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November is the month of blessings. We are shining in this new level. #Ukzone2 #Hounslowgroup #LoveworldSouthampton

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Our chairman and my very own Pastor #power for change conference #UKZONE2 #lwsouthampton

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All roads lead to Hounslow for a programme of its own kind. Dare not to miss it you will come back with a testimony. #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

Jesus came about doing good and healing the sick hence don’t miss this convention on Sunday it’s your time for a miracle #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

Once more the city of Southampton has experienced yet another glorious moment as LW Southampton took to the streets preaching and sharing the Rhapsody Of Realities Our man Of instructed us to go out on Friday and Saturday to win souls and bring then to church #lwsouthampton

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LoveWorld Southampton in line the instruction of our man Of God pastor Chris to evangelise Friday,Saturday and bring them to church come Sunday Here I am doing the work with a cross section of brethren #lwsouthampton

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Happy 12th wedding anniversary to my wife, friend and coach. I love you dearly. His goodness, favour and mercy follows us in our home and attachments. #LWSouthwmpton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bro Brian and Sis Wendy! Congratulations on 12 years of agape love, grace and joy unspeakable! Here's to many many many more years of Bliss in Jesus' name! #lwsouthampton #ukzone2 #ukzone2celebrations

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Happy 12th Wedding anniversary Brother Brian and Sister Wendy. May you have increased special memories made and God continue to bless your marriage and family in every way. We love you! #ukzone2 #lwsouthampton

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Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Maunganidze!

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Happy birthday to my first born my daughter my delight my pop star in the making Briana you shine bright everyday l love you. #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

Happy birthday my dear beautiful Bribri, 🎉🎷🎷the Lord is leading you in paths of glory and victory all the way. Enjoy Christ and keep increasing in wisdom and favor. Lots of love!!!😘😘😘 #UKZONE2birthdays #LWSouthampton

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A Grand Happy Birthday to a favor child, super sagacious,bold, beautiful, excellent and loaded all the way 🎉🎷🎷🎷. I celebrate you lovely Bri😘🎉🎉! The lines are fallen unto you in glorious and pleasant places,enjoy your day 😘❤️❤️!! #UKZone2birthdays #LWSouthampton

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WEC 2019 wow wow wow there is fire in my bones lm excited more than ever before. #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

WEC what a transformation indeed the work starts now. Thank you Pastor Chris #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

I’m already bubbling in my spirit about WEC. Psalm 90:17 #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

Month of August is beautified by success and progress NOW!! #LWSouthampton #Hounslowgroup #UKZone2

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