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Happy Birthday my dear Deaconess Onyinye. In this new year, You will accomplish more than you ever done within this one year for the grace of God is at work in you. You have entered a new higher level of glory and service. I love you Ma #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

I truly appreciate you and am forever grateful to God for the grace, favour and opportunity to know you. #MagnificentPMO2311 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

You make the work effortless. #MagnificentPMO2311 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

God will continue to increase and favour for the work ahead. #MagnificentPMO2311 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

You are exceptional, your excellence is undeniable, so inspirational in all your ways. #MagnificentPMO2311 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

To the mother the Lord gave me I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. #MagnificentPMO2311 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

IT’S FRESH ....... IT’S ALL FOR YOU! It’s our special honour to celebrate you at this year’s IPPC by inviting you to experience the first-of-its-kind ‘Angel Ballroom’ to celebrate you for making 2018 look like child’s play through your partnership. The Angel Ballroom opens its doors to you until Monday 18th November at the Publishing and Rhapsody Complex (PRC). Pick up your invitation card from your Rhapsody Zonal Manager ..... WE LOOK FORWARD TO HOSTING YOU

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Happy Birthday to Our Highly Esteemed CEO of the unconquerable Loveworld Nation You are truly an exemplary magnum lumen radiating light that beams from the depth of God our Father for His delight. A true spotlight of grace that is raised from within our sovereign state. An infinite flame that exhibits exemplary faithfulness to the Call of Christ We salute your astuteness, loyalty, steadfastness to our man of God & the vision of the ministry. We love you dearly Ma. #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

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The Rhapsody Networks Fiesta & Exhibition (RNFE) features yet again at the life transforming ‘Night of Blessings’ and the Leaders & Partners Conference In Accra, Ghana Attendees were exposed to our networks and ministry initiatives such as REON, TNI, Crown Integrated Marketing and more. It was indeed a time of inspiration and education as many attendees signed up to impacting lives eternally, increasing our reach and penetration in our year of lights. We are thankful to our great man of God, Pastor Chris for impacting our lives and providing the opportunities to reach many more till Jesus comes. #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

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💥💥💥REON BIRMINGHAM 💥💥💥 The Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network holds live at Church of God of Prophecy auditorium in Birmingham. Ministers from different denominations converge to be introduced to our Messenger Angel; Rhapsody of Realities and to be educated on the impact of the daily devotional in soul winning and church growth. All attendees listened with rapt attention and were excited to take the gospel to ends of the earth through the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities. It is our month of Ministry and we changing lives. Special thanks to our man of God; Pastor Chris. #citywideconferences #rhapsodyofrealities

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Thank you Pastor, A billion volumes packed into those 3 Words It would take a life time to express our gratitude You have so lavishly filled our hearts and minds with the priceless truth of Gods Word We have been inundated with abundance of grace as you have ministered to us in this precious time of visitation We see clearly in the Highest Definition, who we are in Christ , who Christ is in us, what we have in Him, what Christ deserves from us and most importantly what we can and should do for and through Him In bringing in and discipling the greatest harvest of souls Before His soon return. Thank you Pastor, A billion volumes packed into those 3 words The fire is burning in our hearts A billion souls won as we act on the words we have received This will begin to express the extent of our love and gratitude. It was such an exceptional honour to host you Sir Indeed we have moved, a total upgrade! We rejoice knowing you will be with us again next year We will convene bringing our sheaves with us. By the power of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Pastor We love you Sir. #CEBARKING #UK2Z4FASTEST #2019LIGHTS

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LOVEWORLD PUBLISHING OFFICE UK/EUROPE BEAMS THE LIGHT AT THE CHRISTIAN RESOURCE EXHIBITION, SURREY, UK Our Fiesta of Light city wide campaigns continues to spread all across the UK and beyond In the words of our dear man of God at the just concluded UK special training meetings “Jesus didn’t die for us in hiding so refuse to be quiet” And today we are reporting live and loudly from the Christian Resources Exhibition in Surrey. Stay tuned for more live updates 💥 #LWPMUKEurope #RORUKEurope #REON #FiestaOfLights #RNFEUK2019 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

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Celebrating grace & style that shines so brightly Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Beauty Adoroja #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

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My Father, my father!! I HEARD, I UNDERSTOOD & I SAW CLEARLY Thank you for the12 spirit filled, life changing meetings, by virtue of which I have been so impacted and equipped for the next phase of greatness. Thank you for loving me specially. I love so dearly sir.Thank you sir

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Happy Birthday🥳 to the mother the Lord has given me. Thank you Ma, for the love and care towards me. Your smile brings warmth to my heart and brightens all around you. You manifest God's glory and beauty all round. I love you plenty. 😘 #UKR2Z4 #PK0410 #PK1004

50 hearty golden cheers for the Esteemed Pastor Chuka Ibeachum. Thank you for your contagious passion for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, your exemplary followership of our man of God, and your selfless dedication to the spread of the Loveworld Nation in the coasts of Western Europe Zone 4 and beyond. We love you dearly sir! #PCis50 #PC0210 #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope

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As we exercise leadership in our world by penetrating our cities with our 'Messenger Angel' Rhapsody of Realities, ministers of the gospel from our communities are overjoyed to receive several copies of the daily devotional in their churches. It was a special time of fellowship as the attendees were admonished on the impact of Rhapsody of Realities in the lives around the world. They were excited to receive the evangelical tool, Rhapsody of Realities and expressed appreciation to Pastor Chris for the great vision. It is our year of Lights !!!!

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To An Exceptional Luminary Your light Sir is astute, gracious & impactful On this occasion of your birthday we want to use this opportunity to say that we LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU DEARLY SIR!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON A NEW LEVEL OF UPLIFTING SIR! #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope #LWPMUKEurope #RORUKEurope

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