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My sweet mama. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You will wax stronger in health & vigour. all the days of your life. Thank u for the many years of discipline, training, teachings u imparted to me. U're truly a mother with a difference , one in a zillion. Enjoy ur new age.

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#IPPC2018 - 6Weeks to go!! #FinishingSupernaturally 12th - 18th November, 2018 Welcome to the last quarter of 2018, our #YearoftheSupernatural. It's 6weeks to the Intl Pastors and Partners Conference and the time to finish your partnership supernaturally. Write down that target and declare: “Father, I have this Project; I’m going to do it by the power of the Holy Ghost; it’ll be excellent, it’ll be on time, and it’ll create more opportunities for me and others to accomplish greater things for the Kingdom, in the mighty name of Jesus." Keep following this SuperUser for Updates.

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#TLB2708 #TLB #celebratingtlb #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace #nssvzone1 #NSSR

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#TLB2708 #TLB #celebratingtlb #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace #nssvzone1 #NSSR

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Happy Fathers’ Day to the Greatest of all time 😊🤗! Love you ❤️

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It's Today @3:30pm GMT+1! #HLT2018 LIVE Broadcast!! Showing on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps Lagos, Nigeria - 3.30pm London, UK - 3.30pm Joburg, South Africa - 4.30pm Jerusalem, Israel - 5.30pm California, USA - 7 30am Texas, USA- 9.30am New York, USA - 10.30am Spread the word, share your expectations and keep following this SuperUser for updates.

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HAPPENING NOW: #HLT2018 LIVE Broadcast!! The live broadcast of the #HolyLandTour with Pastor Chris is on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps. Connect live now and experience the joy and glory.

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#HLT2018 Live Broadcast from Israel. 🔼5 minutes in the presence of God can change your life forever. The power of silence is the power of God! Learn to be quiet in the presence of God. 🔼Recognizing the presence of God is the secret to power.  🔼You build a strong relationship with God by shutting the door. 🔼God can only work with what we give him in prayer. Nothing is impossible WITH* God. He can't do without us and we can't do without God. 🔼Don't run to God with the problem, Keep the problem away with daily contact. ~ Pastor Benny Hinn. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Am a success #myfaith proclamation

Things are shifting in my direction for good I live in divine health , am increase financially.

REGIONAL PRAYER & FASTING RALLY, 2018. DAY 3 (GRAND FINALE), Saturday 6th January, 2018. PICTURE GALLERY The Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu teaches on " Setting Up an Administrative Structure" then leads the delegates in a fervent prayer session.

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Enjoy this!!!

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HERE IS ANOTHER INSPIRING VIDEO FOR YOU AS YOU PRAY AND FAST. If it blessed you kindly comment and like. #TLB

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Beloved Brethren. It's another great day to be alive! I received an inspiring testimony from a dear sister yesterday morning and with her permission I decided to share it here. Please read on below and be blessed. Kindly note that this was not edited and was posted here just the way it was sent to me. God bless you #TLB THE TESTIMONY Good morning pastor sir. I m so privileged having u as my pastor. Every time u come on the alter to preach, for me is like its a training for the test ahead.On Sunday the 24th when u preached on d essence of Christmas,u specifically let's us know it was not all about what we eat or wear. Pastor u said whatever we ve to eat or wear we should not let it distract us from celebrating the birth of our Lord and focusing on God s word.You admonished us to be focused despite the many distractions due to the festivity. Pastor my family & I had planned travelling on the 24th after service, which we embarked on, but on our way around Igbogene axis,d car suddenly stopped.my husband called some mechanics but to no avail,properly because they were involved in something else so the car ended up sleeping @ an unknown mechanic shop @ Igbogene cause it could not move.In d mist of all this drama,all the words u spoke that morning came alive in my spirit,I began singing to God, thanking God.The next day which was Christmas, there was no food in the house not because we could not afford it but because we emptied d house as we were traveling n we were not sure of d power situation.By Grace I found an old left over soup in d freezer, so dat morning my hubby n i had eba n soup as our breakfast. My hubby who was not in church on d 24th due to some official duties,I had to download d word to him which stirred up our faith.My hubby spent his Christmas @ d mechanic workshop, so we ended up not travelling but despite all this challenges the words you taught on Sunday kept strengthening us. Thank you so much for all your teachings, your love for all. We love you dearly. May God s wisdom continue to increase in your life. I love you sir.

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ALL PRAISE SERVICE REPORTS_Sunday 15th October 2017. Happening Now! 🔊🎶🎵🎺🎼🎸♪♫📯 THE MESSAGE Everyone has a past and every one has made mistakes. Never allow your past to rob you off your blessings for today. Always remember that you cannot do anything about the past. You can't change it. There is no need to get into a state of self pity over what has happened in your past. What you've got is today! You can take a leap from today into your future. Your future is colourful. Stay focused on the future with hope and faith. The Cell System is God's security system. It is not one of those things you participate only when you have the time. It is a necessity. Being an active member of the cell is one of the ways you show that you are a bonafide son of Pastor Chris. You cannot be too big to attend your cell meetings. You cannot be too busy for God. God should not find you only on Sundays. Return back to your first love (the love you had when you first got saved) If you can get to the point where you are saying, "...there was a time when I was...", then you have backslidden. The Cell Ministry is not something that was pioneered by man. It began back in the Old Testament. Exodus 18:1, 13-21, 24-25 The Cell ministry helps for the general administration in the church. If you are not yet a member of the cell, you are still a visitor and not yet a member of the ministry. Acts 1:15; 2:14-20, 41-47. In this scripture above, after winning the 3000 souls, they needed to take care of them and to also grow. This was when and where the Cell Ministry came to play in the New Testament. The church is; anywhere two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus. Services holding daily, according to the scripture is not the entire church but the cells (...from house to house). Be a part of what we are doing in ministry. When you post on facebook you are actually empowering the owners. Why not do the same on our own platform? You need to be on KingsChat. Invite your followers on the other social media to join you on KingsChat. Set up a SuperUser group and post what you want. Bitterness eats up the bitter person. Choose to be happy. Make yourself happy. It is your responsibility. No one else will do this for you; not your spouse, friends, family members or anybody, but you. This week, everyone must bless someone. Give someone in church something physical to bless and upgrade their lives. God gives you in abundance so that you can bless somebody. Glory! #TLB #cebayelsa #nssvzone1 #thelandofgrace

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