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Nothing brings change and progress into a person's life like God's sent word! This was our experience at tonight's ReFuel service. Pastor Olumese took his time to show us ever so clearly God's word concerning our finances! #ReFuel #WednesdaysAtAliveChurch #MidWeek_Experience

#StreetEvangelism 08/03/2021 ••• It is a brand new week and we are on the go again for Jesus! Today, we were at Atiken Road were we directly reach about 400people. GLORY TO GOD! #AliveChurch #KanoForChrist #KingsChatRecommends

These pictures do not even come close to express the glory of today's service! We worshiped, we danced, we were transformed! #ExtravagantPraiseService #AliveChurch

#StreetEvangelism 2nd March, 2021 ••• Today, we were at Gold-Coast Road where we reached 300 people directly! #AliveChurch #LivingLifeToTheFullest #JesusIsComingSoon #KanoForChrist

Day 1 at #EXPONENTIAL2021. We were so blessed. Thank you @elevationng and @exponential_ng for the opportunity to be part of this world class learning experience.

#StreetEvangelism 22nd February, 2021 ••• We were LIVE again on the street at Abeokuta Road by Court Road. We directly reached 250people. Hallelujah, the message of Jesus is spreading and prevail! #AliveChurch #KanoForChrist

#VideoOutreach 19th February, 2021 ••• Some of our brethren led by esteemed Bro. Emmanuel George just finished a Video Outreach at Weatherhead, Kano. We directly reached about 300 people. We brought a message of faith and hope closer to where the people are!

Service today was everything and more! The word was clear, full of humour and yet very instructive! #ReFuel #WednesdayAtAliveChurch #MidWeek_Experience #AliveChurch

#MyAliveChurchExperience by Bro. James Ogbaji ••• I had a struggle finding a church because I am very particular about the word been rightly divided. Until I heard Pastor Olumese preach, since then ALIVE CHURCH has been home! ••• ALIVE CHURCH turns 1 year on February 20th, 2021.

#StreetEvangelism 16th February 2021 ••• We were LIVE today on Aminu Road by Festing Road today with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Today, we reached 450 people. Glory to God. #AliveChurch #KanoForChrist #JesusIsComingSoon

#MyAliveChurchExperience by Sis. Favour Mark • Sis. Favour Mark joined ALIVE CHURCH about 5 months ago. She testifies about the fact that she has come such a long way in such a short space of time! • Praise God, ALIVE CHURCH turns 1 year on February 20th, 2021. #AliveChurchAt1

#StreetEvangelism 15th February 2021 ••• We are on the go again for Jesus! We are led by a tireless general - the highly esteemed Pst. Olumese! Today at Ballat Hughes by Ibo Road, we directly touched 150 people with the gospel. Praise God! #AliveChurch #KanoForChrist

We rearranged church to create space for more people, but obviously, God still went into town and brought in a crowd! Wow, this church is growing daily. Thank you Jesus! #VictoryBlast #SundaysAtAliveChurch #Weekend_Experience #AliveChurch

Every service at ALIVE CHURCH is a plus! Today was full of glory. God has done great things for us whereof we are glad! #VictoryBlast #SundaysAtAliveChurch #Weekend_Experience #AliveChurch

What a day! Today, we put smiles on the faces, and food in the bellies of 100 Alamajiris! We called this special outreach: VALENTINE WITH ALAMAJIRIS! Thank you Lord for the privilege to be a blessing! #AliveChurch #ValentineWithAlamajiri #Benvolence #CSR

Hallelujah, the word is spreading mightily and prevailing! Some of our brethren led by our Head of Media Team - Bro. Samuel Umeweni just finished a Video Outreach from Ceaser Avenue, Kwakwachi. We directly reached about 350 people. #AliveChurch #VideoOutreach #KanoForChrist

Service tonight brought the consciousness of freedom and liberty afresh to our hearts. We were all so blessed! We cannot say Thank You enough to Pastor Olumese for always labouring in the word! #ReFuel #MidWeek_Experience #WednesdaysAtAliveChurch #AliveChurch #KanoForChrist

Today, 7 of our brethren took the gospel to Emir Road by Court Road. It was such a joy to see many lives transformed. We reached 500 people with ministry material. Hallelujah. This gospel must be preached everywhere! #AliveChurch #StreetEvangelism #KanoForChrist

StreetEvangelism_Update ••• At ALIVE CHURCH, we are committed to soul winning! Today, we reached 600 people at New Road by Ibo Road. This means that we have reached 1550 people within the first 8 days of February alone! Hallelujah! #AliveChurch #StreetEvangelism #KanoForChrist

What a powerful word the Lord brought to us today! We are established in God who is the fountain of love! #VictoryBlast #SundaysAtAliveChurch #AliveChurch

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