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YOU'RE CHOSEN, ROYAL AND EXCELLENT First, notice the tenses in the phrase: “But ye are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation….” This doesn’t suggest something that’s futuristic; it’s not a promise. It refers to who you are now! You’re a chosen race; you’re dedicated to God; that means you’re sanctified unto Him for glory and for beauty. You’re His peculiar treasure; plus that, you’re royalty. You’re born a king (Revelation 1:6). You belong in the royal family of the Monarch of the universe. Walk in this consciousness. Kings reign; therefore, reign in life over the devil, sickness, disease, and the circumstances of life. Learn more in today's article.

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"Anyone who depends on material things will never get satisfied" #RevKen

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REMINDER: PRAYER @ 4PM Finance Convention Prayer Points for Friday June 2nd 2017. Exo25:8-9MSG 'Let them construct a Sanctuary for me so that I can live among them. You are to construct it following the plans I’ve given you, the design for The Dwelling and the design for all its furnishings.' Pray for every one that is involved in the construction of the Arena. Pray that they function in divine wisdom, they follow the plan and instructions. Declare that this edifice is outstanding to the glory of God. Nehemiah 2:20 'Then answered I them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build:' Thank God for every member of our zone. Declare that the God of heaven has prospered us; therefore we have arisen and we are building. Thank Him for glorious things are spoken of every member of our zone as we give, pray, invite and prepare for the coming of our man of God to the Island for Finance Convention 2017. #pastorchrisontheisland #financeconventionwithpastorchris #financeconvention2017 #celz5

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BREAKING NEWS: KINGSCHAT LAUNCHES KINGSCHAT 7.0 VERSION KingsChat, The messaging app that everyone Loves! And now, you can do more because KingsChat version 7.0 is here. What's New + ADVANCED SEARCH: Say goobye tp scrolling for hours. Now you can search through your entire chat history or easily find any KC user. + QUOTE REPLY: You can now quote the specific message you want to reply to. + STARRED MESSAGES: Bookmark messages so you can refer back to them later. + GROUP INVITE LINKS: Invite new members to your group easily via a unique link. + RICH TEXT FORMATTING: Use bold, italics or underlined text. + LIKE MESSAGES: Show your reaction to a message by liking it. ...and several bug fixes + performance improvements! Hurry to the Playstore and update to the new Kingschat version 7.0 #movedtokingschat #cesazone1 #LoveworldUsa #PastorChrisandPastorBenny

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Our Regional Pastor, Pastor Ose's surprise visit to CE Carletonville What a time What a blessing What a lifting What a joy And when we thought the Lord had done too much, Pastor Ose declared, "From CARLETONVILLE to the rest of the world". HALLELUJAH! #CESAZone2 #CECarletonville #PastorOseyakhilome #Flourishing

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3 Days to go!!! IT'S EPIC! THE BIBLE DAY AT CHRIST EMBASSY SOUTHERN AFRICA ZONE 2! A timely event for YOU to make a mark, that cannot be erased, in today's global evangelism.

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When ever God gives you responsibilites , He also gives you the ability to meet that need .

Accept yourself as God made u. Allow His power to transform your weaknesses , rather than belittling yourself when u make mistakes...

PRAYER GUIDE FOR SUNDAY, 2ND APRIL, 2017 @5am and 9:30pm 👉Pray that as Pastor comes upstage, she will be clothed with the breath of God’s Spirit, full of power to build and transform everyone that attends. Pray for the saints to receive specific instructions from the Spirit of God concerning every area of their lives (jobs, families, businesses, finances, etc.) as they come under the divine influence of God’s word (2Cor 3:18, Phil 2:13). Ephesians 6:19 “…and for me that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel”. Pray that the Lord will give pastor utterance to boldly speak the word of truth. 👉 Pray that there shall be unusual demonstration of the anointing of the Spirit through Pastor such that special and creative miracles shall be wrought at this program. Pray that Pastor shall be clothed in the anointing of Gods Spirit to meet every need that people may come with. 👉Pray that during the program, everyone that comes into that meeting will experience the mighty, glorious presence of the Holy Spirit; that as they give their hearts to Christ they will continue with us, becoming fruitful and will bear the fruits of righteousness. #cephzone3 ___________________________________

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SA ZONE 3 DAY 7 OF 8 DAYS OF GLORY The esteemed Pastor Siji Dara imparted significant wisdom regarding production through speech; "... It's your taking that produces...", he declared. #cesazone3 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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"To flourish means to be extravagant in splendor; To grow luxuriantly means to grow with thickness; Significant Attainment needs significant attachment. When you are attached to the word of God you will have significant attainment. To be Persistent means you are not stopping, you are not giving up. "- Rev Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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Watch this inpiring highlight of Day 7: 8DAYS OF GLORY with Rev Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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"A forest is made of one tree. Every tree is capable of making a forest."- Rev Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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HAPPENING NOW!!!!! The Highly Esteemed CEC Member & The Regional Pastor East West Africa Region, Pastor Ambrose Isesele live in Durban Group for Day 7 of the 8 Days Of Glory. #8DaysOfGlory #CEDurbanSAZone2 #CESouthernAfrica

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CE DURBAN GROUP 8 DAYS OF GLORY LIVE WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR AMBROSE ISESELE. Day 7 Pastor Ambrose declares that something new has started in Durban, something new has started in KZN, its time to make Durban Church the most influential in Southern Africa. Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #8DaysOfGlory #CEDurbanSAZone2 #CESouthernAfrica

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Happy birthday @PastorDaba Keep flourishing!!

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