysPrayerandFasting #PastorChris #60DaysofHarvest #SoulsEverywhere #CEPHZONE3  #Kingschat #Loveworld

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The Presence of God was so strong as we ministered Salvation to souls, vibrating before we even ministered the Holy Spirit. What a glory and unction! #60daysofharvest #cephzone3 #cemodeltown

In the mouth of babes an sucklings, a perfection of praise. Little but inspiring Jeovanni Odukoya sharing his inspiration from the words of our Man of God Pastor Chris. Motivating the campers and sharing real time message for the now as given by the Man of God. #YSCCEPHZONE3

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Awesome #Youthsummercamp2019 #Cephzone3

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YOUTH SUMMER CAMP NEWS! It's been an eventful week at the 2019 Youth Summer Camp in Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3, and the youths right here couldn't have asked for a better experience. The Super sessions, Workshops, Presentations, Native Night, Inspirational talks and many more have added to the awesome experience package for the youths. Earlier this morning was a very insightful session on the LoveWorld Apps with the esteemed Bro Princewill Irika Tonye. Day 5 has just begun and it's been so far glorious... Keep tabs on this Superuser as we bring you happening now updates from the ongoing Youth Summer Camp👍 #ysc2019withpastorjoy #YouthSummerCamp #CEPHZONE3

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INSIDE THE YOUTH SUMMER CAMP DAY 5: Enlightening sessions at the Scripture Talk Show with the esteemed Pastor Vincent Omoefe.📖 A sure time to increase in the knowledge of God! 📈 #ysc2019withpastorjoy #YouthSummerCamp #CEPHZONE3

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NEWS UPDATE: Mighty Works at the Healing Service as Pastor Chris Ministers to the Sick Loud cheers and shouts of joy heralded the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the healing service. The man of God ministered to the sick; commanding infirmities to leave the bodies of those they had afflicted, and there were miracles everywhere. Many expressed their profound joy with dancing and rejoicing, gleefully doing what they hitherto could not do. The celebrations continued as the man of God, Pastor Chris, led the congregation in victorious affirmations of divine health, and exhorted them with the Word. He also made a call for those who would receive salvation and accept Jesus into their hearts. Thereafter, the man of God specially thanked partners of the Healing School for the marvelous work that they do. He released special blessings on all present, divine utterances of favor and special promotions. Indeed, the first healing service of the 2019 Healing School Session was divinely orchestrated for signs and wonders. Glory to God! For more updates on the ongoing 2019 Summer Session, either ☑️ Downloading the Healing School Mobile app ☑️ Or visiting our website, www.enterthehealingschool.org. Like, share and comment. #summersession2019

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Streaming live from the Wednesday’s Service happening at Peter Odili branch with our man of God, Pastor Joy Ameikhenan!!!!🙏🏾✨🌟 #Day3YouthSummerCamp #CEPHZONE3

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STREAMING THE LIVE MID-WEEK SERVICE with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director PASTOR JOY AMENKHIENAN at the Youth summer camp 2019 at Evening Session 🤗🥰 #cephzone3 #phzone3 #ysc2019 #ysc2019withpastorjoy

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Starting our Evening session with a little twist - A QUIZ🤗 #cephzone3 #phzone3 #ysc2019 #ysc2019withpastorjoy

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