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Good Friday miracle crusade with pastor churchill will be full of glory and it is an unforgettable experience ! #christembassyportharcourtministrycenter #cerumuokoro #weareready #weareprepared

Am so glad to say a very big congratulations and happy birthday to our own man of God pastor Chris for his supernatural birthday! More grace for u as u soar higher ! In Jesus name ! Amen

Loveworld archives was so real Wow I was just mouth opened as I saw pastor moved from glory to glory

AUTO-EDIFICATION!!! #cephministrycenter

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The only way you can truly and fully express yourself to God is by speaking in tongues. - Rev Ray Okocha #cephministrycenter

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When you live by faith, you live a triumphant life.- Rev Ray Okocha #cephministrycenter

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You're not a victim of circumstances, your birth, gender, educational qualification, geographical location, etc. You see things through the eyes of God. - Rev Ray Okocha #cephministrycenter

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To effect permanent change in any area of your life, you start from the inside first! #cephministrycenter

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How strong is your faith? With God, all things are possible. What do you see? #cephministrycenter

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God has spoken... NO LIMITS! #cephministrycenter

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Wow an awsome time with my church and growth manager #ceportharcourtministrycenter #cerumuokoro #loveworldpcf

The new pakage in town now #phministrycenter #inaugralsuperservice #9thSept #relevantinministry #nodullmoments #teamwin #cerumuokoro

Global evangelism day @phministrycenter, #cerumuokoro, #loveworldpcf

Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Tues July 3rd Jude 1:20 says, "But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit". At 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray in tongues of the Spirit for all 15mins. It's our month of Laughter. Glory to God!

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Gabriella, Seth, Ellena, precious, Emman, tansi, imam, Naomi

UPDATE ON THE NGO REGULATORY BILL! Great News at the Public Hearing Today..You need to read this! The #InnerCityMission For Children was one of the first organizations to submit a memoranda to the House of representatives committee on Civil Society Development & Development Partners on the NGO Bill. At the public hearing held in Abuja at the Senate Today , a joint development sector strategy session was held to harmonize positions on presentations at the hearing. Your InnerCityMission made presentations against the passage of the proposed bill on two grounds at the public hearing at the Senate in Abuja, 1. At least Eight (8) existing regulatory frameworks were highlighted. The House was advised to strengthen, empower and carry out its oversight function on existing Ministries, Departments and Agencies responsible for these. 2. With sections 26 (1) and 27 (1), The bill seeks to make Non profits an appendage of Government , it demands CSOs to seek approval before projects can be executed or lives saved, thereby robbing the sector of its independence and flexible ability to serve it's constituents, who are mainly indigent households and vulnerable groups . The victory of TODAY is that the Chairman of the committee at the Public hearing asked if there was anyone at the hearing ‎who was in support of the bill...THERE WAS NONE...Glory to God! Lets Be Vigilant...The rejection of the bill by CSOs, however, does not automatically translate to its death. The bill has passed the 2nd Reading and at the 3rd Reading ,the House of Assembly would decide its fate when the report for today is being presented It is total Victory ... Our position is that the bill and it's entire 58 sections be set aside. KINDLY SHARE THIS MESSAGE...Say #NototheNGOBill #EndChildpovertynow

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*Offer7 Prayer By Pastor Chris* Now, I will pray for you and it is my expectation that between now and the end of the coming year 2018- God's Grace will be multiplied several times in your life These words will produce results in your life as an individual,in your family and in everything that concerns you. God's Grace upon your life is multiplied from this moment in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus. The manifestation of his love in your life and all that concerns you will become evident-For everything that you require, for the things that God has commanded you to do, for the life that He has called you into, for the things that he wants you to fulfil. I ask that,that miraculous power of God's Spirit will cause it to happen for you in the name of the Lord Jesus. You will see more and more results than you ever saw in your life! That this coming year,what would normally take 10 years to achieve you will achieve in this year! I didn't tell you that by calculating, I told you that by the Holy Ghost. In 2018, it's 10 years for 1! Precious Father, your children will enjoy health like never before They walk in the supernatural like never before Because your glory will be demonstrated in their lives like never before You're the evidence of his goodness You're the evidence of his grace You're the evidence of his love And wherever you go others will take notice of you because you're his blessed ones [Tongues] His Grce overshadows you His Grace overshadows you Wisdom is ministered to you In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Answers to your questions Dissolving all your doubts In the name of the Lord Jesus [Tongues] Precious Father, we love you I bless your children With your word,with your Grace,with your love in the name of the Lord Jesus Thank you Holy Spirit, We thank you for their gifts tonight Not just the token, but their love, their token of faith, their token- thank you Thank you because they receive a harvest, a multiplied harvest in all their giving [Tongues] Thank you Lord Jesus Hallelujah! #thehappychurch #cephzone1

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Chef ogbologbolo1 of CECphZone1 Kingdom. It's our work Oh..... Soft work. #ewca #celebritychef #Teampeeay #CECphzone1

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Food has never tasted this nice. Get ready as annointed hands prepare special dishes, fit only for Kings & Priests. Team EWCA rocks. #EWCA

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