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Amador Serneo profile on KingsChat Web Join us and experience the life of absolute success!!! #thenewsupermen #cedonvalley #cecanada Experience the growth and multiplication of Gods word in your life!

Come join us on our program the new Supermen.This is your opportunity to be blessed and have a solution in your life. #cedonvalley #thenewsupermen #cecanada

MY DAILY PROCLAMATIONS Monday 5th October 2020 🗣️🗣️🗣️ SAY THIS WITH ME: All things are mine. I have all things that pertain to life and godliness. Everything I require for a godly life and the godly way has been granted me now. I know who I am. I'm the seed of Abraham. The world belongs to me. I refuse to be defeated. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I'll never be defeated in my life. My confessions of faith creates realities. My confessions of success and abundance create realities. I'm making progress, I'm moving forward in the name of Jesus. I am what God says I am. Watch out world. I am coming!!!! Hallelujah! #MyDailyProclamations #MyMonthofProclamation #CEPHZONE3

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Live in the higher life and walk in the greater light! #thenewsupermen #cedonvalley #cecanada I'm the New Supermen."strong & courageous. Come and join us it's time to recieve the gift of the Holy spirit. #thenewsupermen #cedonvalley #cecanada

A solid foundation to weathers the storm of life! #the new supermen #cedonvalley #cecanada

Stand like a rock!

We are the new Supermen. #newsupermen #cedonvalley #cecanada

Register for “The New Superman” This breakfast meeting will be loaded with insights into our ability as God’s Supermen to create wealth, manage finances and to fulfil all that God has designed us for. Don’t Miss it. @cedonvalley @pstgold

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Men are you ready to be catapulted to a new & higher dimension of glory?!? Then get set for our special men’s breakfast “The New Superman” with Pst Gold & special Guest appearances from seasoned Men of God too! Somebody shout glory 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Counting up to this epoch breaking event - men clear your schedules! There will be a paradigm shift in the realm of the Spirit just for you!! #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Are you the New Superman??? Find out more at this life transforming meeting! Did I mention there was food 😜😜 #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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The way to a mans heart is through his ... 😜😜😜😜😜😜 Men’s Breakfast Happening Saturday October 10th. Come and be spiritually (& physically) nourished #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Counting up! 7 More days to go!! #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Every man present will be yielded to the wisdom of God’s Spirit to perform their God given role #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Register today and know that You will be set for life! #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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A time for business and financial insight and empowerment! Make sure you join onsite or online to participate #CEDonValley #TNS2020 #MensBreakfast

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Happy birthday dearest Maila,daughter of Zion,set into perfection,winning in every side.Keep shining,you’re the light in your World.I love you dearest.💕 💕 #eachonematters #CeDonValley#Thelighthouse #CeCanada

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