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Lord I Praise you for the gift of my Pastor #TLB2708 #TLB #CEBAYELSA #NSSZONE1

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#TLB2708 #TLB #CEBAYELSA #NSSZONE1 Thank you for making my life Beautiful DAD


Thank you Super Dad for loving me Specially

Thank you Sir for making my life Beautiful

Counting up to the celebration of my DAD Wow wow wow Pastor you are my life changer and I love you so Dearly Sir

See Pictures of High School Accolade Recipients at the Prize Giving Ceremony: #Loveworldschoolrocks #9thValedictoryservice #Prizegivingceremony #Classof2021 #Monthofjoy

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Are you a single lady ? Do you desire more in life? Get ready! Here's something awesome for you.... ➑️➑️ BEAUTIFUL YOU ... Just for YOU! Click on the link to register #cebayelsa #nsszone1 #nssr #tlb #cc2 #loveworldladiesnetwork

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Please, to vote Esther Benyeogo SMS TVN0051 to 755 (mtn and Airtel users only). Thank you for your support from BISHOP CHIKANCY.

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πŸ›‘ Testimonies from across CE NSS Zone 1 during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris πŸ“From CE Ewoama, Island group: Sis Queen Lemo has been mentally unstable and very aggressive since she gave birth to her baby but a Sister who pledged and gave for the Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris had invited her, hoping she would accept to follow her, which she did - that too was a miracle. On Friday Day 1, they brought her via a motorbike (okada); she was very calm and the Sister who invited her sat close to her to help her participate. During Pastor's ministration, we layed hands on her observing what she will do, then on the 2nd day, she was very lively and bright-faced, her eyes focused on the screen always. On Sunday, she came by herself early and stayed throughout the service, the sister said there's something very different about her now. She got healed of mental illness since January 2021. Glory to God 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Akaba, Lighthouse group πŸ“Œ Sister Sarah Felix testified of receiving her healing - all her pains were gone. πŸ“Œ 21 years old Brother Harvest Thankgod, got healed of Ulcer for after 4 years. He was diagnosed with ulcer in 2017, which had made life difficult for him. But as the worship was going on, he received his healing. Now he sleeps well, eats normally with no more pains. He said, " I have my life back." Hallelujah!!! πŸ“Œ 9 year old Master Ovie Alfred had a skin infection that was very itchy. But as Pastor prayed for children, the infection disappeared. Glorrryyy!!!! πŸ“Œ 21 years old Brother Odede Tambiri has been suffering from Asthma for years. But as Pastor instructed that we should touch the screen, he did touched the screen and that demon of asthma left him. Glorryyy!! πŸ“ŒBrother James Goodluck got healed of acute malaria fever. Glory to God. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Brass 3 Healing Center. πŸ“Œ 1. Brother Godwin Etim said he had been experiencing severe back pains from the spine to the waist for 3 months now, and when Pastor was ministering during the Saturday session, he received his healing. He said as Pastor mentioned that those people with spinal pain are being healed, he got his healing, every pain is gone now. Hallelujah. πŸ“Œ 2. Sister Suoyo Samson received her healing on Saturday. As Pastor was praying for the sick, she fall under the anointing and got up, that was it. Lower abdomen pain healed and spirit of anger gone completely; she's excited and rejoicing for her miracle. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Agudama, Mainland Group πŸ“Œ 1. Sister Ebi Nemiya She was having spinal cord, chest and back pains. Yesterday (Saturday evening) she participated through the radio broadcast & as Pastor was praying for spinal cord issues, she got healed. She ran up to hundred metres, which she hasn't done for about 9 years. She is completely healed now. πŸ“Œ 2. Brother James He was battling with insomnia, he has not been sleeping well at night for about 6 months but after Pastor prayed yesterday (Saturday evening) for the first time, he slept like a baby. πŸ“Œ 3. Brother Frank Robert His younger sister had severe kidney issues. She has been bedridden since April. As Pastor prayed, she acted on her faith and started walking. The healing had started. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Grace Arena, Lighthouse Group. πŸ“Œ Sister Emomotimi got healed of severe headache at the healing centre πŸ“From CE Akenfa 2, Lighthouse group πŸ“Œ Sister Nwaede Rejoice Nengi was invited by her Aunt to the healing Streams and she came all the way from school, UNIBEN, Edo State. Firstly, she was healed of stomach ulcer, of the which ordinarily, she cannot stay without food especially in the morning She said, "when I came to the healing Streams yesterday, I was dying inside of me because I hadn't taken anything, but while the ministration from the Man of God was going on, strength came into me and even when I got home, I didn't eat and there was no form of discomfort. Praise the Lord!" Secondly, she had a growth on my neck and was asked to pick a date for surgery in FMC in yenagoa. During the Program, I just felt a voice telling me, "you are healed and you won't go through the knife. I said but I still feel the growth,Β then that voice inside said, as you leave for school it would disappear, and that was it.Β She was completely made whole. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Miracle Centre, Yenizue-gene. πŸ“Œ Sister Beauty Jacob, who has had excruciating pains in her stomach for weeks, just got healed as Pastor prayed. πŸ“Œ Brother Godsweet couldn't walk but as the Man of God ministered, The Healing Power of God lifted him up and now, he is healed. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Otor-udu Healing Centre, Ughelli Group πŸ“Œ Sister Evelyn Kpekpen has been feeling ulcer pains for more than 6 years now and has been restricted from eating some certain foods and has had to depend on drugs all these years; But during the healing streams, as Pastor instructed us to place our hand on the part of body that needs healing, she did exactly so and after some time, she started saying that she's no longer feeling the pains - it was gone. Glory to God. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Sapele group church πŸ“Œ A 72 year old Grandma, Rosemary Atiyio got healed of arthritis and high blood pressure. πŸ“Œ Brother Bassey Sunday got healed as a growth on his body for years dried up as Pastor prayed. πŸ“Œ A young adult was healed of skin disease of over 10 years. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Akenfa 2, Lighthouse group Sister Esther Gborianga have been feeling pains on her right leg. She just woke up one morning and the pain started; she couldn't stand or walk for long. She has had this pain for the past 12 years; but immediately Pastor started ministering to the sick, the pains in her leg disappeared immediately. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From CE Fountain of Grace, Executive group. πŸ“Œ A Sister who had swollen legs and swollen stomach, who couldn't walk on her own before got healed by the power of God; she can now walk round. πŸ“Œ Sister Blessing was down with liver condition and couldn't walk or stand without aid. She was carried to the healing centre on Day 1; but on day 2, she stood up by herself; on Sunday Day 3, she was now walking all by herself. 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫 πŸ“From Zone A PCF centre, Adino Group πŸ“Œ A brother who happened to have received the Holy Ghost yesterday, spoke in tongues got a miracle. He had graduated early part of last month but had not been given his BSC degree because he had not paid his final year school fees, hence he has not been cleared to go for NYSC. He came to town hoping to get a job and work for some time to help him raise the money needed. During the Healing Streams final Service yesterday, after he got filled with the Holy Ghost, I told him, he may not require healing for his body but I'm aware he needs healing for his finances, that he should go ahead and receive money for his B.Sc degree as Pastor Chris prays for the sick. Just today, he got a call from a company through Chevron, a pending scholarship he was over due for.....he was called to come rectify the issue to be paid tomorrow. As if that wasn't enough, he got a call from a politician in his community that he will give him the full money by month end. The money he requires is #90,000 and he is having it in double and more without having to work for it. This brother happens to be my younger brother. While I was busy setting up for Healing Streams, I never knew that my own biological Brother will get filled with the Holy Ghost, speak in tongues, with his financial needs met miraculously. We are so happy and grateful to God. Hallelujah #healingstreams #healingstreamstv #healingtothenations #livehealingserviceswithpastorchris #TLB #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #NSSZONE1

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#Kingschatrecommends The Asante had a smaller army compared to the British and their allies, so how did they manage to beat them? Credit: @a4ayouth Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! πŸ’«πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ‰

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Grand Finale of the Healing Streams Live Healing Service With Pastor Chris . . #bpeneditor #Sundaybest #cebayelsa #nsszone1 #TLB

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Celebrating our #SundayBest picks of the week πŸ‘—πŸ‘” @blessedos @yvonnefire @pbeneditor @onyema132 @collinsajiya To participate, simply take a snap of yourself or yourself with your friends on a Sunday in your beautiful church clothes and post on Kingschat with the hashtag SundayBest and KingschatRecommends πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’πŸŽ©πŸ‘ πŸ‘—πŸ§₯

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Now I see why you wanted this picture that day😍😍😍 Congratulations on sharing same birthday with the Esteemed Pastor Sir.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Happy Birthday Dearest Becky πŸ’“πŸ’– #cebayelsa

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Happy Birthday Sir. Highly Esteemed Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu celebrates the Phenomenal Director, Pastor Lanre Alabi. #PLA711 #ExceptionalTrainer #LimitBreaker

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What a joyful Sunday Cute David I love you ❣️

#PK1107 #Globalsoulwinner #July11th #teamsoulwinningcollabo #Tlb #cebayelsa #Nssz1

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HIGH SALUTE TO A GALLANT SOLDIER!!! We salute a Man of Courage, a Man of strength, a Man of wisdom, a Man of the Word! Pastor Sir, Through your ardent followership of our dear Man of God, you have taught us to remain bold, courageous and resilient in our fight for the Gospel; training us to be skilled & ever on-the-go. You never relent in training, as you strongly believe that "whatever is worth doing, is what training for" Today, we joyfully celebrate your unwavering passion and ever-inspiring commitment to the unhindered spread of the Gospel all around the world. Sir, you are a priceless gift to the Loveworld Nation and the Body of Christ. We thank God for blessing us with you. Happy Birthday Sir. We love and appreciate you most dearly! #PLA711 #exceptionaltrainer #GallantSoldier #CGI

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Happy Birthday Special Sister Rebecca I celebrate you greatly I love you Dearly

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