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FASHION SHOW, CONCERT AND WORKSHOPS INSPIRE ON 'YOUTH DAY' IN CAPE TOWN South Africa's Youth Day provided a unique opportunity for youths from various walks of life to be empowered for their future at Christ Embassy Cape Town's 'Just Imagine' program.  Today was loaded with workshops, a lively fashion show and an upbeat concert that kept the youngsters on their feet. The youths participated in workshop sessions educating them on the television and radio industry, entrepreneurship and makeup artistry. "Make time for what you are passionate about," said Danilo Aqcuisto, a workshop facilitator, to the young people. In the midst of all these activities, one thing was still in focus — the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Karen Victor, wrapped up the program by sharing the undiluted Word of God that led to the salvation of many. "We did not spend the whole of today talking about yesterday; we spent the day equipping you for your tomorrow," she said! Everyone left inspired to take on tomorrow with renewed vigor and sense of purpose. With Pastor Karen's words, "You have a great future in God," they were assured that they have it made. #blwteens www.blwteensportal.org Remember to like, comment on and share this post.

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Don't define your success by the lives of other people. Rather define your success by your purpose.#pastorchris

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Today was very special for me. This is what Dad said concerning the market place. Thankful oh so thankful.

Holy Ghost said the ministry of the Apostolic is crucial in running corporate structures. Authority- Order- Strategy- Vision- Leadership

I love angels, thank you Father for my friends. Talk to your angels more :)

When Pastor Karen says I love Jesus, and you can see the fire in her eyes. Thank you Pastor for teaching us how to receive love.

This child reminds me of myself growing up... lol. Thank you mom for raising me in Gods word no matter the detours Gods Word has kept me.

Be unapologetic about why you exist. A clear mandate bulldozes through options of compromise.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Oooohhh hallelujah. Finally!!! I get to post in KingsChat on this remarkable day #pa22june #blwsazone #groupD2

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Oh Daddy #PA22June If by this time you still get offended, we know that your spirit needs to be seasoned, you can't be offended, you? No!!

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Thank you for loving us sir. Happy Birthday Pastor Alfred Sir. #pa22june

Pastor Alfred gave me a whole new dimension to what it means to be a soldier for Christ #pa22june

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#pa22june. #blwsazone

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Don't miss the beauty of the journey. #mypastor

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You are God's love-letter to your world!

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Happy Birthday Pastor Alfred sir. My first encounter with you sir, I walked away with a deep sense of knowing what a godman is.

Greatness walking the face of the, earth, birthing gods everywhere #PA22June #BLWSAZone #GroupD1

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Your arrival wasn't an ordinary one! The world wsnt ready 4 U 🙆🏼😳😂 U'd say! Your dominion is increased even more! AGENDA: SPREAD!I luv U

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Pastor will so microwave you... 😃 #pa22June #BLWSAZONE I want you to open your dictionary before we get to the bible. 😂😂😂😂😂

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