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"Look within! Look inwards! God's giftings are inside you! Praying in the Holy Ghost...God will open your eyes... There are things you can only settle in tongues! You'll just know, that thifs are falling into place, one after the other!" - The Esteemed Zonal Director teaches infallible truths from the Word, during THE MEN ALIVE Conference, which held earlier today! Stay tuned for more updates! #CeKenyaZone

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#MenAlive2019 #PhotoSpeaks Plenary Sessions with Esteemed Facilitators during the Men Alive 2019 Conference #CeKenyaZone

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5 DAYS TO GO!!! THE LIFE CHANGING 'IPPC IN YOUR CITY' IS ALMOST HERE!!! You can be better prepared in 3 Easy Steps 1. Set time aside to pray about the program and your participation in it- it'll launch you to greater levels of operations, by the Spirit of God. 2. Pen down your expectations. Don't just assume them, writing gives clarity... 3. Clear your schedule and plan adequately to attend every session of the Conference! Kindly contact your Church Office for further clarifications #CEKZIPPCiyc #CEKenyaZone

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Congratulations Pastor Dalton and Sis Lynnette on your trad. Wed

THE TRANSLATORS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN CHRIST EMBASSY KENYA ZONE The highly anticipated Translators Network International Conference commenced with pomp and great excitement in Christ Embassy Nairobi 1. Pastors and Ministers from all over Kenya converged at the TNIC for a celebration of the Supernatural, giving testimony to the efficacy of God's Word contained in the messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities. The Conference kicked off with the opening address from the Esteemed Director - Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu... Stay connected for more updates! #CEKenyaZone #TNICkenya2018

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THE NATION OF KENYA.....🇰🇪 ......AND THE LAND OF KENYA SHALL BE FILLED WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF GOD AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA......THIS GOSPEL PROSPERS IN EVERY COUNTY AND BY FREE COURSE, TRIUMPHANT UNHINDERED!! 🌏Wednesday SPECIAL 🌏Pastor Chris on NTV Sundays @ 8am - 8.30am (National Carrier) impacting the nation of Kenya with this Gospel of delivered to us by our Man of God Pastor Chris 🌏Reach Out Kenya Launch - ROKE 🌏DPAC Launch in the churches 🌏 Ministry Partnership Arms Launch 🌏ROKE theme music PREMIERS at Kubamba Radio......And so much more! We have taken the land for JESUS! Hallelyah!

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I was born Great, Greatness is bestowed on me also and I have achieved greatness #CEKENYAZONE


What a meeting.Surely am lifted.My vision has been lifted.Like a nail I have been fasted in a place of supernatural.#cekenyazone #PSD

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my highly Esteemed Zonal Director PSD and PTadZ, I love you dearly Sir and Ma. #CEKenyaZone

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Happy wedding anniversary to our zonal director, my zonal director CE Kenya Zone. I love you Sir #cekenyazone #PSD

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*There are seeds that will give you regular testimonies and there are seeds tht will make u break ranks* #cekenyazone #PSD

The mountain doesn't have to respond its my declarations that matters #cekenyazone #PSD

I have a lifestyle that is wining in any every place #cekenyazone #PSD

He’s Lavished His Love On You The word, “bestowed” in our opening verse means, “lavished.” Therefore, putting it rightly, it should read, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath lavished upon us….” This is the sense in which God has loved us—with an everlasting love: love without limits.Think about it: we, who shouldn’t have been known of God, who shouldn’t have ever come close to God are now, as a result of the superabundant love He’s lavished upon us, accepted of Him. We’re now called the sons of God. This is an amazing reality. ...Notice it’s not talking about us becoming the sons of God when we get to heaven; it’s not a futuristic thing; we’re sons of God NOW! Have faith in that love, for it’s been poured out abundantly for you. Learn more from today's article. #FollowPastorChris #CeKenyaZone

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My month of shining light. Time to put more action #cekenyazone

I have been catapulted to greater levels of great victories in the ministry. Vision 400 is a reality #cekenyazone

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