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This July on "Your LoveWorld" : Watch the special episodes of Your LoveWorld from Israel with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Do make sure you tune in to LoveWorldSAT to watch : LoveWorldSAT Watch Times (GMT+2): Tuesday: 11am-1pm, 9:30pm-11:30pm Wenesday: 2am-4am Thursday: 11am-1pm, 9:30pm-11:30pm Friday: 2am-4am Saturday: 11am-1pm, 9:30pm-11:30pm Sunday: 2am-4am #yourloveworld #lightupyourworld #loveworldsat #pastorchris

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What an amazing time in Abuja! Loveworld Next Abuja Grant 2019 was a success. Congratulations to the newly ordained Abuja Centre Director Bro Johnny Amenkhienan.

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RHAPSODY ALIVE! Saturday July 6th 2019. THE RIGHT TIME TO PRAY AND FAST Read: Sponsor: Share:   #rhapsody #devotional #dailydevotional

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Gloryyyy! We have moved! Our light shines everywhere! Glory!!!!

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GOD'S LOVE IS GOOD NEWS Read the inspiring story of Brother Elvis King... My name is Brother Elvis King. I was the number 7 Top Senior Cell Leader in the ministry during the ICLC 2018. The Global Day of Evangelism was a great experience for me. I met with my team to pray fervidly and plan before going out. We were led of the Spirit to go to a particular area for our outreach. As we ministered to the Lord, we were guided on how to reach the people and the particular people to reach out to. I made up my mind to win as many souls as possible, to achieve this I needed to win the souls in groups instead of one on one. I shared the gospel with people on the street, I also shared the gospel with people in shops. At some point when it rained, I preached to people in a commercial vehicle. Although, my strategy was to win souls in groups, I also reached out to people one on one when I had the opportunity. At the end of the day, I had personally gotten 80 people saved! I met a particular man who lost his child and was hurting. The Lord asked me to minister the gospel to him. While I was preaching to him, he was smoking and puffed at my face severally, but after a while of sharing the love of God to him, he was moved by the spirit. He shared the burdens of his heart to me and I shared the good News of Jesus love. Before long, he broke down in tears and gave his life to Christ. He knelt down right on the street and said the salvation Prayer. Praise God! Out of the 80 souls I got born again, 25 have completed their Foundation School classes. Glory to God! It's been an awesome experience using SoulTracker application, it’s been easier to keep track of my souls, I am able to monitor their progress and make sure they go through all the phases of being won, built and sent out to win others. Follow the Christ Embassy Soul Tracker SuperUser to read more inspiring soul winning testimonies. #soulwinner #soulwinning #christembassysoultracker

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30 DAYS OF RHAPSODY Beginning tomorrow (10th June) through July 9th, I invite you to join me for 30 DAYS of RHAPSODY. During these 30 Days, I will be coaching on: 1. Training you on public speaking (I'm sure you know I'm quite good at this 🤣😂🤣) But uppermost is a 30 day celebration of Rhapsody of Realities to the world 🔥🎉🎊 As you join me, you'll be inspired and motivated to do your own personal Celebration of the Messenger Angel - RHAPSODY OF REALITIES. Watch on: CeFlix: Christ Embassy GPS IG: xfactor_xperience 9pm (GMT +1) - 10pm (GMT +1) daily 10th June - 9th July #abeokutaMC #yearoflights #iamluminary #30DaysofRoR

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Glory!!! It's #ICLC2019

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PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS FROM FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION As Benin Zone 1 graduates 3200 disciples for kingdom advancement. Present at the occasion was the Esteemed Assistant Director of the LW CGI, Pst Goke Adebayo. #cebeninzone1

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#MegaFSGraduation Unstoppable Church Growth happening in CE Benin Zone 1! Esteemed Asst. CGI Director presents CGI Award for best graduating student to Sister Sister Sonia Otamere Sister Sonia Otamere started church about 6 months ago, and is currently a committed Cell Leader with 32 members! She organized a special outreach to the Campus in Benin where she won 104 students in the meeting with 42 of them retained in church. She has won 209 souls (uploaded to the soultracker app) and concluded her Foundation School with an outstanding academic performance of 98%. Congrats CE Benin. There will be more! #CGI #CEBeninZone1 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth

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Trending... #NOBOrlu There is no better time to preach the gospel than now in Nigeria.... Rev(Dr) Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD

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SHINING THE LIGHT WITH LANGUAGES!!! God is interested in languages and is communicating to many in the language of their hearts through Rhapsody of Realities; now available in 1,109 languages of the world and still counting. YOU CAN BE A PART BY SPONSORING: 1. The Production and Distribution of Rhapsody of Realities   2. The Acquisition of New Languages   3. The Rhapsody Online Prayer Conferences in Different Languages   FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call now on +2348025013716 or reach us on  CLICK NOW TO GIVE TOWARDS THE SHINING THE LIGHT WITH LANGUAGES INITIATIVE! VISIT   #sponsoralanguage #dailydevotional #rhapsody

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Fuji-pop Artiste and Gospel Minister,releases yet another sizzling hot new single titled “KPANSA KPANSA” which means “MORE TESTIMONIES” embracing the scripture that says “The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former”(Haggai 2:9)

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Happening Now! #TACinOwerri #TAC Loveworld Graduate Network presents The Advantage Conference Owerri with the Esteemed Director, Pastor Denis Oshideko Stop waiting for a Job become the Job... Avoid mindless activities... Online Marketing is the Future...

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Our unique bussines and career seminar, The Advantage Conference holds in the city of Owerri on Saturday 4th of May. A special thank you to The Esteemed Regional Pastor, Nigeria South-East Region. Christ Embassy NSE Virtual Zone 1 Pastor John Amenkhienan Thank you sir. #TAC #LGNrules

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7 IMPORTANT THINGS TAUGHT BY THE MOST ESTEEMED REVREND AT THE TOTAL EXPERIENCE NYANYA ✍️✍️✍️ 1. LIFE ETERNAL life is what makes God, God. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have LIFE, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. Don't be afraid of Cancer, KILL IT STAY GLUED FOR MORE UPDATES FROM #TOTALEXPERIENCENYANYA #REVTOMINNYANYA #TEN2019 #CEAMC

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My award winning Pastor! #MyFather #MyMentor #MyPastorJohn #MyRegionalPastor #Ceowerri #SEVZ1

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Happy birthday dad! Your exemplary leadership has shaped my perception about life and ministry.I love you so much sir, keep waxing stronger in the work of the Lord! #PJA1203 #sevz4 #seregion

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Glory to God!!!!! The day is here.. Christ Embassy Owerri LMAM presents An Evening of Worship 🎤🎹🎸🎺🎷with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor John Amenkhienan A time of worship and prophecies A season of the miraculous Where would you rather be??? #CEOWERRI #SERegion

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Celebrating Our Captain, Pastor John Amenkhienan, Regional Pastor, South East Region We celebrate you, our Dear Commander in Chief of the Nigeria South East Region Pastor Sir, you have led us into success, victories and prosperity, now we are products of your several graces We celebrate your exceptionalism, Happy Birthday Sir! #PJA1203 #SERegion

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