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Happy birthday to our teacher, prophet, mentor, coach n father we love you so dearly pastor sir. #SSVZ2 #CEIKOTEKPENE

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TESTIMONY FROM DAY OF BLISS, IKPE ANNANG My name is Udo David Udo and I am thirty years old. I have suffered from excruciating pains in both my left and right legs for the past four years. I have visited different doctors on several occasions because of this. Usually, I am unable to walk for a long distance without feeling the pains. This was quite unusual for a young man of my age. it was quite troubling for me. I was invited for the Day of Bliss, Ikpe Annang held on the 23rd of September 2018. When the man of God, Pastor Ken Alufohai called for the sick, I came out to be healed. I knew this was my opportunity. When we came out, he announced that he was going to lay a healing shawl from the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on all the sick. In my heart, I began to rejoice because I believe in the healing ministry of Pastor Chris. When the shawl was laid on me, I felt the power of God go through my legs and I went under the power only to find myself on the floor. Instantly I was healed and was taken to the counseling section for the healed. I walked all the way there without feeling the pains, I was excited and rushed out to give my testimony. Praise God, for my miracle. God indeed is a healer!!

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Day of Bliss Ikpe Annang saw the early arrival of the invitees from as early as 12noon including three village heads who also attended. Special music ministrations from Gloria Amos, Ransome awesome and the choir set the atmosphere ready for the word. Kindly view highlights of special presentations at the program.

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The Pastor of Christ Embassy, Ikot Ekpene, Pastor Ken Alufohai, ministered the word with boldness letting all present know the gospel of our Lord Jesus was the only means to be saved. At the altar call, over one hundred persons trouped out to besaved. Indeed there was joy in heaven!

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Day of Bliss, Ikpe Annang was a cusp for many who were sick. Rapturous applause greeted the announcement by Pastor Ken that he would minister healing with the healing shawl from our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. When he did, many were healed of such ailments as arthritis, stroke, diabetes and insonmia. Halelluyah!

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As part of the evangelism and publicity towards Day of Bliss Ikpe Annang, the brethren visited the Council of chiefs at their meeting, where 9 out of 14 village heads were present. In addition to the invitation, each received dignitary packs comprising of ministry materials by our man of God, Pastor Chris. The High chief, specially requested that they visit 2 chiefs who were unavoidably absent because they were sick. The team proceeded to see them at their homes, led them to Christ in the Annang dialect and ministered healing to them. All those reached confirmed their attendance. Ikpe Annang is ready for Day of Bliss. #dobikpeannang #ceikotekpene #ssvz2 #attendanceconfirmed

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#ZICLCuyo2018 #Evening session

It's taking me higher. #ziclcuyo2018

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Glorry to God, am a participants #ziclc

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Happy wedding anniversary to Pastors Ken and Judith Alufohia. This year of the Supernatural is your ten in one. Love you dearly.

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You Have Been A Perfect Father, And A Gods Gift to us, I Am Proud of you sir, Happy Father’s Day! #CEIKOTEKPENE #SS2VZ2B

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