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STOP! KEEPING YOUR PHONES IN THESE FIVE(5) PLACES IS DANGEROUS. Keeping your phone in your pocket seems like the smart and logical thing to do but you may actually be doing more harm than good to yourself. There are a number of places that are dangerous for you to store your phone. When cell phones are on, connected to a wireless network, and placed in a pocket, the radiation is two to seven times higher than if it were placed in a purse or holster. There is a link between radiation from a cell phone and tumour growth. Radiation can change the structure of DNA and affect male fertility too. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer also found that cell phone radiation is additionally carcinogenic to humans. Merely sitting on your phone could cause health issues such as sciatica or other back problems as well. 1.Close to Your Face Keeping your phone close to your face may transfer bacteria to and from your phone, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive on your skin and phone dirtier. This combination leads to more acne, skin irritation, and even wrinkles. Try using ear pods instead to keep the surface of your phone at a distance from your face. 2.In Your Car’s Glove Compartment Extreme temperatures are the worst conditions for your phone. Keeping your device in your glove compartment during the extremely hot or cold months of the year could lead to problems. Excess heat can cause everything from data corruption to loss or battery leakage. The cold weather presents just as many issues for your device. In cold temperatures, many smartphones shut off, have display problems, shortened battery life, and in rare cases screen shattering. 3.In Your Bra Some research and case studies show that keeping your phone in your bra could actually cause breast cancer due to the radiations and vibrations from the phone. That said, there is not enough evidence to establish a definite relationship between the two. Still, keeping your phone in your bra, especially a sports bra, is a bad idea due to the skin-irritating bacteria it could harbour. 4. In Your Bed Sleeping in bed with your cell phone is a bad idea for a few reasons. First, keeping your phone under your pillow could build up heat and present a potential fire hazard, especially if your phone is charging or has a defect. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the LED light from phone screens can disrupt melatonin production and circadian rhythms, hurting your sleep quality. And, of course, there’s also radiation to consider as well. The amounts of radiofrequency radiation cell phones give off are the same ones that comes from microwaves. The American Cancer Society has mentioned that there is a growing concern about the safety of cell phone use with respect to cancer and brain tumours. 5. Plugged in Keeping your phone plugged in when the battery is charged full can cause damage to the battery itself. It’s not that your phone “overloads” with power, but heat buildup, from stacking things on top of your phone or keeping it under your pillow, makes your phone hotter and may even damage the phone. #innovate #inspire #ideate

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RHAPSODY COMMEMORATIVE EDITION: A LOUD OVATION for Pastor Biodun Lawal and Partners of Christ Embassy Accra Ghana Zone For CROSSING AN IMPORTANT MILESTONE towards the achievement of the Sponsorship of the COMMEMORATIVE EDITION of Rhapsody of Realities. ...we're cheering you on as You Make History! #rhapsody #commemorativeedition #dailydevotional

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CELEBRATING THE WORLD'S GREATEST AUTHOR THIS WORLD BOOK DAY! A walking Bible. A paragon. We celebrate a prolific writer... our man of God, our teacher, life coach and father. Thank you Sir, for all your timeless pieces and bestsellers which have blessed so many lives around the world. We love you dearly Sir and we celebrate you. #worldsgreatestauthor #WorldBookDay #CelebratingTheBible #fiestaoflights #BibleIsNo1 #TheRhapsodyBible #KeepingAliveTheBibleMandate

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Great leaders are readers; and great leaders read what great leaders write and great leaders read what Pastor Chris writes. Thank you, Pastor Sir, for your unspeakable gifts. #Pastorchrisworldsno1author #Fiestaoflights #WorldBestAuthor  #CeAccraGhanaZone #cetakoradi.

What a glorious day. I'm celebrating my pastor. The best and no1 author in the whole wide world #pastorchrisworldno1author #Fiestaoflights #ceaccraghanazone #cetakoradi

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Thank you Pastor Sir for bringing the greatness in us to the fore through your books. Indeed, you are number 1. #Pastorchrisworldsno1author #Fiestaoflights #WorldBestAuthor  #CeAccraGhanaZone #cetakoradi.

#fiestaoflights #pastorchrisworldsnolauthor #ceaccraghanazone #ceinchaban

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A FIESTA OF LIGHTS! The highly esteemed Director, LoveWorld Publishing Ministry/Rhapsody Realities and the highly esteemed Director of Corporate Affairs have some important and exciting news for you! BUT BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS... Know that something truly big is coming to the LoveWorld Nation, and it will bathe the world in its glorious light. You’ll know what it means to celebrate lights and will be inspired and motivated to do the same. It’s a whole new level entirely, and there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot more to learn in this video, so WATCH THIS NOW!  #Fiestaoflights #LWPM

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Happy birthday to my wife of an inestimable value, so full of love and grace.A perfect example of Galatians 5:22-23. A true daughter of consolation to our MOG. An unwavering soldier of our great nation. An exceptional mother to David-Prince. There are too many things to say about you but above all I love you passionately. #luminaryPLisaLawal

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Happy birthday to our dear mummy. Mummy, you are too much and we are proud of you. We love you so much. #LuminaryPLisaLawal #Cetakoradi #CeAccraGhanaZone

Happy birthday pastor ma. I love you plenty. #LuminaryPLisaLawal #cetakoradi

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Happy birthday to you Ma. You are a wonder to your world. We love you dearly. #LuminaryPLisaLawal #Cetakoradi #CeAccraGhanaZone

What do you think about this black kid? 😂 #Just4Laughs

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👉💥GUESS WHAT????😊 It's 10 in 1 Bonus Package for you in the GROUP SUBSCRIPTION PLAN on the PASTOR CHRIS DIGITAL LIBRARY... you now get to connect 10 persons to your personal SUBSCRIPTION plus ACCESS TO MONITOR THE USAGE OF YOUR REFERRALS😃😀 You can now connect your Cell Members, Souls Won, Members of your family, Colleagues and the list is endless...🤗🤗 🚀🚀🚀GET ON BOARD TODAY AS THE GRAND LAUNCH TAKES PLACE IN ALL OUR CHURCHES THIS SUNDAY THE 17TH OF MARCH💃💃💃 To get on the GROUP SUBSCRIPTION plan kindly use this link for further information kindly contact us on or call +2347067963884, +2349075932893 +2349027184479 #groupsubscriptiongrandlaunchinyourchurch #March17th #10in1atnoextracost

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6 Days of Glory with Pastor Chris UPDATE Day 4 Highlights : When you are ready to make an impact in your life, you have to be ready to be free with the Holy Spirit - Pastor Chris Get full story & video via the above link only on LoveWorld News.

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If you want to lose fat, these 4 things can be beneficial in achieving that goal. Keep these things in mind the next time your goal is fat loss. 1) EAT IN DEFICIT: Obviously if you are not eating in deficit then you can't lose fat. This is the key if you want to lose any fat at all 2) LIFT HEAVY: One thing many do when trying to lose weight is to train light. It's ok, but you need to train heavy to maintain muscle mass. While your training volume doesn't need to be high, your intensity needs to remain high. 3) REST ENOUGH: Whether your goal is gaining muscle or losing fat, you need to rest to properly recover. 4) KEEP HIGH PROTEIN: When you're are in deficit, you're more at riak for muscle loss. That's why when during this time, you should increase your protein intake just to be safe. Anywhere from 1-1.2 grams per pound. - Naphtali Aikens @transformbynaph #LivingFit

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Hello Most beloved Nation, Loveworld. Its international women's day, we Celebrate the inspiring, exceptional and exemplary women in our Nation. " Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all" Proverbs 31: 29 ESV

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#givingtuesday Members of the Volunteer Medical Corps in Calabar, Cross River State in Nigeria visited the General Hospital as well as the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital where they ministered to many of the sick patients on the wards. They also distributed personal care items, copies of the Healing School magazine and Now that You are Born Again to those who got saved to the glory of God! Thank you so much VMC Calabar Chapter for extending the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to the sick and needy. #vmcorps #lmms #hspc #savingliveseveryday

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Happy Birthday Big Mummy! Thank you Ma for your selfless love and dedication towards the work of the ministry and the vision of Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris. We love and appreciate you dearly Ma. #ceusaregion2

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