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#ServiceNuggets #WednesdayServiceWithPastoryemisi Were You @ Church Today? Blessed Are You Because of The Spirit filled array of programing, capped by the Word ministration and benediction by our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director. Glory! Here are some nuggets from service: πŸ‘‰ Until you preach and make a disciple of a person, the person is not completely won. πŸ‘‰ Every christian has been appointed, ordained and sent on a mission to teach. πŸ‘‰ One of the most important gifts that God gave to man is the ability to speak. πŸ‘‰ Your spiritual maturity or immaturity is made evident by your speaking i.e. your choice of words, the things you say. πŸ‘‰The Christian is not a natural man, he is a new creature in Christ. To be spiritually minded is life and peace. πŸ‘‰ If you want to live a life of abundance and peace in the midst of any kind of turmoil, you have to be spiritually minded. πŸ‘‰ Minding the things of the spirit means that you are conscious of the sovereign declaration of God concerning you. πŸ‘‰ The spiritual man speaks the truth and the truth is the Word of God. Keep Being Spiritually Minded And See You In Church On Sunday & Next Week Wednesday @ Our Singing, Dancing & Winning Church, CELVZ. #BeingSpirituallyMinded #TheMonthOfGrace #TheYearOfPreparation

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I will not leave you until I fulfill my word in you.

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Updated his profile photo

Multiply The Grace In Your Life!🌍🌟🌍🌟🌍 Learn how to multiply the grace in your life as you watch this video. _ _ #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

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The word works.

The word of God is my life.

I'm full of expectations


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I'm ready

You are next to the miracle.

If Christ be you, You can say, like I always say, I'm justified, I'm glorified, God has freely given me all things. Hallelujah to Jesus Christ.

#prayinyforpastor 5:45-6:6;00 am

Season's Greetings! #seasonsgreetings2020

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I celebrate God's impact on my life and around my world.

#HavenzoneA5 #Award

PROPHECIES @ A SPECIAL TIME OF PRAYER & PROPHECY POWERED BY TELF @ β˜† Limitation Of The Mind Removed ~ I have removed the limitations of your mind. New doors of opportunities, new insights, you will do more even in this new year. β˜† Divine Acquittal ~There are some that have been troubled because of a situation. It does not matter how it came, I hear divine acquittal, no matter the cause. β˜† Divine Ideas ~ There's a lady (there may be more) who had an Idea, the Spirit of God says that idea is of him. No limitations. He is raising women of substance who will support the gospel. β˜† The Lord will help you, angels have been dispatched to help you. They will not hold their peace to ensure that the word of God comes to pass. You will not function by natural laws and He will see to it that those words do not fall to the ground. Hallelujah!!! #CELVZ #TELF #PRAYER&PROPHECY #TheYearOfPerfection

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Distribution in the spirit

Bible to everyman's world 🌎

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