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A very special happy birthday to Pastor (Dr.) Karen Basmarc, aka Dr. Rhapsody!! Thank you for your diligence, dedication, passion, commitment, tenacity, strategic vision, caring heart, constant smiles etc etc. You are simply amazing and I love you dearly. Remember the word of prophecy that came to you this morning - "You have been ushered into an unprecedented level of sucess, such as you have never seen before" Glory to God. We make war with words, so stick to the Word. Thank you very much for all you do for us in CELZ1 and Loveworld nation. You are a special gift to us and we love and appreciate you dearly. God bless you and welcome to your new level. 👏👏👏. My Dr. Rhapsody!!!

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CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY - CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS ZONE 1 Street cleaning exercises took place in various locations across the city of Lagos, Nigeria with our teens and youths joyously blessing the world through their community service projects. #IYD2020 #LWTEENSMINISTRY #Teevolution #celz1rocks #celz1teens #celz1youths

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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY- CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS ZONE 1 Teenagers boldly preaching the glorious gospel to Adults and Teens alike as they distributed copies of TeeVo. As with Jesus, many marvelled at the wisdom with which they spoke and we recorded several testimonies of salvation. #IYD2020 #LWTEENSMINISTRY #Teevolution #celz1rocks #celz1teens #celz1youths

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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY- CE Lagos Zone 1 Teens provide relief materials, TeeVo and TeeVo Bibles to families in their catchment areas. #IYD2020 #lwteensministry #Teevolution #celz1rocks #celz1teens #celz1youths

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ONE DAY, TWO KEY PROGRAMMES, MULTIPLE IMPACT The Watchman Conference for Teens - 10am Saturday 15th August The Watchman Conference for Parents and Guardians of Teens - 4pm Saturday 15th August Celebrating International Youth Day big and strong with The LW Teens Ministry #celz1rocks #lwteensministry #IYD2020 #Teevolution #celz1teens #celz1youths

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When we pray, we invite God's intervention in the daily routine of life... Join The Exceptional Women for a time of prayer on Saturday, June 20th, 8am. #thexceptionalwoman #CELZ1Rocks #globaldayofprayer

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Happy birthday to you dear Deaconess Faith Garba. Thank you for your relentless effort to the spread of the Gospel. We celebrate you now and always.

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**100M Viewers / Listeners for Global Day of Prayer** Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible. Matt. 19.26 NLT. Unusual times demand unusual responses. The world is gradually coming out of the Covid-19 Pandemic Fiasco. Nations are perplexed. Many have lost businesses. Some are very afraid. The future is uncertain for many. But thanks be to God, we have a Prophet in the land, who brought courage, hope and life to us during the lockdown period. So we the Sons of the Prophet in CE Lagos Zone 1 are mobilising 100 million people globally to join the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. Glory!!!!! For it shall be a new glory in the earth after this program, a new hope and the glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. We remember 2 Chron 20:20-21. "Praise Ye The Lord; for His Mercy endureth forever" is on our lips and we shall come back with outstanding testimonies.

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CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS ZONE 1 has joined forces with our Man of God to send Rhapsody Bible around the world. Thank you our esteemed PASTOR LEKAN BALOGUN, Pastors and Partners of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1. With you, we’re saturating everywhere with the knowledge of God’s Word, replacing fear with faith. To participate, kindly email us at Or call any of the following numbers: 08089977408; 08024789885;

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Happy Birthday To You Pastor Sir. An Awesome Personality You Are. Glad To Be Associated With You. Your Investments In Me has Made me Stalwart. I love You Sir #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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Thank you Pastor sir for the many opportunities to serve in ministry, thank you sir for your leadership over the years. I am a product of your trainings, God bless you always sir, I love you sir. #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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I know a man who is full of wisdom, blessed in all things, a man after God’s heart, a man who has raised soldiers for the Gospel. Happy Birthday Boss, a GREAT HERO YOU ARE! #J9 #ninesix2020 #anticipatingJ9 #celebratinganepitomofwisdom #Pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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Celebrating God's gift to us. Happy birthday sir. We love you #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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#J9 #ninesix2020 #anticipatingJ9 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #ceijaiyeojokoro #AHG

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Happy Pastor sir, words are hardly enough to describe the level of blessing you have been in my life and my family. I love you dearly sir. #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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Celebrating my pastor and teacher, a man after God's heart, So gracious and kind. Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #J9 #PastorOkeyisOkay #CEGalilee #SGI #LZ1

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Today I celebrate God gift, a man created to Chang lives, full of vision, a leader who is a leader. Happy Birthday to, my Pastor, My Father,you are indeed a man of God. Thank you for changing my life. #J9 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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To the Chief Executive of CE Galilee Group of Churches, we say happy birth, sir. Your leadership has brought us this far. #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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And God gave us Pastor Okey Nwachukwu; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ... I love you sir! #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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We Know In Whom We Have Believed; The Son of His God; Pastor Okey Nwachukwu. Happy Birthday Sir. #J9 #ninesix2020 #celebratinganicon #pastorokeyisokay #CEGalilee #SG1 #CELZ1

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