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Wow! Am so excited #yourloveworld

IT IS 5DAYS TO THE SEPTEMBER EDITION OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE So much to receive, so much to take advantage of, so much to do to take this Broadcast to someone in his city and in a language he understands. Sponsor the LIVE Broadcast of the September Edition of the Global Communion Service TODAY! You can also sponsor a Translation simply by sending a mail to or call +2348086801141. God bless you. #PastorChrisontvnetworkseverywhere

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CELEBRATING OUR 1ST QUARTER STARS!!! The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Ps 68:11). Special thanks to our Esteemed Pastors who gave the TV Ministry of our Man the extra coverage required in the regions of the World through their valuable support. Thank you for making the voice of our Man of God heard louder in regions where the light of the gospel was dim. We celebrate your uniqueness and passion!!! Let's keep the flag flying this 2nd quarter of the Year. We love you dearly!!! #PastorChrisontvnetworkseverywhere

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HWA Dear Husband. My exceptional buddy. U empower me, inspire me & bring out d best in me, my world is a beautiful place bcox of u. I love u

HBD Prince-Jesse, precious son of mine. I thank God 4 giving u to us. U'll continue 2 grow in d ways of d Lord, & live a life worthy of Him

Happy Birthday Honey. I love you dearly. Thanks friends for being there. #14032018 #celebratingmybeloved

Happy Birthday My Father; you birth me in Christ. My life coach; my trainer, teacher, private instructor, counsellor. My Mentor; my wise, trusted guide and adviser. My Hero; my father, you have distinguished yourself by your exceptional,courage, nobility and strength. My paradigm, my champion. I celebrate your boldness, exploits and kingdom trailblazing. You taught me about the Abrahamic exceptionalism You are the "Pastor Chris exceptionalism" Exceptionalism : The theory or idea that you are uniquely different in some way; it could be as a nation or society, movement, an institution,a family or even as an individual. it connotes the idea of supremacy of ideology, which means that your beliefs and ideas are more important and superior than that of others, which therefore confers on you the responsibility of leadership. Pastor Sir, you are uniquely different. You have the supremacy of ideology; your beliefs and ideas are important and superior to others, hence, the whole world has come to receive the word of God from your mouth. The voice of God to the world. The censer from which the presence of oozes out and fills the whole world. A distributor of eternal verities, Pastor Sir, look! I see a sea of heads, innumerable, limitless number of souls, so many lives you have touched. Soooooooo many! The day you will be receiving your commendation from Jesus in heaven ( I'd be honoured, grateful that I was there in flesh to witness what you did ) I imagine the thunderous shouts because of the lives you have blessed, changed, imparted and transformed. Thank you for letting me into your beautiful life I celebrate you, my father! I celebrate you, my life coach! I celebrate you, my mentor! I celebrate you, my hero

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Happy birthday sir. Happy birthday Pastor. Thank you Sir. Words can never adequately express my sincere gratitude and thanksgiving for everything that you have done in me; to me; and for me. However, it would be remiss not to speak. Thank you for being my anchor; my standard; my muse; my cheerleader. You led me to discover Christ; You guided me to know me; You changed my mind; You dredged the waterways of my soul; and you irrigated my spirit. In everything, the greatest thing that I am most grateful for: You changed my mind. Now I'm alive. Really alive. Living my aspirations. Living the best life. Thank you Pastor Sir. You are THE icon. You are THE hero. You are THE dispensation. I love you forever. Thank you for everything. #offer7 #dec7 #PastorChrisLive

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I could not have asked for a better father! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you endlessly ❤️

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🇰🇪You cannot NOT LOVE PASTOR!😍

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A tribute to my Dad on his Birthday As we celebrate the birthday of our Man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD, along with the landmark achievement of 30 years of ministry, I thought it necessary to lay pen to paper or stylus to tablet and share some thoughts on my remarkable father and the ministry given to him by the Lord that I have been privileged to be a part of for the last 30 years.  First of all, I am in awe of all that the Lord has accomplished through our Man of God. The scope of his achievements far surpasses the ability or imagination of most to encompass.  This statement from the Apostle Paul perfectly encapsulates my thoughts,  2 Corinthians 12:12 12 Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds. To many outside the Ministry who know and have been so blessed by our Man of God, he is Pastor Chris, but to his Sons and Daughters in the house, he is more than our Pastor. He is a man sent from God, an apostle sent to our generation and God’s voice to the nations. Its a timely position given by God to Pastor as the period known in the scriptures as the times of the Gentiles approaches it conclusion and the millennial reign of Christ draws close. It is evident that the works of our man of God and the scope of the achievements of the ministry given to him by God could only have been accomplished by the power of the Holy Ghost in him. Over 25 years ago, my Man of God preached a message called Divine Presence, in that message, he made it clear that the credentials of a man sent from God could not be mistaken, such a man would have to come on the scene with a message, yet, not a message of man’s wisdom but a message of the Spirit and of power. A message that would cause men’s faith to be firmly anchored on the power of God. THE EVOLUTION OF THE MESSAGE To have heard the man of God preach all those years ago and to hear him preach now, you might assume if you only just encountered him that his insights have been recently developed but if you have listened to him for the last 30 years as I have, you would be struck immediately upon review at the consistency of his message over the years. Pastor taught things in the 80’s and 90’s that were not common Christian, Charismatic or Pentecostal parlance or accepted doctrine. In those days when it was generally accepted and taught that we had the Spirit by measure, Pastor made it clear that “he who God sends is not given the Spirit by measure”. While others were describing the powers of Satan, the strength of demonic entities and the powers of darkness, Pastor was describing and communicating the overwhelmingly victorious power of the Holy Spirit and the all-conquering name of Jesus. As many sought to play down the authority in the name of Jesus and give reasons to not go too far in the walk of faith, Pastor taught us to walk on water and to see the scriptures, not through the traditions of men but through the Holy Ghost. This emphasis on the efficacy and infallibility of the scriptures at once marked us out as a unique ministry and also set us up to be challenged from various quarters, but as our Man of God always proclaimed and as we have seen demonstrated over the years, this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” Today, the messages preached within the body of Christ have been significantly altered from the ideas and assumptions of bygone years to specific teachings based on the accurate teaching of God’s word and this has been due in very significant measure to the consistent scripturally balanced teachings of our Man of God around the world through Conferences, TV Programs, the internet, messages on media, the Rhapsody of Realities as well as through the sons and daughters he raised who without apology reiterate the Man of God's message to a world in sore need of the reality of the power and Spirit of God. A UNIQUE WALK WITH THE HOLY GHOST The message he was given and which he has preached consistently for over 30 years made it clear that the Man of God was called to a unique ministry through the Holy Spirit. Pastor has never made apologies for what God told him to say and always preached the accurate undiluted word of God. Something he could only do through the stanchion of a solid relationship with the Holy Ghost. So many who taught that this message was just a passing fad have seen its efficacy and power demonstrated with infallible proofs as seen in the extraordinary expansion of the ministry and the global impact it has had in every nation on the face of the earth. Proof of its inspiration by the Holy Spirit and that divine signature of authentication that can only have come from above. From those early years to now, it is evident that his relationship with the Holy Spirit was foremost. Listening to Pastor, it has always been the easiest thing to see God at work. He always pointed people to Jesus and to the Holy Ghost as all they needed for a successful life. Pastor was never moved by current fads or trends. he stayed focused on what the Spirit of God was saying and taught his Children to do the same.  BUILDING BY PROPHECY Several years ago, our Man of God brought light and understanding to us as he shared this and other like scriptures with us. Matthew 1:22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. He made us understand that the prophecy came before the fulfilling and that the actualisation needed the prophecy to be spoken first.  This perfectly illustrates what we mean when we say that this ministry was built by prophecy. Our Man of God taught us that the prophetic word was necessary to set the course we were to follow and also bring to the earth those things already established in heaven. This is one of the reasons why as a ministry, we never despised prophecy. Pastor let us know that it was the lifeblood of any enterprise. We are not talking here of wishful thinking or excited words, but words spoken under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in our frequent times of prayer. Over the last 30 years, so many prophecies were not just uttered but fulfilled right before our eyes. One can only marvel at where the prophecies being spoken now will take us in the next decade. MY FATHER, THE MAN OF GOD To know Pastor is to have an experience of what it would have been like to meet Jesus. His passion is to fulfil the dream of the Master and so every aspect of his life is focused on that Goal. Many years ago, Pastor preached a message where he talked on three things. Passion for God Passion for Men Passion for excellence. Those 3 things encapsulate the heart of our Man of God. A passion for God so strong that only his will matters. A passion for Men that would drive us to go to the ends of the earth just to win a soul. In a little church in Benin City in 1989, Pastor shared with us a vision he saw of the earth beset by war and the accompanying explosions as it writhed in the throes of Jacobs trouble during the tribulation. Pastor described how as he stood on a balcony in heaven looking down on the earth, a young man approached him and said “Thank you for saving me from going through that”. From the time Pastor shared that with us, it was my desire to save men from the coming destruction and raise them up to save others as Pastor was doing with us. This is the flame burning in the heart of our Man of God that has ignited millions around the world. Pastor’s passion for excellence has rubbed off on us and been responsible for the extraordinary standards of service and work produced by our various ministry departments, leaders and staff as they apply the perfections of Christ to their work in the kingdom. THE FORMATION OF A NEW GENERATION This threefold passion meant that of necessity, those that Pastor was raising would have a different mindset from those around them or their contemporaries. From our pastors, directors, deaconry, music ministers and brethren, the message of the Man of God has always marked us out as different.  Today, the scope of the efforts and results of our Pastors cannot be denied. They have, in different parts of the world, multiplied the presence of our Man of God, bringing the divine presence to many. Our music ministers are the best in the world and are changing the landscape of Christian and gospel music, redefining the genre with the word of God as given by the Man of God rather than the often traditional, humanistic or emotive trends favoured by so many Gospel singers before now.  Our Pastors and leaders stand out everywhere they go because they carry a message that must be heard. Pastors message has given us more than an I can do mentality. His message has given us the mind of Christ Mentality. This mentality tells us that  If the boat has sailed, walk on the water. If the tree will not produce, talk to it. If you are given dishwater, make wine.  If you have 5 loaves and 2 fishes, feed the multitude. If they bury you, you are a seed. Persecution is your fertiliser. No matter where you start, you are headed for the palace. The life of Christ in you makes you a superman. If you stick with the word, you would come back with a testimony. A TRULY VISIONARY By 1992, Pastor was talking about the place of computers and the internet. He let us know that we needed to be positioned to ride the new technology wave as instructed by the Holy Spirit and today, it is evident from several of the extraordinary ministry arms that we have that Pastor is truly a visionary. We have made strides in various spheres of mass communication that have placed us at the forefront of Gods plans for the evangelism of the world. Truly, we are set to be a part of the fulfilment of this scripture in Isaiah 11:9b 9 for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. As the nations of the world rush ever more hurriedly towards the conclusion of their destinies, the BLW nation is moving even faster towards the conclusion of its God given destiny to take the divine presence of God to the people’s and nations of the world, demonstrating the character of the Holy Ghost. This mandate from God is, for want of a better phrase, our magnificent obsession. A drive that we will pursue until the trumpet sounds and we are caught up together to meet the Lord in the air. Thank you Pastor Sir for giving our lives a meaning. Thank you for showing us the heart of the Father. Thank you for teaching us to know the Holy Spirit. Thank you for making us world changers. Thank you for giving us a message that must be heard. Thank you for removing the word impossible from our vocabularies.  Thank you especially Sir for yielding to this great call, for without it, we would never have come on the scene. Happy birthday Sir I love you Dad #Offer7 #Blwcelebrates30years #Dec7 #UKVZ1 IF YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY THIS ARTICLE, KINDLY LIKE, COMMENT, RESHARE AND FOLLOW OUR SUPERUSER ACCOUNT FOR MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS.

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Thank you so much Pastor Ma for your love

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Every child is ur child🙆.Go teamOpal👍🏽 plz vote by clicking d link

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Glorry. The baby boy has arrived 💃 My Prince I welcome you to this world where light has become our guide which is the word of God.I love u

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I wil sacrifice 2 You wt d voice of thnksgvng-Jonah2:9! Kenrich Viktor Pelumi-u brought so much joy my son & U will fulfil ur calling in Him

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Happy birthday to CJ my Best Man and Birthday Mate. You are always dependable. Thanks for all that you are to the body of Christ.

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HBD Precious one, thank u love 4 giving me d best of u. You're absolutely amazing & words will fail me 2 describe d gratitude in my heart😚

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