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Happy Birthday to my man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD. Thank you for believing and investing so much into my life. Sir you mean more than words can explain. I’ll follow you till Jesus comes, I love you sir! #dec72019 #offer72019 #myspecialblessingfromGod #blwusagroup2

Reminiscing on the impact you have had on my life over the years & I’m short of words. Thank you for ur investments in my life. They can never be overlooked. Thank u for never giving up on me, for pushing me, inspiring me & making me fall in love with the Gospel. ❤️❤️ #PKSaah1106

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Happy Birthday Sir! Such an honor and privilege to know you Sir and have served under you. There are lessons you’ve taught me that I cannot never forget. Those foundational truths on what it means to serve God in humility whole heartedly. I love you so dearly Sir! #Pksaah1106

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir!!! I love you!!!

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Happy birthday Pastor! Thank you sir for everything you do for us in BLW USA Group 2. We love you dearly sir🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉 #PKsaah1106

“Saturn overtakes Jupiter as planet with most moons”- US Researchers. More reasons why u shouldn’t live according to the wisdom of men&limitations of their knowledge.Did it overtake or u just found out what always was?Funny people!Funny world! C’mon Jupiter, step up your game!😀😀

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Happy Birthday Reverend Ken! I love you sir! Thank you for everything you’ve instilled in me sir!! From Texas A&M sir!! We love you! #revken918 #usagroup2

Happy Birthday @Pastorcynthia thank you so much ma’am for everything you’ve done for me! Thank you for inspiring and loving me with the love of Christ. You’re the best of the best Pastor. I love you dearly ma’am!! Happy Happy Birthday🎊🎉🎊🎉❤️

Happy Birthday Pastor Dan, I love you so much sir. Thank you sir for the impact that you’ve had in my life. I’m truly grateful, words are unable to fully describe what you mean to me pastor. I love you so dearly sir! #Pdangotip #pdan2loaded #daringpdg #pdan0603


#TGOHP #PastorMike #CETXRZone1 #CETXRZone2 #CEHouston

....The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much........ A Plano, Tx teen has pleaded guilty to planning an ISIS-inspired attack at the Stonebriar Centre mall in Frisco, Tx Authorities are giving updates now. Story:

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I HAD AN AMAZING TIME AT THE TIE CONFERENCE USA‼️🎉 This was an experience like never before. God has taken me to higher heights and I’m only moving upwards and forward only !! #TieConUsa #Fireintheusa

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And the BIG ONE!! The Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Of CE Southern Africa Region & Director Of the LoveWorld Networks- the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome was in the House today!! In a riveting exhortation on the topic- THE MAN, THE MESSAGE & THE MANDATE she stoked the passion for Jesus in the hearts of the Campus Pastors & Leaders culminating in a powerful time of prophecies, healings and impartation. When you are called to Ministry, you know this is war! The gospel has been committed to our trust. This a time of programming; God is programming you for very successful lives! God is passionate about us fulfilling our destiny in this life. We were born for the propagation of the gospel. We are here because of the Man, we are here because of the message, we are here because of the Mandate. Adam plunged the world into a terrible state, that’s why Jesus came. Man needed a mediator because he came short of the glory of God. Something had to be done and Jesus was the answer- the ransom. 1 Timothy 2:5 Jesus bought the whole field. He paid for the whole world. Anyone who isn’t vitally saved today is walking in ignorance that’s why we have to tell them. There is no other way for human beings! Acts 4:12 This is why we preach. This is not a job, it’s a calling. It’s not something you’re doing to pass time in the university. Man is doomed without Jesus! We cannot be dull, passive or quiet about it. How will they hear if there’s no preacher, if nobody communicates the story of this man. Colossians 1:19 Jesus is the totality, completeness of God. Colossians 2:9-10. He is the embodiment of deity. Jesus is God! You’re following the greatest personality on earth! The most important in your life is loving Jesus. When you love Jesus, you’ll love the world. Not the things in it but loving it to want it saved. The love of Christ constraineth us. You are in a very critical place on campus. It is not something you’re doing on the interim. It’s a calling and God is trusting you. Announce the message, explain the message, open the scriptures and explain to them. The toughest ones are the easiest to get. Their seeming toughness is a front. Target them! We are an army, and The Campus Ministry is a separate squad on its own because you have energy, you have fire and your fire has no apologies! So burn! Burn for Christ! You have a responsibility and that’s an honor. You’re given a message and a mandate to preach it! We have to transport His message. Use the available platforms on Campus today. Use today’s innovations to preach it! The message is about Jesus and His liquid love! 1 Peter 2:23, Romans 5:7-8 Tell them how valuable they’re to God; they’re as valuable as Jesus is! The value of His life is your value. There’s no religion that offers forgiveness. Only Christianity does and Christianity is not a religion. His message is a message of righteousness! From Campus to Campus, raise an army!! They need to know the Man, they need to hear the message. Contend for the faith of the gospel. Be a dependable evangelist, a dependable preacher! Plant fellowships in every campus where there’s a human being. Strategize! Make your rooms cell venues if you live in school. We have a mandate and it’s a serious mandate! Show your uncontrollable passion for Christ! When you get back, you become dangerous to the forces of darkness! #TIECONUSA #FireintheUSA #FireintheUSAreloaded #Blwcampusministryrocks

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"How come there’s apparently more unfulfilled people than fulfilled people in the world, more low achievers than high flyers....” With these thought provoking question and more, the Esteemed CMD took the leaders at the TIE Conference USA on yet another levitating session on DISCIPLINE FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. A beautiful training session it was as he taught the leaders that 1 Corinthians 9:23-27 They that strive for mastery, to be the best, to be champions & leaders in life are temperate in all things; disciplined in all things. There is a required regimen for champions! Don’t run to run! Run to win! This requires discipline. If athletes and sportsmen apply themselves to strict regimen of training for corruptible medals, how much we who are after that which is incorruptible. Proverbs 25:28 “he that hath no rule over his spirit is as a city that is broken down and without walls” meaning that without discipline you’re exposed, anything goes! DISCIPLINE- is so important for young leaders because if you can get it right at this time, you have it made. There are traits, qualities that you’ll require as you rise in Ministry and grow in life, if you imbibe the discipline now, you have it made. What is discipline? Discipline refers to training; the moulding, refining of character. 👉🏻 The training or refinement of character/behavior by practice, instruction, teaching and exercise to conform to acceptable norms/standards. 👉🏻 The subduing, control, mastery of raw or base instincts, drives, passions & desire through conscious training or practice to bring forth inner excellence. 👉🏻 Strict Adherence to set or specific regimen or routine designed to produce choice qualities, ability or character. Your greatest enemy is that man that stares you in the face when you look at the mirror. Get a hold of that man, pin him down, get a whip & break him like you break a horse. If you let your body rule you, it will ruin you. He that conquers himself will rule the world. The great boxer Muhammad Ali who is called the greatest once said about his training experiences- "I hated every day of training but I said to myself, suffer now and be a champion the rest of your life.". As a leader, You can no longer live or act just the way u want. Grace is not looseness! Its not a license to misbehave. It’s not about what goes in the American society, you’re a kingdom man! It’s not about your rights or that it’s lawful to you, it’s whether it is profitable/excellent 1 Corinthians 10:23. There are things you don’t do not because they are wrong in themselves but because of who you are as a leader; you leave the good for the more excellent. The burden of superior knowledge and higher intelligence requires that a leader stays ahead so as to remain an example. The disciplined leader is a soldier! He doesn’t engage in civilian affairs. The Ministry, the gospel, the Kingdom is our life, it’s what preoccupies us. Areas of Discipline/training: 👉🏻 The Discipline of Prayer (Luke 18:1, Mark 1:35) 👉🏻 Discipline to study (2 Tim 2:5) 👉🏻 Discipline with time Eph 5:15, Psalm 90:12 👉🏻 Discipline in conduct- language & behaviour, relationships (1 Timothy 4:12). 👉🏻 Discipline to plan (Habakkuk 2:2) "failure to plan is planning to fail". 👉🏻 Financial discipline- learn how to manage funds & grow wealth. 👉🏻 Discipline of the mind. Ur mind is a tool! Manage ur mind as a leader. You are your thoughts. Your thoughts will give birth! The Disciplined leader is focused. Doesn’t run in all directions. Focus on the vision- make it your priority. A disciplined leader works with goals and targets and runs with focus towards them. Targets are not burdens, they're opportunities for victory. They are the picture of success. The Disciplined leader is loyal. Loyalty is a virtue! 2 Chronicles 25:2 Amaziah did what was right but not with a loyal heart. As a leader, you must be loyal- o Loyal to the leadership- Our Man of God. Stay here! Pastor Chris is our Father, you don’t have another. o Loyal to the vision. Do the vision. Participate with your heart. Act like one who believes in our cause fully. Promote it. o Loyal to the ministry. Stay here, stickability. Dont eat from every pot. Don’t allow anyone or thing or supposed offense or flimsy stuff draw you away. Love the LoveWorld Nation and promote it. It’s your family! o Loyal to the message. Listen to Pastor, preach his message in your chapter. Don’t mix it with another. Stay true to it. Discipline distinguishes a leader, sets him apart and causes the inner excellence of his spirit to shine through. #TIECONUSA #FireintheUSA #FireintheUSAreloaded #BLWcampusministryrocks

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Frederick & uncle Alvin. Nice!!!

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We are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 & our fire knows no apology💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 #PASTOROSEOYAKHILOME #CMD #FIREINTHEUSA #TIECONUSA

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#TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA #FireInTheUK #FireInEurope

#TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA #FireInTheUK #FireInEurope

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