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United is what the enemy fears!

Since last Sunday God has been giving me this Scripture everytime I pray and think about Pastor Nelson and his Family God.

Thank you Pastor Chris for saying yes to the ministry and give birth into a lovely pastor Nelson❤

I almost cried then pastor just called my name in service while his own daughter was standing next to me he left her hands and held mine to pray for me like a dad. I felt like I had my biological father with me. pastor Nelson pays attention to every single member in church.

we had to pray for our families I did not have my family so I did not know whose hands I had to hold.


The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome. The darkness will never overcome or put out God's light. Let your light shine Pastor Nelson. JOHN 1.5. Pastor Nelson is everything that God told Us to be.

I can't digest what happened on Sunday. Pastor, you are a man after GOD'S heart. Darkness can never overshadow light and pastor you are light that shines through Gods words.

So why must pastor Nelson be treated differently? Why is he being treated like his Judas? Why must he be treated like his not a man After Gods own heart? Why is he treated like he doesn’t win souls for GOD’S Kingdom?

after two days the doctors gave me an answer that didn’t make sense to me but I was happy because the enemy wanted to kill me but my God healed me through pastor Nelson. The doctors were amazed with the fast results my body was showing

they can't find out what’s wrong with me. Pastor answer was it is well trust God. I held onto that word and changed my mindset.

I still did not know what was going on with me and one morning pastor called me I remember feeling down and I was just telling my self that I wanted to die. pastor Nelson called me and asked me how I was feeling I told him everything.

started to regain hope and feeling confident that I was going to be healed through the spirit of God. Through prayers and brethren visiting me in hospital,

I became depressed and sad because of the situation I was in. I regain my hope again when I saw pastor and his wife deac Sandra sending brethren to see me and pray for me.

It is not well. I remember when I first joined Christ embassy I was always sick hospital in and out was hopeless because I did not know that I had the power to speak Life into my Life I did not know where to turn to 6 months went by

I have many testimonies. pastor took all the fatherless and motherless children in church as his own including my self this man is always smiling always supporting Us to do good and better he treats us like his biological children.

How long will you attack a man So that you may murder him, all of you, Like a leaning wall, like a tottering fence? They consult only to throw him down from his high position [to dishonor him]; They delight in lies. Psalm 62 #UKZONE2 #NORWOOD #UK #DosomethingPastorChris

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*Pastor Chris please kindly do something about this. Please kindly hear pastor Nelson and Norwood side of the story. We have evidence sir. #NORWOOD #UKZONE2 #Pastorchrislive #Pastorchrisdosomething #NorwoodsoldiersforChrist #norwoodnotrebels #politicsinchurchmuststop

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It might be an end of an era for BLW Norwood as we know it but we will never forget the love you’ve built amongst us and the seeds you’ve sown in our life. They might have thought they’ve silenced you both but they are actually coming to rebuild from scratch.

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The children’s church had Kids Got Talent; The Teens had YOAM; The Singles had the Singles With A Purpose (SWAP) Event; The Men had the Mighty Men’s Conference and our The ever successful Lady-to-Lady Global Conference which has been exported beyond the U.K. shores.

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