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Happy birthday to a dear friend & brother! So many beautiful times together all these years, and more glorious days to come. I love you.

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Hearty Congratulations to Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2.

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CE DURBAN CENTRAL SUNDAY SERVICE  Sunday, 25/06/2017 Praise be unto God, what a glorious service with our dearly esteemed Pastor Mpumi Ngema as she shed further light regarding #Vision400% recently launched by the President of the Believers' LoveWorld Nation, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome at the International Cell Leaders Conference,  LCA in Lagos, Nigeria.  Pastor Mpumi encouraged all the Brethren to get involved as each and every one of us has been called to preach the Gospel of our Lord and bring Souls into the Kingdom of God. She further highlighted the need to go beyond race, culture etc when reaching out to people in the world. The Brethren were excited and ready to get involved and run with the vision of our Man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome within the next six months.  #Vision400% #CEDurbanCentral  #SAZone2 

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My Soul Retention Strategy Brother Henry Makhala, the church coordinator for Christ Embassy Newland, South Africa had always wondered why only very few of the souls he won and brought to church were retained. But his experience changed after he tried this…. Read further as he narrates his story… My name is Brother Henry, a church coordinator in Christ Embassy Newland, South Africa. I’ve always been a passionate and ardent soul winner and I put in a lot of effort in ensuring every soul won and brought to church for our services were retained. But, despite all my efforts, I noticed only few of these souls continue with us after their first visit in church. I spent time to consistently pray about this disturbing experience and the answer to my prayer came when I was appointed the chairman of the Rhapsody Bible local distribution for Randburg 2 churches by my highly esteemed zonal Pastor, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. What a transformation this appointment brought to me! As the chairman, I started with the sponsorship of 100 copies of the Rhapsody Bible, and every first timer and new convert in my church got a free copy of the Devotional Study Bible. Behold, there was a change! I noticed that 70 souls out of 100 who received these free copies of the Bible were retained. Praise God! You too can have even greater testimonies as you ensure every first timer in your church receives a free copy of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible. The importance of the Bible in a man’s life can’t be overemphasized. For more information on how to partner with the Bible Bank, click here: #Biblebank

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Congratulations Pastor Ma on your inauguration as the 14th CEO of the Believers' Loveworld Nation. I love ma!

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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy Father's Day My dearest daddy, thank you for believing in me. I love you Sir #phenomenaldad #pac17

Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad in the universe. I love and celebrate you one of a kind Sir. 💖💖💖

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Happy Father's Day to my Father, Pastor Andy👔🎩🍷🍾🍾🎂 #PAC17 #CEDurbanSAZone2

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Pastor Sir Happy Father's Day Sir.Thank you Dad for the Word you've instilled in me.Today I dominate my world bcos of you Sir.I love u Dad!

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THANK YOU SIR FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP 10 000 copies is a reality!!!

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Ha Ha Ha!!! #PastorChrisOnTheIsland #ForReal

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HBD Pastor Oshoke! U mean so much to our nation & man of God. Thank you for your walk of faith and all u do in ministry. I love you dearly

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Wow over 150 Graduands were charged this morning. Glory to Jesus👏👏👏 #FoundationSchoolGrad #CEDurbanSAZone2

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CE DURBAN CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP SERVICE WITH PASTOR ANDY Sunday, 2017-06-04 Praise be unto God, what a life transforming Service it was as the Man of God Pastor Andy shared on the importance of words, emphasizing that the state of our lives is the result of the words we have spoken over time. He went on further to explain that to change things on earth and in our lives we need to change things in the spirit realm first and we do that through our thoughts and words. Pastor further highlighted that we must be responsible with our words because words are powerful and we can use them to bring down strongholds and change any and every situation. As the Brethren spent time speaking words upon their lives during the service they began to experience healing in their bodies. Glory to Jesus. #PartnershipDay #CEDurbanSAZone2 #YearOfFlourishing

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CE DURBAN GROUP FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION Saturday, 2017/06/03 What a mighty God we serve as we witnessed another glorious 2nd Group Foundation School Graduation Ceremony with our Group Pastor, Pastor Andy in our Year of Flourishing, over 150 Graduands were charged this morning. Glory to Jesus. The atmosphere was abuzz and inspirational, Graduands were on fire and excited, sharing their testiomies and their experiences during their Foundation School Classes. Praise be unto God. The Church is surely marching on with speed in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Glory. We Win, We Build, We Send #SignificantAttainmemts #CEDurbanGroup #SAZone2 #YearOfFlourishing

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PASTOR VALE, A GALANT GENERAL! My dear Pastor Vale, A man of the Spirit and the word, A visionary missionary, A gospel Activist, A valiant soldier, A winning Champion, A Pastor Chris's mighty man, A courageous trailblazer clothed in humility, A principality of a sort. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATULATIONS on your Significant Attainments. I love you very dearly.

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