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What a glorious time at our Zonal Rhapathon Today doing one Million copies of Rhapsodies Halleluja and it will continue on Sunday. #rhapathon-wez3 #goingwildwithrhapssody #westerneuropezone3

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Great STPPL 22.8.21

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Prayer of Salvation at Berne and 3 years ago he phoned to Pastor Erika, that he was instantly healed from alcoholic problems and his live goes up every day in a quick way like never before. Thank God for His unique GRACE.

Before my eyes I saw a young lady as she read the prayer of the salvation. She said the Bible is true and the Holy Spirit has just open their eyes. She was exited about what happened with her. She immediately gave the gospel to her friend. Glory to Jesus!

#prayathon#ce switzerland#

#paTorchrislive#ce switzerland#

Give a joyful message for Christmas

#ropc2019 #yourcountry #switzerland #praying now #praying with me #ropc2019 #wevz3

Glory to God

STANZA 1: Take up my cross Daily follow You I’m not ashamed to shout My love for You my Lord Straight from my heart I worship You You are the reason for life CHORUS: Simply devoted to You, oh Lord I lose my life to follow You The life that I live, it’s not I that live

#PKA2211 #PSTKAYOURADVANTAGE Happy birthday dearest Man of God for Europe! GOD BLESS YOU MIGHTILY!!!

Gloryy to God

#loveworldchildrensministry #childrenschurchrocks #EVZ3Thun

Happy Birthday dear Augustin Tomegah

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