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I'm blessed! I experience "PERPETUAL VICTORY PARADE" Ohh Glory be to God almighty!!!

A happy birthday to Deaconess Jane. Thank you for sharing this great day with me. May God's hand be upon you always in Jesus name.


ROR distribution during the Independence day celebrations!!! "Robofied" for life!!! GLORY to God.

We are cultured by the word of God!!! GLORY be to God, Ohh hallelujah!!

#I'm KINGING.....

The Winning Post (2) I read this post from someone's TL & it spoke volumes to me: A SURPRISE LESSON FROM SQUEEZING AN ORANGE As told by the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: I was preparing to speak at an "I Can Do It" conference and I decided to bring an orange on stage with me as a prop for my lecture. I opened a conversation with a bright young fellow of about twelve who was sitting in the front row. “If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?” I asked him. He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, “Juice, of course.” “Do you think apple juice could come out of it?” “No!” he laughed. “What about grapefruit juice?” “No!” “What would come out of it?” “Orange juice, of course.” “Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?” He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point. “Well, it’s an orange and that’s what’s inside.” I nodded. “Let’s assume that this orange isn’t an orange, but it’s you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don’t like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why? The answer, as our young friend has told us, is because that’s what’s inside.” It’s one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside. It doesn’t matter who does the squeezing—your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don’t like, what comes out of you is what’s inside. And what’s inside is up to you, it’s your choice. When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything other than love, it’s because that’s what you’ve allowed to be inside. Once you take away all those negative things you don’t want in your life and replace them with love, you’ll find yourself living a highly functioning life. Thanks, my friends, and here’s an orange for you!🍊 #YearOfSpreading #thePowerOfYourMind #GospelAccordingToPstChris

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Blessed me! Glory be to God almighty.

Listening to "Creating an environment that works" Part #4 by Pastor Chris.. One of my Golden Classics!! :-) :-)

In Maun today, I have brought # ORDER!! even the temperatures have gone down. that's the spirit....# kinging!!!!!!

When we pray to God , it's not so he gives us things his purpose is Fellowship, partnership, oneness, koinonia togetherness. #ORDER...

Im in Lethlakane and it's scorching hot 37+°c but hey no complains. I have brought # ORDER.....Blessed evening saints....Liquid love

Inspired by Divine ORDER......who can stop a moving train? Today's service was power packed with greatness, testimonies, joy unspeakable!!

# Order for Spreading!!!!

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