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My children are heads only and never tails, whatever they set to do prospers#my declaration

I am a mighty soul winner and no that I come across resists me# my declaration

Money knows my name and when I call it, it gravitates to me quickly # my declaration

I am connected to the unending supply of God, I can never lack# my faith declaration


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INCREASING WEALTH 101: HARVEST IS ANYTIME! While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease(Genesis 8:22). The Lord didn't say "While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest time... shall not cease. Sadly, that's how some folks read Genesis 8:22 in their minds. Someone may ask, "But what's the difference?" The difference between both statements is irreconcilable. To say "seed time  and harvest time" suggests that there's a definite time of sowing, and a definite time of harvest. But the idea given to us in Scripture when it says "seedtime and harvest" is that harvest time is anytime. In other words, you might as well consider today the set time for your harvest! What the Lord is saying to us here is that though there must be a time of sowing (seedtime), there is no fixed time for your harvest; you can call it forth anytime! Don't forget that as a child of God, you play by a different set of rules; so your harvest ought to come in ways that are supernatural. For example, the Bible says that Isaac sowed during the time of famine (a time when it was naturally impossible for harvest), yet, he received in the same year a hundredfold (Genesis 26:12-13). Others sowed beside Isaac and got no crop, yet Isaac reaped a miraculous harvest at the time when the natural conditions favourable for harvest were absent. That's how it ought to be in your life. It's the set time for your harvest. As Abraham's seed, your harvest is now; your miracle is now. Go ahead and sow your seed, and the Lord will bless and multiply it back to you.  Whether it's money-seed, seeds of prayer, or seeds of faith-confessions, this is the set time for your harvest. Begin to relate with your harvest by faith. (Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium) #cephzone3

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TODAY'S MEDITATION Culled from A Topical Compendium vol.2 You're Abraham's Seed 'And if he be Christ's, then are he Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise' (Galatians 3:29) "Abraham's blessings are yours by right because you belong to Christ. Your association with Christ has made you a partaker of the covenant God made with Abraham. Your authority to pray and expect answers, to reject poverty, failure, sickness, disease and death, is hinged on your consciousness of that covenant. You need to understand that Abraham's seed doesn't fail. Whatever he does prospers. It doesn't matter what business you're into, because you're Abraham's seed, the works of your hands are ordained to succeed."

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It is the tree that produces fruit that man throws stones at. #blessed

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