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CELEBRATING LOVE THAT KEEP GIVING! Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our Esteemed Pastors Femi & Itohan Olumurewa. Thank you for taking a bold stand for the Bible Mandate always. We greatly appreciate your Partnership commitment to keeping the Bible in its place as the No 1 Book in the world. We Love you Dearly!

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What an awesome time in the Holy Ghost with the Teens hosting our service today. Oh Glory! Glory!! Hallelujah!!! Our babies have grown & they grew in the word. Thank you Pastor Chris for the word that is changing every generation. #CEBrooklyn #Teenschurchrocks #IamaPriestinOffice

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Congratulations to all our graduands #CEUnion, #Foundationschool

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸŒ4 DAYS TO GO - GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRIS! Prepare to join our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny and billions around the world to pray at the Global Day of Prayer starting at 1:00pm EST on Friday, 26th to Saturday, 27th March, 2021. Are you ready? #GlobalDayofPrayer #GDOP #USAR1Z2

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#Highlights The Haven ZE3 | USA R1, Zone 1 Kingdom Finance Meeting with the Esteemed Zonal Director- Dcn Tope Adeyemi #THZE3 #TheHavenZoneE3 #TheHavenNation

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⏳ 6 DAYS TILL THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER⏳ Taking place on March 26-27, 2021, the Global Day of Prayer will be an epochal event as the body of Christ answers this clarion call to prayer! This marks 1 YEAR since the first Global Day of Prayer and it has been one year of extraordinary impact and change through our prayers. Remember when we prayed and it changed the course of world? LISTEN TO THIS SPOKEN WORD! Visit to participate in this program! Stay tuned for more to comeπŸ’₯ #GlobalDayofPrayer #LoveworldCAN #PastorChrisLive

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Miracles Everywhere at Sunday Service with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director. #SundayServicewithPastorJoy The power of God was present to heal as our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director ministered in the fulness of the Spirit. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever! #CEPHZONE3

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Faith Stirring Nuggets from #SundayservicewithPastorJoy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ✍️ Jesus overcame the world and gave us victory.If Jesus has overcome the world, what then are you overcoming? You're not overcoming the devil or your flesh, but it's the fight of faith. ✍️ All God wants you to do now is to fight the fight of faith. It means appropriating all Jesus has done for you. ✍️ God is not afraid that you're having trials, what He wants you to do is to appropriate the finished works of Christ. ✍️ The men that put their faith to work were considered to be mad men.... Put your faith to work! ✍️ When you meet a wall, it's the wall that will fall down not you. God will honor you for your triumph of faith. ✍️ Reality is not what you see, reality is the word of God. What you see is subject to CHANGE. ✍️ Your triumph of faith is your profile as a Christian. Until you see your circumstance as a prey, it'll never leave you! Glorrrrrry!!!!!! *LIKE, TESTIFY, RESHARE * #CEPHZONE3

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Happening live Now...... ▢️ 1st Service πŸ‘‰ THE HAVEN NATION THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION WITH THE PRESIDENT The Highly Esteemed Haven Intl President, Pastor Ekele Uhiara with the members of the Haven ZE1 having a Thanksgiving Celebration of the just concluded NEA. #spreadingpastoruche #katalambano #thehavenzonee1 #thehavennation #thze1 #loveworldukzone4 #ukzone4 #lwccm

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Happy happy birthday to my dearest friend, blessing, husband and love of my life @nerofrank55 .Thank you for all that you are to me and our children. For always showing the way in our home. Your zeal for the things of God are exemplary. Your life is from Grace to grace. #usarg1z2

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Happy birthday dear Deacon Franklin. Thank you for the blessing you are to all of us! My even tempered β€œ Mr Congeniality” 😁God bless and reward your labor of love in his house. Grace has increased. I love and appreciate you dearly. God bless you.

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰Happy Birthday Dear Dcn Franklin! We love and appreciate you dearly! #usar1z2

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He is one gracious Cell Leader, Husband, Father, Son and brother. Happy Birthday Deacon Franklin. Your Love for God is amazing. I celebrate you heartedly. God bless you for teaching me the Word. Enjoy God's goodness in your life and your family. What a year! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’ƒπŸ˜œπŸ€—

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WE ARE LIVE! HEALING STREAMS LIVE HEALING SERVICES TESTIMONIES LIVE SHOW The testimonies that we received at the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is a proof that indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! ~ Pastor Kingsley Obi. To participate live, log on to or watch via the Healing School mobile app. Spread the Word! #livehealingserviceswithPastorChris #healingstreams #healingtothenations #HSLHSTESTIMONIES

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Happy Glorious Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ekele sir! Thank you for propelling us into greater heights. Thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you for your love and care sir. I love you sir!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR!! Happy Birthday to our beloved and highly Esteemed President. We love you Sir GLOBAL HAVEN PRESIDENTIAL CELEBRATION!! Celebrating The highly Esteemed International President of The Haven Nation CELEBRATING A LIMIT BREAKER The Haven Zone D2 #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneD2 #AsOneMan

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Pastor David sir, you mean so much to me. You always have time for me. You have taught me [ & you still do ] a myriad of things concerning the ministry. I deeply cherish every phone call and every word of wisdom you invest in me sir. I love you sir.

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Happy birthday to my uncle, my father, my mentor, and my inspiration. I love you so much sir. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best I can be. I thank God for the many glorious things that are going to happen to you in this new age that you’ve entered. I love you sir😁😁 οΏΌ

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIGHTY MAN OF GOD!!!!! You are blessed, more grace to you!!! Thank you for your labor of love! #happybirthdaypastorfemi #moregrace #lmamny #usazone2region1 #cequeens #usar1z2

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The Leaders & Members of The Haven Zone A1 Shout out to the esteemed International Haven President. Happy Birthday Pastor Ekele Uhiara. We love you #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneA1 #AsOneMan

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