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HEALING STREAM She used crutches 4 OVER 15 yrs & unable to connect to Healing Stream link. On Day 3, the Holy Spirit told me to go to her. I went today.For the1st time in over 15 yrs, she walked without crutches.GLORYYYY See b4 & after pix. Thank you Pastor Chris #healingstream

HARVEST TIME Jesus did NOT come to condemn but to save lives. "I came that they may have & enjoy life, & have it in abundance,to the full, till it overflows." She's now born-again. No more drug & alcohol dependency but a life ready to glorify Jesus. #ukz1r2 #cebromley #forest


MY TESTIMONY The Lord is fighting for me, and I hold my peace and remain at rest --- Exodus 14:14 AMPC

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SISTER ANENE We celebrate and rejoice with you today, thanking God for your commitment to working in God's Vineyard. Thank you for your dedication to the Children Church. Of your increase there shall be no end. God bless you richly #cebromley #ukz1r2

REACHING OUT... ...the ONLY way I know in an all female hostel for drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless and abused women. I was told that they were dangerous but I believe there's nothing the Word won't change, so I went with RORs. #cebromley #ukz1r2 #myyearofpreparation

FEEDING THE HOPELESS Yesterday,@Joe Richard's House,a hostel for the homeless,drug addicts,abused women... Giving them food & ensuring they enjoy an awesome New Year. They testified of great changes since they began receiving us. GLORYYY. #cebromley #myyearofpreparation #ukz1r2

CHRIST EMBASSY BROMLEY'S ANGELS AT CHRISTMAS Took food & ROR to a homeless people's hostel that accomodates abused women, reformed addicts, men & women suffering mental health, etc. The presence of our Messenger Angel has caused great changes in this hostel. #cebromley #ukz1r2

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE (IDOS) 2020 Christ Embassy Bromley went to a Care Home to present our Messenger Angel as well as some other gifts to the elderly in our community. We are spreading the love of God and His Word. Glory be to God. Hallelujah. #ceb #idos #ids #ukz1r2

CE BROMLEY SUNDAY THANKSGIVING SERVICE We prayed the prayer of thanksgiving, did thanksgiving worship and testified of the goodness of the Lord. We offered dance offerings and we gave thanksgiving seed offerings too. It was a day of celebrations. Glory to God. #cebromley #ceb

CELEBRATING DON EZE I celebrate great accomplishments. I celebrate great works. I celebrate great talents & skills. Continue to excel in the great Kingdom works you do so selflessly. God continue to lift you up from grace to grace & from glory to glory. God bless you richly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER TOLU I join the host of heaven to celebrate a passionate soul winner,a partner & a dedicated minister of God.Thank u 4 ur excellence & commitment 2d work of God that is worth emulating.More grace to accomplish more in Jesus' Name 🙌 #CEBROMLEY #UKZ1R2


JOIN ME TO CELEBRATE GOD’S WORK A teenager with an excellent track record is something to celebrate nowadays.A chosen one, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation.He's a special breed & his steps have been guided by the Word. This is the doing of the LORD. GLORY! #cebromley #ukz1r2

CELEBRATING BRO UYI Birthday greetings to this soul winner & Kingdom Financer. Thank you for your awesome works,the ones we see & the ones we don't see.Well done for caring and for being a pillar where it matters.Grace & peace multiplied to u. God bless you. #cebromley #ukr2z1

HEALING DURING EVANGELISM This lady who initially refused to speak with me ended up receiving salvation. She also got healed of a sickness from childhood.She's joined us at CE Bromley & wants me to heal other family members too. What a mighty God we serve. #iamapriestinoffice

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER EHI Join CE Bromley to celebrate Mr. Dependable,ever smiling, ever cheerful.As u spend your time, investing yourself to minister to others,the Holy Spirit continues to lift you up.God continues to remember u, His battle axe. Thank you. #celebrate #CEB

THE MAN JESUS I dare call Him a man cos the Bible calls him so.He's the perfect sacrifice.His life,the way He lived proved that truly, Jesus is God! We owed but He paid for us. I've to tell everyone that He has bridged the gap & salvation is in Him ONLY. #wordfest2 #wordfest2020

I AM NOBLE I receive God's with all readiness of mind, not arguing and opening the scriptures to see what I'm told is so. 😂 I am voracious for the Word.I go for the Word always cos I am noble and God has called me noble 💃 💃💃💃 💃💃 🕺💃 🩰🕺💃 💃 #wordfest2 #wordfest2020

THE MAN, THE MESSAGE, THE MANDATE According to God, being noble is to receive His Word with all readiness of mind i.e. I prepare my spirit to receive God's Word, my heart goes out for the Word, I don't allow myself to be distracted from getting the Word. #wordfest2 #wordfest2020

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