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EASTER YOUTH CAMP - TRAVEL UPDATES "We can't wait to get there" says Team Germany. We are travelling 5,446.2 Miles to katalambano all that the Spirit of God has packaged for us. We are ready to take over! For Partnership and Sponsorship details, please send an email to or call +27820570061, +2348033882790. Like, share this post and feel free to share your expectations in the comment section of this blog. #GYLF #IEYC2017

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MORNING JUICE☀ "A dream is a seed with enough life in it to cause it to come to pass, no matter what the circumstances may be. Let your dream grow." -Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome D.D (Recreating Your World) _______________________ Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Jour - 4. I anticipate inevitable, supernatural intervention of God, i expect miracles😇 #MMC #cebonaberi

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EASTER SUPER SUNDAY WITH PASTOR OKET Get ready to celebrate Easter this Sunday. A call to Soulwinning. invite and bring someone to Church with you. #EasterSuperSunday #ewcavz4

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PASTOR CHRIS' SPECIAL PRAYER FOR YOU.... Follow the LoveWorldSAT SuperUser by clicking "FOLLOW" on the top right of the app. Watch The BLW Station of the year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, anytime, anywhere ON THE GO, at or download the #LoveWorldSAT App Now on the Google Play, AppStore or Windows App Store. LIKE.COMMENT.SHARE

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Pastor Chris:Global Prayer Network. MANYIKA... Munamato Wenguwa Dza12 Masikati, Na10 Manheru, WeMusi WeMuvhuro, 10 Kubvumbi Ndiwe ungofanire kuona kuti Soko raMwari raitika muhupenyu wako. Dzidza nyaya iyi zvizere muRhapsody ranhasi. Unokona kuriwana pa: VaHeberu 11:1 inobhuya yeiti, "Zvino kutenda ndirwo rusimbiso rwezviro zvatinotaririra, umbowo wezviro zvatisingaoni". Tichanamata nenguwa dza12 masikati na10 manheru. Tichanamata kwemaminiti gumi ngemashanu panguwa idzi. Tinenge tiri kunamata ngendimi. Paunonamata kudai, bvumirana ngeSoko raMwari. Bvumirana ngezvarinobhuya pamusoro pezviro zvese zvinokunetsa. Pangawe ngezviro zvausiri kukona kugadzirisa. Kandira pana Ishe zviro zvese izvi. Iwo wane hanya newe. Wangode kuti zviro izvi zvinge zvakakunakira. Nyengetererawo wanorwara muzvipatara. Nyengetererawo wakasungwa mumajeri. Nyengetera kuti Ishe wazwire wanhu awa tsitsi. Nyengetera kuti Mwari wasasunungure muzviro izvi. Mwari wakuropafadze.

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Happy New Week! Dear Partners ...we are excited at the #InnerCityMission knowing that Easter Week is finally here. Make the most Impact by sharing this special season with those who need Your help the most. Our Easter Packages for the Indigent Includes: 🔶Sponsor a Child during our Easter Fiestas. 🔶Sponsor a Food Box for a Family at Easter 🔶Organize an Easter Fiesta in an innercity community near you... 🔶Sponsor the spread of Ministry Materials to children and families in innercity communites Whatever your Choice...take the InnerCity Mission with YOU wherever you go at Easter. To take action: 📞: +2348123445240 +2349081234284 📨: #EndChildPovertyNOW

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The Future Africa Leaders' Foundation presents a roll out of 'The Light A Community Initiative'- In celebration of Africa Day (25th May 2017) Overall Strategic Goal: Distribution of 100,000 Solar Lamps in Africa Expected Outcome: Improved Education and Quality of Lives.  Expected Outcome: Procurement and Distribution of 100,000 Solar Lamps in Africa Be a part of this tremendous opportunity to meet a human need. For enquiries and sponsorship: kindly send an email to #FALA  #lightacommunity  #Africadaycelebration  #May25th

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TODAY'S TEEVO QUOTE (Monday 10th April, 2017) Topic: IT IS POSSIBLE “If you thought it’s almost impossible to achieve your dreams, don’t give up. All you need do is to ‘Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face evermore!’ The Bible says, ‘...Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles...’ (Isaiah 40:31)." Read more in today's edifying Rhapsody TeeVo article! #blwteens #teevoquote Download the Teevo2go mobile app on Google Play today and enjoy a thrilling experience every day! Do like, comment on and share this post.

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Happy birthday to my Special God's sent I'm grafeful to have you Ohhhh I love you sir You are the best #ewcavz4 #Rocam2017

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SUPER DIMANCHE DE PÂQUES AVEC PASTEUR OKET   Préparez-vous à célébrer la Pâques ce dimanche. Un appel au gain d'âmes. Invitez et amenez quelqu'un à l'église. #EasterSuperSunday #ewcavz4

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Happy birthday you sir God's will increase you like never before Thank you I love you sir #ewcavz4 #seerhapsodyofrealitieseverywhere

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Hurray!! It's Brother Leon's Birthday. Thank you sir for all you do for the Gospel. We love you. #Ewcavz4 #Toppartnerrocks #keepflourishing

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NEWS FLASH Rhapsody of Realities touching lives in Botswana. Watch this video report.

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Happy Birthday Bro.Michel, we celebrate You Today and always, thank u for your impact in the Ministry. We love u #swan #ewcavz4#flourishing

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Your commitment to our ministry inspires me a lot. Happy birthday Dear sir!!! #Hbd #ewcavz4

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Salut salut ceci c'est bientôt et ne manquer surtout pas samdi le 15 avril .#vlnc with pastor Oket. #vlncECWA #ewcavz4

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Recognize what you already have. #pastorNdi #WordAliveConference #day1 #ewcavz4 #cendobo #splendour2acell

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