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.."Don't wait for things to happen to you. Start to declare, start to take steps of faith "

Get ready for 3 Days of GLOBAL PRAYER AND FASTING WITH PASTOR CHRIS, holding from Monday, 11th - Wednesday, 13th May, 2020. Watch this Special Video and Share with all your contacts.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Prayer and Fasting with Pastor Chris holds from Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th May, 2020. Share with all your contacts.

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#CEBristol #CEUKZ4.

Church is not a place you contact diseases but church is an healing centre. #CEBristol #CEUKZ4

Cut off the noise and focus on the word from God.

The message of our Lord Jesus Christ through CE Bristol UKZ4 can never be stopped. Thank you Pastor Lewis for the blessed service today.

We can not be stopped #Churchwithoutboarders

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Total Experience Bath live.

Total Experience Bath United Kingdom Happening Now.

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Hallelujah! What a day of joy and celebrations as CE Bristol United Kingdom distributed thousands of ROR on the street today. #RORRUK19

#SuperSunday #celebrations of his death burial and resurrection. #CEBristol

The death of Jesus Christ brought righteousness and peace. #SuperSunday #CEBristol #TakingoverSouthWestUnitedKingdom

#SuperSunday #CEBristol

motherhood is responsibility. Mothers build foundation. There shouldn’t be favourites in your household, you carry enough love in your heart to go around. Salute to mothers: for compassion, Personality, Enduring. Happy mothers’ day!

#CEBRISTOL #Familyday

CE Bristol this week spread the love of Jesus to its catchment areas. We started with the distribution of ministry materials, foods, drinks and warm materials given to the elderly in care homes.We further distributed food packs to the homeless in St. Paul and its environs. Glory

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