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Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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It is not by might. .congratulations sir. You taught us the way of the spirit. Our sufficiency is of God. .. you said it. It came to pass.

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Gloryyyy!. Happy birthday to you pastor Ese Eze ma'. I Celebrate faith, passion, strength,consistency, and loyalty..I appreciate you today ma. Thank you for being a great blessing to me and my family. Thank you for being a passionate follower of our Man of God. I love you ma.

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Guess who's stepping it hot and cool... It's the Highly Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas. "Watch my 10-in-1 Challenge Dance Steps in Celebration of our dear man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. I challenge all the Group Pastors in Calabar Ministry Centre to post their dance videos: @Pastor Awele Odu-Thomas, @Pastor Ime Phillips, @Pastor David-King, @Pastor Ivor Tabe, @Pastor Ehis Idemudia, @Pastor Patrick Obadan, @Pastor Elma Wogar, @Pastor Bisong Obi, @Pst Friday Asada, @Pst Christine. #Dec7 #DanceChallenge0712 #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

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Glory! As I arrived church at 6:30am for 1st Service, I was attacked by a charmed armed robber who used the cutlass on me thrice, but it didn't penetrate. By the power of God's Spirit, I disarmed him, collected the charm & cutlass. Indeed the Word works! Glory! #CEAVZ #CEGWAGS1

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REACHOUT NIGERIA 2018: Love gives! GIVE, PRAY and DISTRIBUTE! #istandfornigeria #inspiringgreaterdreams #rhapsodyofrealities #rhapsody #dailydevotional #devotional

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CELEBRATION OF VICTORY AS THE 1ST HEALING SERVICE CONCLUDED Following the extraordinary demonstration of the Spirit in healings and miracles, Pastor Chris exhorted the congregation on divine health realities, elucidating from the Word of God. He heartily acknowledged the partners present and thanked them for their commitment to the Healing School. Many were led into salvation and the service came to a glorious conclusion with words of blessings declared by the man of God, Pastor Chris. Indeed, it has been a season of miracles and testimonies. Thousands have been healed, many saved and hopes restored for a greater future. The Healing School continues to take God’s healing power to the nations. Visit for highlights of the just-concluded healing service with Pastor Chris. More reports to come at the next healing service of the August Session. God bless you.

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VIDEO: HEARTFELT PRAYERS, PRAISE AND WORSHIP AT THE FIRST HEALING SERVICE Thousands had looked forward earnestly to this day: a day of miracles and testimonies, a day that would mark the end of their sickness and pain as they would journey away from infirmities to supernatural health for all time. Live in the auditorium were people from several nations who came to partake and to bear witness of the supernatural at the Healing School.  Through sessions of heartfelt intercession, worship and praise, the congregants lifted up their expectant hearts to the Lord, ascribing greatness to Him for His love and miracle-working power. The feeling in the atmosphere was unmistakable! Watch this video.

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When it comes to points of decisions, two things are important: 1⃣What did God tell you before? 2⃣Can you trust Him? In your life, Reflect on what God said about that matter before.No one ever put Himself in God's hands and regretted it.~PST Chris Oyakhilome #MonthOfReflection

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READ TODAY'S DEVOTIONAL Monday, 6th August Pastor Chris Oyakhilome AFFIRM YOUR VICTORY AND DELIVERANCE Today’s devotional teaches that Christianity is a life of faith which is expressed through our words. We believe; therefore, we speak. We speak on the basis of our faith in the Word, and not according to circumstances. Don’t be moved by the unpleasantness of your present circumstances; proclaim the Word. Read the full article on #rhapsodyofrealities #rhapsody #dailydevotional #devotional

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My TRUST in GOD is without BORDERS I DEPEND ON YOU ALONE O' LORD YOU'RE MY LORD AND MY GOD #blwghzone #ceaccraghanazone #ireflect #verbaltransformers #PALFoundationGh

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#gfmn #lagoszone2 #pastoremekaeze #2muchzone #2muchannointing

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FAITH'S PROCLAMATION OF HEALING AND HEALTH Dear Father, I'm thankful to You for making me a new creation and thus qualifying me to be a partaker of Your glorious nature! I'm forever grateful for the blood of Jesus that was shed; I've been purged of all unrighteousness and ushered into a life of perpetual victory. Now, I have the God-life, peace and divine health in its fullness. Get more confessions at

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Happening Now! Egbe Group visit by the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor- Pastor Emeka Eze #CELagosZone2 #RON

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THOUGHTS FOR TODAY! See, faith remains unshakeable irrespective of circumstances. As long as you are thinking: ‘I’ve been declaring that I have this thing. It hasn’t come, oh lord! I’ve been declaring!’ and then you get under pressure, you’re not in faith! You are thinking that the constant repetition of your confession is what faith is; but that’s not faith. Faith is not that you’re confessing it. We make the confession because we have faith- our confession is an offspring of faith. ‘… as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak…’ (2nd Corinthians 1:13). It doesn’t say we speak and therefore believe. ‘I believed therefore have I spoken’- that’s what the Word says. So, faith takes a hold of it first and if your faith has taken a hold of it, it is impossible to deny you, because you already have it. How can you come back and say, ‘oh I thought I had it and I found I didn’t have it’? Faith is a knowledge. It is a spiritual knowledge that you have it. You’re not trying to get it, you have it! The scripture says: ‘Now faith is the ‘substance’ of things not seen’(Hebrews 11:1). It is the ‘substance of things hoped for’. If you were hoping for it, if you were wanting to get it and praying about it, when you take a hold of it with your faith because you’ve been hoping for it, your faith has it! It is substance, not an assumption. It didn’t say ‘faith is an assumption of things hoped for’, it says ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for’, which means it has become tangible to you! Glory!!! #lagzone2 ---------------------------------FOLLOW LAGOS ZONE 2 SUPERUSER FOR MORE LIFE TRANSFORMING WORDS

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AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 5TH SEPTEMBER. I affirm that this is the day that the Lord has made; I rejoice and I am glad in it. This is my season, and I'm living in the springtime of my life. The harvest around me is plenteous. The little I do is producing much results. The Lord has granted me wisdom for every decision I will ever take today. I will never make foolish mistakes, neither will I become a victim of another man's mistakes. Irrespective of the perils and tribulations in the world, I am shielded and protected in Christ. I am like a tree planted by the waters, that spreads out her roots by the river; I don’t know when heat comes. I’m triumphant always in Christ Jesus! My way is paved; my going out and coming in, is blessed of the Lord. Hallelujah! Daily, I go out with joy and I am led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills are breaking forth before me in singing, and all the trees of the field are clapping their hands as I go in God's direction for my life. Glory to God

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The Church: Full Of Glory, Power And Might The verse above is part of the prayer of the Spirit through the Apostle Paul for the Church. And since it’s the Spirit’s prayer, it means it’s already been answered. It’ll be wrong now to pray, “Lord, strengthen me with all might”; rather, simply affirm that you’re strengthened, not with some might, but with all might by the Spirit in your inner man. This shows just how powerful we are as Christians. We’re invigorated with miracle-working ability. Blessed be God! Discover more in today's article. 

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