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Happy birthday Pastor Ma, I celebrate you today. You are a gift to us from God .at Siluko Model. We are glad to you as our Pastor. H/B Ma

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy in the World. I love you Pastor . #iffer7 #dec7 #cemidweztzone #cesilukomodel

Happy Birthday to my Pastor, my teacher, my Coach. I love you Sir. #offer7 #dec7 #cemwz #cesilukomodel

What a beautiful opportunity to wish my Pastor . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Happy Birthday Sir. I love you. #offer7#dec7#cemwz #cesilukomodel

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Celebrating the Cell Ministry. What a special time. #cemwzone#cesilukomodel

Celebrating the Impact of Cell System. Its going to be an awesome time in God"s presence. #cemwzone #cesilukomodel

Its Cell System Celebration Day. Happening life and direct at Christ Embassy Siluko Model Church. Don't"t be told.. #cemwzone #cesilukomodel

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, thank you for teaching us the Word and for showing us the way to prosperity. I Lv u Sir #cemwzone #cesilokomodel

I'm alive.

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The Church of Jesus is moving on and we are not about to stop.

We are the Customdian of the Abrahamic convenant. What a blessing. #CESILUKOMODEL # CEBENINZONE3

An excellent crafted Master Piece. an inspiration to everyone that come in contact with you. Happy Birthday Ma. I Love you Ma #CEBENINZONE3

What a beautiful opportunity to say Happy Birthday to my Teacher, my Pastor....Thank you Ma for guiding me through the Word. #CEBENINZONE3

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Pastor, you are truely the efulgence of His (Jesus) person. I love You Ma. Happy Birthday #CEBENINZONE3

Birthday Salute to My Pastor, a carrier of HEAVY GRACE.. Happy Birthday Ma #CEBENINZONE3

Happy Birthday to my Mother, my Coach.... I love you Pastor Ma #CEBENINZONE3

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