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Am vitally involved

It's a joy when u do the father's will......

I thank God for a additional in age . #amcelebratingmyriches#10yearrsinblessingworkinginme#

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Gloooorrrryyyy!!!! Lunch Hour Service with the esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor John Amenkhienan #SouthEastRegion #CelebratingOurRiches Just like He instructed Adam in the Garden of Eden, of all your finances, the one God said you shouldn't eat is your tithe. This is how God gets your business, finances connected to him. If that portion is holy, the whole lump is holy....

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Happy new year all, my year of the supernatural .

If u stick with the word u will come back with the testimonies . I am full of testimonies . #irepallianceinmotionglobal#cecourtestate#

Happy birthday to me, am going up and forward.#cecourtestate#

Happy birthday to a passionate WOG .Thanks for your impact in ministry,enjoy your day.#cecourtestate#

Born into grace.#blwcelebrate30years#

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Happy birthday to Bro Bright Solomon, thank u for what u do in ministry .#CECOURTESTATE#CEZONE1PH

Thank u pastor sir , for ur wonderful teachings and love towards me. Day of bliss.#CECOURTESTATE#

What a wonderful day to celebrate with these powerful women of God . #CE COURTESTATE# ZONE1Ph

What a glorious day of bliss at Christ embassy court estate. Glory

WEDNESDAY SPECIAL WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA A tangible presence of God filled the auditorium this evening and everyone was literally inundated with it as they participated in the heart-felt prayers, soul-stirring​ worship and watched an awesome dance presentation. These all repleted the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor and ushered in a seeming-unending stream of impartation. It was a milepost in the lives of the congregants according to the Prophecy that came in that "anything could be changed..." The ambers of their expectations got stirred again as the Man of God gave a short Exhortation on the place of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian and this catapulted them into a whole new personal experience​ in their Christian walk. #cephzone1

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Happy birthday bro frank, we the brethren of CECourtEstate love u very much. Age with grace .

We the brethren of CECourtEstate wish sis nkure and Bro Walton happy birthday. Springforth.

Glorious Sunday.

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