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Happy birthday sir

GET READY! It's Super Sunday with Pastor Ose Get ready to be elevated by the word Invite your friends and family. #PastorChrisonradioeverywhere

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THE NEXT GENERATION- IF THINE EYE BE SINGLE 16+ ...PART TWO THE RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE- It is said that "attitude determines altitude", it helps launch your trajectory to greatness when you live or gift out the humility of your heart to your world. To lead, you've got to cease the opportunities to serve; to make time to engage in and do what others your age in the world are typically unwilling to do. To serve with humbleness of mind making God and your parents proud of you and their participation in your "Making of". This right mental attitude can be developed by studying Pastor Chris's classique book "The Power of Your Mind" for as long as it takes). Only God's Word can inculcate in you that high amplitude of comprehension, sagacity, acute insightfulness and penetrating discernment. Other things like self confidence, esteem, worth, acceptance or validation etc no man can truly give you, for it is not possible to expect a human being to give you all of these things. That would be too much burden of expectation and responsibility to place on anyone. As a matter of fact people cannot give you what they don't have. I must add here though that as with life and as it was dealt to our Lord Jesus Christ and with the lives of our Chrustian brethren around the world, there will be rejections, refusals, oppositions or unacceptance but these have completely nothing to do with who you are. Learn from Jesus's life, how he handled hatred, false accusations, oppositions, slander and rejection from people and apply this to your life. Refuse to let these things dictate your very existence or your glorious future. With God's Word, rise above it and learn to move on with audacious faith in your heart and confidence in God's infallible Word intact.That's why you got to choose to live your life as "the light of the world and the salt of the earth" not waiting or expecting to be loved but love, or be served but serve....To do this God's Word should be your light and compass to find your way through this very intricate maze called "Life". David said," Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light into my path" Psalm 119:105 "Blessed Lord teach me your rules. I have recited your laws and rejoiced in them more than in riches. I will meditate upon them and give them full respect. I will delight in them and not forget them....Open my eyes to see wonderful things in your Word. I am but a pilgrim here on earth how I need a map and your commands are my chart and guide. I long for your instructions more than I can tell. Your laws are both my light and my counselors" Psalm 119:12-16; 18-20 &24 TLB CULTURE YOU, NOW- The responsibility and choice to culture in your inward man or hidden man of the heart that strength of thought that you are uniquely valuable, precious, important, distinctively graced and gifted, talented, perfect and excellent, worthy, Royalty, loved, awesome and undeniably possible, reliable, trust worthy, diligent and dependable etc is totally yours and nobody else's. Your self confidence, self esteem and self worth is yours to instill in you and you have everything you need in God's Word and PCDL to do that. TALK YOURSELF UP NO MATTER WHAT: Do not wait for nor expect anyone to tell you how amazing or precious you are; or say beautiful things about you to you. Let them hear it from the "horse's mouth" after all no one can know you better than you would know you. If you don't know and say who you are, there are a gazillion people in the world waiting to prey on that ignorance or naivety to tell you who you are not. Never be afraid or intimidated by anything or anyone because you are "born of God and have overcome this world because greater is He that lives in you than he that is in the world". 1 John 5:4. For God has not given you the Spirit of fear but of power, of love and a sound mind". Pastor Chris taught us to affirm who and whose we are in Christ Jesus speaking our Faith - The law of faith SPEAKS - ," I know who I am", "I am rich, powerful and influential", " I am super intelligent, perfect and excellent and Flourishing"......why? Because the world is programmed with a lot of negativity, to talk you down amd when they do you're going to hear me" talking you up!" Pastor says. How? Through the teachings.....see why you can't afford not to bind the truths of God's Word around your neck? You must carve it up in the midst of your heart and take Him everywhere you go. Essentially keep the Word first place in your life....Jesus says," Follow me and I will make you!" YES!! YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL: 1 Peter 2:9 says," But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a (special) people for God's own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellence (the wonderful deeds an d virtues and perfections) of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light". Amp Imagine the reality of this scripture come alive in your heart and in your life! What amazing confidence in the abilities of God within you! Then you won't need to sit, wait and fold your arms expecting the arrival of someone to make you "Happy ever after". Sure on this Scripture alone you can be that resolute young adult with impeccable and uncompromising convictions that your happiness depends on you and not on anyone else. You know that you know that you are responsible for your own joy and happiness. I mean this scripture says it all. You are totally crafted by God to be absolutely and totally sufficient in Him. YOUR TIME WILL COME... You need to know and be aware that your time will come when God and life will give you abundant channels, platforms, gates, doors or windows of opportunities (some you may have to create for yourself) to learn, train, culture you and practise what you have trained for. (So you must imbibe and keep the mindset of a protégé until the time appointed of the Father....and even then with life, you never stop learning) Galatians 4:1-(Read Amplified) Start now, refuse to indulge in idle chatter or idleness. Get yourself busy and prepare today for the future of your dreams by training for reigning. Remember that our Christianity is a life of practise and the more you practise God's Word, the more you become good at it. Specialise in Bible so that you can appropriate with mastery, skill, strength and proficiency your God given abilities to become all that God has dreamed for you to be continued tomorrow. Wow! awesome p.m. tea break today! Whatever time of the day it is for you, thanks for visiting us today. We always love to see you and hear from you!😉😀 🌏🌴"You're more than a speck in the universe. You are the answer to the cry of millions and the solution to your world's problems. Success is finding a need and meeting that need. Impact your world with the investments of your personality".....Pastor Chris😃 PS: Remember to Like, Comment and Share our BLOGS with everyone you know everywhere you are on the world wide web!!🙌

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Venue is Urhobo college, Nov6 by 8am. Glorious miracles will take place! #cewzch3 #dobwarrizone #cewarrizone

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God told us to pray, not for praying sake, but because he planned to answer #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

It is our priestly ministry to pray #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

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600👑🌟Followers in the last one week! Glory to God in the Highest! Thanks everyone for telling your contacts about us! Let's get this flight going by increasing our altitude to 5000🌟Followers. Can we hit the 10,000🌟Followers mark by 31st December? I think ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! What? with all that anointing imparted to us at MHIS!! Glory to God! See y'all yonder 5000+🌟Followers to 10,000+🌟Followers!! We Love y'all! Speak Soon!🌏😆☕🕑

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Your inward man can be transformed through the education of your spiritual senses #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwzone

Don't let your body control you, instead, take control of it and present it to God as a living sacrifice #cewarrizon #church2 #ceesisi

Only through God's word can the inward man be discover and educated #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

You and God are enough #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

Looking for who to blame for where you are is making a fool of yourself in the race of life #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell

You and God are enough #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

When Gods service becomes your concern, your welfare becomes his concern #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

No one is to blame for where you end #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

When you tie your destiny to man, you are bound to end up disappointed #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

Your destiny is not at the mercy of any man #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

Throughout the scripture there is no destiny that is tied to human support #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

No one can stop your destiny from being fully realized except yourself #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

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