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Let ’s see how well you know what’s going on in the CELVZ. Do you know what V4EF means? If you do, comment below. Make sure you like and share this post too. #CELVZ #V400RONCHALLENGE

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#GlobalCommunionService It's Spring Time!! It's September! In the realm of the Spirit, it's Spring Time. Some key things to take note of I. Receive God's word as seed from the seed store and plant it. Get it and plant it. II. Receive His word from His mouth and prophecy it; speak it forth III: Receive His word, meditate on it and make it yours. See it and live by it. When you see His word and meditate on it, pictures and visions come. Don't let your life be an accident. Don't let things just happen in your life. Become a participant. Be involved in the game of life. Don't just pray and hope things change. This is the way to do it. Receive His word as seed and plant it. Receive His word from His mouth and speak it forth, and as you receive it, meditate on it; see the picture and make it yours. God says His word is like rain (Isaiah 55:10). His word is not only seed, it is rain too. When He speaks forth, it's like the snow coming from heaven to the earth; It waters the earth and causes it to produce. When He speaks, it goes forth to the earth to produce what He says. God says when His word goes out of His mouth, it prospers and produces results. And then He uses His word towards us and says "You shall go forth with joy and be led forth with peace." He tells us about His word and right away goes on to use it. Now hear the word at His mouth and say it. It's been written for years but it will do nothing for you if you don't take it and say it out. So you say: "Blessed be God. I shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace and the mountains and the hills shall rejoice before me." You've taken His word from His mouth and proclaimed it. Glory! God's word is rain. The rain is a blessing, and in the realm of the spirit, this September is Spring Time! There's an outpouring. There's rain. You've got to get a hold of that word and speak it forth. This September is rain time. Worship Him! ___________________________________Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Happy Birthday Rev Tom Sir! I remember the 1st time I served you Sir.What an awesome privilege to know you.ILove you Rev Sir!#R815 #celafia

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Celebrating LOYALTY , love PERSONIFIED and ardent follower I love you sir.....

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Happy Birthday Rev.Sir #CEENUGU1 #SEVZ2

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A very Happy Birthday to CSO. Thanks for blessing us with your inspiring music, youth leadership, rich fellowship and love. You're a gem: more than diamonds. I love you.~ Dad

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#MindSet__Afflatus Rev. Tom "It's upto you to decide whether or not you'll have a good day, It is not upto God. Understand that, it is not  much of what  happened to you that is the problem; bad things do happen to good people. what is important to God is what you do about or with what happens to you. God is not nervous when it look like something bad is coming to you,because He knows what He's put in you that you can fix it." #R815 #God'sGeneral #IloveRevTom #vision400onmymind #vision400areality #followPastorChris #NERegion #NWRegion

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WHAT A TESTIMONY!!! GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN, OVER THE HILLS AND EVERYWHERE  TESTIMONY SUMMARY  - 331 souls reached with their contacts  - 150 souls led to Christ and given Rhapsody of realities  - 42 now come to Christ Embassy Randburg 2 - 10 of them have come to church four times in 4 weeks. - 8 of them Baptised so far - 6 cells now - I have multiplied my cell from 1 to 6 I was privileged to be there "live" when Our Man of God Pastor Chris announced and  gave us the Mandate, vision 400% declaring  increase In Our Cells, our PCF, our church attandence and in every area of our lives.  I rejoiced in my heart knowing it was another time to expand the Kingdom of God big time and my opportunity to do the work of the Lord as the bible says (There is a real opportunity here for great and worthwile work, even though there are many opponents. 1 Corinthians 16:9 GNB Immediately after Vision 400% was announced I went out doing evangelism, on global soul winning day i went out on soul winning as instructed by my Pastor, Pastor Ose. While busy preaching and inviting souls to the house of God, I met and stopped someone who was walking with great haste and confidence. He said he was in a hurry and i assured him i will be brief. I preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to him, he was excited, huged me like I was family and said I am from prison, I was released yesterday after 15 years in prison, today is my day two out side prison. I gave him "Rhapsody of Realities" and the DVD "Something to shout about". He received the Holy Spirit, speaks in tongues and attends early morning prayers on saturdays since he is still on parole. Another testimony is Brother Elvis testimony. I met him during one of my vision 400 targeted evangelism. He is now a member of my cell and testified this past week in our cell meeting. He said he used to drink alcohol from monday to monday and get drunk until the friday he met me in Randburg CBD and i invited him to church, he told himself that he was going to throw that invitation card away but couldn't, thereafter i started calling him and said he would lie and say he is coming while he was sleeping on his bed, but because of my consistent calling he ended up coming, gave his heart to Christ, got baptised, enrolled for foundation school and my cell member now. He has also invited someone to church and she said Bro Elvis called her many times for her to come to church, she got born again the day she came to church, got filled with the Holy Spirit, enrolled for foundation school and also in my cell. Another remarkable testimony is someone i won who had  challenges in her marriage. Right now herself and her husband are now members of our church. They come to church together. Glory! The Holy Ghost entered her during baptism and she started to speak in tongues after baptism. She is so happy and this past Sunday they came with two of their friends. I am so grateful to God that my cell members are part of vision 400.  My cell members have been going out winning souls on Saturdays and during the week taking advantage of all their spare time. Everytime i preach to souls out there and lead them to Christ i am always happy, overjoyed and  satisfied. I love soul winning and doing follow up alot. In the Past 4 weeks, I have reached  331 souls and i have details of their contact,  more than 150 souls led to Christ and given Rhapsody of realities, 42 came to church, out of which 10 of them have come to church four times, 8 of them got Baptised and I have grown from 1 to 6 cells now. I assured my Pastor i will have 500 souls in church by the end of the year when she asked me about my projections concerning vision 400. I am evangelising, praying and doing follow up by the power of the Holy Spirit. My gratitude goes to our Man of God Pastor Chris for by mandate and the ability in me by reason of the Mandate and my Pastor, group Pastor, Zonal Pastor and Regional Pastor, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. Thank you Pastor Ma for teaching me God's word and praying for me. Thank you. Regards Sis Great-Glory Mgidi YOU TOO CAN DO THE SAME (Sister Great Glory is a staff of Christ Embassy Randburg 2 South Africa and an ardent soul winner. She won the number 1 SOUL winner in the first month of vision 400 in the staff community and in Randburg 2 church because she has won and retained the most souls in Randburg 2 church) LORD THANK YOU FOR SISTER GREAT GLORY MGIDI AND LORD THANK YOU FOR MANY MORE LIKE SISTER GREAT GLORY

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Am alive..Sir u always speak words so encouraging, no one can be with u & feel less, u are special to me, u are my dad. HBD I luv u dearly

Evang Sir,u are worth celebrating everyday. U show how Jesus loves by the way u love& care for people. U are an amazing person. I Love u Sir

EVANGELIST OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! Dr. Owase himself. 07 07 17, What a day! so unique. "Aaba mhen" "it's a New Day for you" Happy Birthday to you my brother, friend and colleague. A lover of Christ and of my father Pastor Chris. You're a man of peace and love, full of joy and laughter, yet, very compassionate and patient. A mighty man of our Man of God Pastor Chris. Thank you for caring for me in a very unique and selfless way. This has become an obvious testimony. Thank you for the wonderful things you do and for standing up for Christ. The Lord has ushered you into greater days for greater exploits. You were made for this. I celebrate you now and always. I love you very dearly. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Evangelist Eddy Owase sir @evangeddy truly a #fatherlikenoother #friendlikenoother #pastorlikenoother PSY😍s U loads #E707

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HBD to my Esteemed Director there is always something new with you. You are simply exceptional I love you ma 😍 😘 💃 #POA

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Happy Fathers Day Dad. So calm, So Gentle with words . you saw my today from the beginning.

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Happy Fathers Day . You have trained me in life and Ministry. I am grateful sir

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Happy fathers day Eze Ifeninezuluoke, We love you dearly

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Happy Father's Day. Evang Sir. Am always in awe of ur love towards people. Ur soft spoken and full of Love.Thank u 4 loving me. I love u sir

"If U don't follow God, U will beg man" -  Pst Goke Adebayo.Thk U so much esteemed Pst Goke 4 blessing us 2day @Couples Classique LCC3C LVZ

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