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PastorChrisLive Pray-A-Thon Reloaded is LIVE. Click on the link below to participate: Follow the PastorChrisLive SuperUser for more information and watch this space for live updates! God bless you.

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I have the light of life. I have light in my spirit, soul and body. Christ is my wisdom. I function with divine wisdom. I have insights into secrets and mysteries. I dwell and operate in the ambience of the Word of God. #Liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #Liftoflife

Watch YOUR LOVEWORLD with Pastor Chris sharing on the power of the word of God.You can download the cloveworld mobile app from the App Store  also Google Play Store #LTMNetworks

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#Highlights THE PASTOR AS A TRAINER. 📝Training is the provision of attention, instruction and guidance to someone, to ensure predictable success and prevent any chance of failure.” 📝Include training in your personal agenda. If you don't train, you are planning to fail. ~ Pastor Lanre Alabi ministering.   #STPPL #CEPHZONE3 

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Blessed Father, oh what a priviledge to be in an inseparable and inextricable union with you, your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am concious of the Person of the Holy Spirit, the Extraordinary Strategist. #Liftingchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #ROR

I join Heavens and the Loveworld Nation in celebrating our highly esteemed Rev Sir. Happy birthday Sir. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

I cant keep calm its Rev Sir birthday. A shining birthday to you Sir. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

Happy birthday Rev Sir. I celebrate a king-class, a perculiar-class, a royal-class, victory-class, love-class, beauty-class and wisdom-class. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your knowledge of Jesus Christ..." Pastor Chris #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting #cehararecbd #cesazone5

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I celebrate unfathomable love of God. Happy birthday Rev Sir. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

Celebrating God certified vessel. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

Celebrating God's best. Happy birthday Rev Sir. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

Rev Sir I celebrate your life and how you have massively impacted the world with the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you the boldness, humility and love of the Spirit which has inspired us to be spiritual giants. #CEKabwata #CEZambia #RevKen918

I am God's property, an ambassador of Christ. In Him I live, move and have my being. I am bold and fearless about the Gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ. Totally consecrated to God. I am fulfilling my destiny in the Gospel. #Liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #ROR

THIS IS BIG!!! Have you been inspired by either listening or watching Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on TV or on Radio? Then this life transforming Conference is for you!!! Click on the link below to register

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The entrance of thy words giveth light. I can never walk in darkness. I can never walk in confusion. I have direction in life. My life is upwards and forwards. #Liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #Theentranceofthywords

The church has a self-healing mechanism. The church was not healed by God. What the church received is Eternal Life. Eternal Life does not need healing. #liftchallenge #monthofUplifting #totalexperienceSuva2019 #cesanzpi #ceaccraghanazone #usaregion2 #onenightofblessings

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I am joined to the Lord. I am one spirit with Him. I have the mind of Christ. Christ is my wisdom. I am completely yielded to the authority, influence and impact of the Word of God. There is positive transformations in my life. #Liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #ROR

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. I am a worker together with God. I am dispenser of life to my world, many are catapultated from the domains of darkness to God's marvellous light. #Liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #ROR

I am a child of divine destiny. I live a purposeful life. I am God certified. Certified for good works. Certified for victory. Certified for blessings. Certified for progress. #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting #CEZambia #ROR

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