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Dad you are just too special! The one & only! Happy birthday! I love you ❤

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❤❤❤ #offer7

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#pose15 The love of my life, mommy dearest... she is "no one knows, like I know what she's done for me, that why I love her the way I do"

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Mommy O a strong, bold,courageous and kind woman of God 💋 #15November #loading

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Celebration mode activated 💃💃🙌➡ #1511 mummy's birthdate😆

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We celebrate you Pastor Ehhh, God's great general. SEE PASTOR SEE BLESSING EHH. CELEBRATING MY BEAUTIFUL PASTOR, birthday loading.....#11/15

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On Donald Trump Win:Lessons Learnt 🌏Believe the Lord your God so shall you be established believe His Prophets so shall you prosper.2Chronicles20:20...Just something about receiving THE BLESSING! Donald Trump received the BLESSING from Men of God ( i saw a video of Kenneth Copeland, Paula White and a Team of Pastors prayed for him) for his journey to the white house. Clinton didn't. People condemned the ministers, social media scorned and derided the move....but it didn't matter. What God had approved no one could disapprove. The world opposes you, God's Word will uphold and promote you! 🌏Public Opinion isn't God's opinion. Build your life on God's OPINION...His infallible Word! It didn't matter the public opinion polls, the main stream media heist, biases, diversions and suppression of the truth. They argued, debated, mocked, scorned and derided him that he wasn't presidential enough. That he was too crude, loud and temperamental to be president. With their constant negative portrayal and barrage on his person, global media platforms they inadvertently gave him unsolicited media publicity and magnified God's hidden agenda ....Forgetting or cluless that what you magnify will multiply. They were unwittingly propagating what they criticised blatantly. Our Pastor always said," Don't complain about the darkness put on the light!" Remember Jesus? The same people who shouted "Hossanna in the Highest! shouted "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!". Others opinion of you is only a mirror of themselves and has nothing to do with you. 🌏 By constant media barrage and repetitions they were inadvertently telling America, this is the man to vote for. Reverse psychology! People are more attracted to things that challenge or confront their faith, beliefs and pedigree. But we know what the Scripture says about this don't we? Romans 5:17 simply Abundant Grace period. 🌏Where sin abounds Grace much more abounds! Every attempt to ridicule, make a laughing stock of and stump Donald Trump just was his launching pad and trajectory into the White House to the shock of the whole world. 🌏9/11 and 11/9 will be dates that will resonate in America's History for a long time to come. A reminder that it is God's counsel that will stand no matter the attempts of men to suppress His will. 🌏 The members of the confraternity of Presidents in America and around the world didn't support him; as a matter of fact some even spoke out their displeasure and some refused to endorse him; Business Moguls stood idly by and refused him their money to support his campaign trail....but now I wonder what they're gonna do now! He is their President! 🌏They said he had no clue about economic and foreign policy; that he was a just a business man who conned others, refused to declare his taxes and a Reality TV Star.....really! Now what had no comeliness or beauty to behold has become the President of God's own country. Stickability is KEY to arriving at God's predestination for you! He lost in the political debates against Clinton; He lost in the primaries elections; American Opinion Polls counted against him; The main stream media didn't give him a chance, decimated his chances and scorned at his blatant communication....I think everything he was saying and doing was part of the campaign strategy to win....seem obnoxious and loud, present a different front, get everyone's attention, sustain their attention by constantly keeping DONALD TRUMP in their conversations, thoughts, homes, locker rooms, bedrooms etc but with the intention to win in the end! 🌏Somehow God sometimes doesn't always really need you to have all the ability, skill, sufficiency or gifts. He just needs your passion to be a change agent, your availability and then He'll give you the ability, skill, gifts, everything you need to sit in office to reign as a King-Priest! Our "hikanotes" sufficiency is from God who has made us able ministers of the gospel. It doesn't matter where you are, just stay steadfast, consistent and eyes on the prize, focussed and in Faith...surely you will arrive no matter the millions of naysayers or haters! 🌏Is it true that Canadian Immigration website crashed yesterday? Are Americans migrating to Canada? 🙈 We wish the new President of the United States all God's best! A lesson well learnt!! I think the Church in America stands to benefit in his tenure though....God rules and reigns in the affairs of men!

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Cause it my mother's birthday - Count Up! #pose1115 #blwsazone

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"Don't just like and comment, but share, share, share... Tell someone " share" - Esteemed Pastor Deola Philips #imcc2016 #CeAccraGhanaZone

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In moments like these

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Join me to celebrate a worshipper per excellence. Happy birthday Eben. Your path is that of greatness and you can never diminish in any way. I love you very much. Keep marching on to greater heights. #birthdayofaking 🎸🎷🔥😎🎧🎤🌨

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The thought of knowing that am a GodMan (100% God and man) is like boom! boom!! boom!!! #GodMan

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When God wants to bless an nation he Sends a Man of God ablaze with his word He is coming with a miracle with your name #blwsazoneTIE

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Making the devil watch horror is what we do best! #blwsazoneTIE

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Generation Present Rendevouz with the husbandman of Campus Ministry.. #blwsazoneTIE

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To live out your full potential, you have to spend more time improving yourself than you do entertaining yourself #blwsazoneTIE

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You are remembered South Africa!! #blwsazoneTIE

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