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Dear Ada, You’re right; His for me I can’t explain, His love for me I can’t describe His B'tiful is so B'utiful His love is kind, His love is true I look at me& I see Him Ada, U're right; His beauty, makes B'tiful Perfect❤️ is what I feel on the inside His lovely is so lovely.

I'm a Mother, I am young I have several tongues, not one I love to travel; all around the world I've gone I can create& I can transform The torch I carry can light up the world I can't be hindered, I can't be stopped; I have wings, I can fly If you can speak my language Who am I?

"🎼...I'm totally committed to You!🎼" This is what my HEArt says, this is what My hEArt Says!!

There maybe Many-sides of you others speak of; but there's only One-side I speak and know about, "Your word-side" Happy Birthday Ma!!!

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