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Am lifted,halelluyah

Happening Now: The April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. You've prayed, you've fasted, you're expectant. It's time to receive the special Word for the month. Pay total attention so you don't miss any thing God has in store for you in today's service. #GCSwithPastorChris #followPastorChris #Cewarrizone

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Our Dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Invites You to A Special Ministers' Conference on Ministry, Healing and Evangelism with Pastor Benny Hinn in Accra Ghana. Glorrrrrryyyy!!!!! Date: 13th & 14th of February 2017 We just can't keep quiet...so expectant!! #CeWarriZone #PstChrisPstBennyInGh #SMCGhana

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PROPHECIES FROM THE ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR! The year is your year of flourishing! The anointing is upon you, to cause you to prosper, in the mighty name of Jesus! we decree tonight, abundant supply of prosperity! When men are cast down, you will be saying there is lifting up! in the mighty name of Jesus! The best is yours! In the mighty name of Jesus. Nothing is too good for you because the best is yours! The Lord has set before you a table, and there's abundance there, there's prosperity there, abundant provision is yours! Your prosperity and productivity will be persistent! it will endure! It will be durable! durable riches are yours! Peace of prorsperity is yours, abundant joy, favour on the job! Favour! No weapon fashioned against you prospers, in the name of the Lord Jesus! Go forth and prosper, go forth and do mighty things, in the mighty name ofJesus! #cewarrizone #LGCwithPSD #Flourishing

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My Faith has Swag! And is producing great results!!! #PSD #luxuriantgrowthconference #cewarrizone

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Warri Zone begins alpine ascension in the Year of Flourishing with timely 'Luxuriant Growth Conference'!

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5days of luxuriant growth conference,i am astronomically blessed, it's my time to flourish,hallelujah #cewz #cecharis #executivecell.

Am flourishing every minutes n seconds of my life: My clouds are ful of rain this is my time my set time is now. #Cewarrizone #cecharis

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Audience Participation at Day 4 of the Luxuriant Growth Conference from Connected Viewing Centres. Visit LoveWorld News for the article 'Luxuriant Growth Conference' Positions Brethren in Warri for Divine Destiny http://lw-news.com/o3hij Remember to like, share and give your testimonies in the comments box. It's our year of Flourishing! #cewarrizone #LGCwithPSD #Flourishing

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PROSPERITY THROUGH THE RHEMA WORD! The Day 4 of 'Luxuriant Growth Conference' with Pastor Siji Dara has witnessed tremendous impact in the lives of attendees. The Esteemed Zonal Director ministered with vigour, under a strong unction of the Holy Spirit. Rhema is the cure for toiling and being in the right environment can cause rhema to come to you. It matters the training you have and what you are exposed to. Your spiritual exposure matters a lot! Prosperity only comes from Rhema! 2 Chronicles 26:1-15 The Holy Ghost can show you inventions on how to do things. You cannot flourish this year without rhema. Psalm 90:12 If you don't have expectations this year, you will be going nowhere. Have an expectation this year, for every quarter. This year let the Holy Ghost teach you how to schedule your time. If one does not have an expectation in a particular area, he willl not know when the rhema word comes. Genesis 26:1-6 We need to respond to the guidance from the Holy Ghost. Through prophecy, you can be launched into a higher realm of operation on your job! Whatever the Lord has told you to do, just obey. The Lord knows how to do marvelous things in your life, if only you would just follow. There is something that the Lord wants to do in your life, when you spend more time praying, God will give you insight. Your seed will launch you into a year of flourishing! Don't calculate for God, because He's God! What matters the most is for you to follow the inward intuition, the leading of the Holy Ghost. When you hear God, respond to him... #cewarrizone #LGCwithPSD #Flourishing

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'Luxuriant Growth Conference' Positions Brethren for Divine Destiny Warri Zone begins alpine ascension in the Year of Flourishing with timely 'Luxuriant Growth Conference'! Get the full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/o3hij #cewarrizone #LGCwithPSD #Flourishing

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What A Night! 2017: #TheYearOfFlourishing! As the man of God declared, it is the Year of Flourishing, he went on to explain that this is 1. The year of Luxuriant Growth 2. The year of Significant Attainment (news making attainment) 3. The year of Persistent Productivity Two important things this year: Last year we spoke in tongues like never before. This year, you will Flourish with Tongues 1 Corinthians 14:4 “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself...” You want to improve yourself? speak in tongues. When you do so you'd become sensitive to the spiritual realm. Your spirit will become sensitive to spiritual realities; sensitive to God. Speak in tongues a lot. Jude 1:20 “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.” Build on your best and highest expression of Faith through praying in the Holy Ghost. By doing this, your faith is purified. Praying in tongues is IMPORTANT. 2017 is your Year of Flourishing. Flourish with Tongues. The second Important thing this Year: Hebrews 11:3 “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” Worlds here refers to the way your life is going. "The life and times of a person"; That's an 'AION'. It's a period of time. It's an Era. The eras were framed by the Word of God. The "Rhema" (spoken word) of God. Rhema is the Word which God speaks. All these ones mentioned in this passage of scripture (Faith's Hall of Fame) framed their worlds with the rhema they received from God and corrected their times. The only that's not within your control is the life of another person but everything that concerns you, You have control over. You're going to have to frame your world. How 2017 is going to be will be decided by what you frame. God has already revealed to us what it should be like. Glory! Also, 2017 launches us into a new phase of the battle of the ages. We come from a lineage of champions who despite the mistakes they made all came out victorious. We are entering a new phase and in this new phase, tremendous things are going to happen. Satan is not more wicked than God is gracious. God grace is greater than Satan's wickedness. There are angels that the Lord has dispatched and they are more fierce than the demons manipulating men. In this phase, God is going beyond limits that He has never gone before to win souls. Jesus never asked us to preach the gospel with Words only. He gave us power and we are going to shake the world before He returns. And "Through prosperity shall my cities be spread abroad" You are going to be so wealthy and NOTHING will stop you. This message will cause you to prosper, to be influential and powerful. GLORYYYYY! Pastor Chris: THE LORD HAS BLESSED YOU. HE HAS GIVEN YOU ALL THINGS. HAVE NO FEAR AND NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF TAKE THE WORD WITH YOU. KEEP IT IN YOUR HEART. MEDITATE ON IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND LET IT GAIN ASCENDENCY IN YOUR HEART YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE WORD. THE WORD GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. CHRIST IS IN YOU AND THIS IS YOU YEAR. YOUR YEAF OF FLOURISHING. "It's going to be a happy 2017 for you" - Pastor Chris ___________________________________ Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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I got the life of God in me,hallelujah #cewarrizone #cecharis #executivecell

I am superior to satan,hallelujah #cewarrizone #cecharis #executivecell

I am a new creature,glory to God #cewarrizone #cecharis #executivecell

CE Church 1A Awards Ceremony Recognizing our TOP PARTNERS in church 1A. ( 10 - 6 position) These are men and women, our beloved, treasured and highly esteemed partners who contributed to our spreading this ministry year. These are our limit breakers and heroes of faith who brought water out of the rock. 6. Sister Artebefia Oghogho Ekutu 7. Bro Sunny Usman 8. Mr & Mrs Kelly Lyon 9. Bro Ben Umoh 10. Dr Ify Nwajei #CEWarriZone #Church1A

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CE CHURCH 1B PARTNERS' AWARDS 2016 Exceptional Partners in Church 1B were recognized and celebrated for their selfless sacrifices through partnership, in taking the BLW message to the ends of the earth through various partnership vehicles. The Top 50 Partners walked up the aisle to receive their awards with excitement and great accomplishment. Indeed, it's a wonderful experience to be honoured in the house of God. Congratulations to all the award recipients!!! #CEWarriZone #Church1B

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CHURCH 1B LOVEWORLD PARTNERS' AWARDS 2016 Celebrating our top ten Partners in the year of spreading... These are men and women, our beloved, treasured and highly esteemed partners who contributed to our spreading this ministry year. These are our limit breakers and heroes of faith who brought water out of the rock. 1. Dcn Kingsley Otuaro 2. Pst Deborah Oyovwikigho 2. Dcn Samson Wanghan 3. Dcn Joe Fuludu 4. Bro Victor Agbateyiniro 5. Bro/Sis Sunny Okwuchukwu 6. Bro Anthony Akuetie 7.Sis Kehinde Ejerobo 8. Bro William Ogeh 9. Bro Emmanuel Nwala 10. Sis Susan Eturhobore #CeWarriZone

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Prophecy Night with Pastor Siji Dara References: Proverbs15:4; James3:1; Jeremiah17:7-8; Psalm1:1; Genesis13:1-15; 1 Timothy 6:12 > Your 2017 is what you can see! > Re-train your tongue for a greater life. There is no perfect environment except the one you have created with your tongue. > Announce who you are in Christ Jesus. What you say is your future. > Your tongue directs your life. Your life goes in the direction of your tongue. Your tongue controls you. > The tongue of the natural man, destroys but the tongue of the spiritual man gives direction. > Your tongue directs your life and It sanctify your life. If you are a billionaire announce it.! whatever you dream of to be, announce it. > Train your eyes to see. You can't have the money you don't see. Prophecy make you see. > When you pray in tongues, more resources journey toward you. > God didn't plan your life around your salary. He planned it around the riches in Christ Jesus. >Your thinking can be a problem. Change your thinking. Don't think old in your mind. Don't dress old. See what is right. > To change things, you must change first. Get a new attitude because your normal way of life will not suffice the new situation. >Don't see distance, see opportunities. From your tongue you can connect customers to your investments. > Use your faith for bigger things. Don't use your faith to settle strife. > Harvest time is now. Harvest came a long time ago. Start seeing your harvest! > There are some harvest that will not come toward you, you have to go and get it! #CEWarriZone

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Glory In A Dry Land That tells us something; it makes no difference what obtains in the city or nation where you live or the demons in that particular region that hold sway over men's lives; you can seek the manifestation of the glory of God in that place. It doesn't matter the wickedness that has festered or the hunger, depravity, terror, and fear that have kept men in bondage; in that“dry and thirsty”land, you can establish the glory of God. Read more in today's article. #myrhapsodymyspreading

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