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🎞💃📣SEE GROOVE OOOOOO When the highly respected ministers hit the dance floor in honour of a Dispensation, you better put on those dancing shoes and get those legs moving.🕺🕺🕺💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 No time to form.... It’s boogie time with Pastor Dan Willis, the Most Reverend Tom, Evangelist Eddy Owase, Rev Ken Oyakhilome, Rev Ray Okocha and other anointed ministers of the Gospel... it’s a grooving something🕺🕺🕺💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #LTMNetworks #OFFER7 #OFFER7PARTY #Dec7th

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#2019Offer7 #CelebratingMyFather #NewRegionsOfTheSpirit

#December7dancechallenge #myblessings #measia #ceindia1

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GMC 2019 HIGHLIGHTS – THE ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR, CE MIDDLE EAST & SOUTH EAST ASIA VIRTUAL REGION SHARED INSIGHTFUL STRATEGIES ON ADVANCING THE GOSPEL IN ENEMY TERRITORIES! The epochal 2019 ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris continued with another inspiring and spirit-stirring lecture on “Advancing the Gospel in Enemy Territories,” by the esteemed Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy Middle East & South East Asia Virtual Region, Pastor Joseph Akinwolemiwa. "Prohibitions and hostility to preaching the Gospel is not new. In the Bible, we have copious examples where the apostles were forbidden to preach and even persecuted. In their day, it wasn’t everywhere they were welcomed, they had to face severe persecution, but in all of that they prevailed for the Gospel," he explained. As one of the vital points to note in advancing the Gospel in enemy territories, the esteemed Regional Pastor admonished the ministers to take advantage of technology to spread the Gospel, even in locations where the physical spread of the Gospel has been prohibited. “Through the technology available to us in the world today, you can break geographical, institutional and religious boundaries. You can effectively infiltrate regions, countries, cites, and homes, where the physical spread of the Gospel has been prohibited and the voice of the Gospel is dim due to opposition and persecution." Concluding his lecture, he encouraged the delegates, especially those currently living in hostile cities, to always stay in the comfort of God’s Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and keep preaching the Gospel no matter what! Glory!!! “Always remember, the Lord is with you. Have no fear. Our story has already been told before the foundations of the world; our victory has already been determined. We win only!" What a glorious time it was in God's presence! The lives and ministries of these ministers will never be the same! Stay tuned for more updates on the 2019 ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris. #ism #GMC2019 #PastorChris

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FATHER, man of God, hero and Pastor. We are grateful to God for the privilege of being your sons and daughters in the Middle East and south east Asia region. Thank you sir for being a bright and shinning light. We are partakers of your grace. We love you sir

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Partners of Rhapsody of Realities get applauded for providing aid to a School On the 21st of October, Partners of Rhapsody of Realities from Christ Embassy U.A.E responded in love to the news of a fire incident in an Elementary School. The children and members of staff of the school received relief items along with copies of Rhapsody of Realities. The school authority in return expressed their gratitude when they presented a certificate of appreciation to the partners for responding to the needs of the children. We are still making lives better this ReachOut Season. Join us in illuminating the lives of many through the sponsorship and distribution of Rhapsody of Realities. To give, kindly call +2348025013846, +2348025013715, +1 832 4537524 or visit

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Reaching out with Rhapsody of Realities in the Tagalog language made the gospel available to more areas in the Philippines. During the ReachOut Campaign, partners from Christ Embassy U.A.E visited the congregation of a missionary, who visits Islands known for terrorists. The missionary did not have any material to give the people whenever he ministered to them so the partners introduced the Messenger Angel to them, teaching them how to use it. As a result of this, the missionary now has access to copies of Rhapsody of Realities to bless his mission field. Partners also dressed up to Rizal Park, a favorite weekend outing destination for most Filipinos. It was evangelism with fun as most people were intrigued by their attire which made it easy to engage the people in their language. Get involved in the sponsorship and organization of a ReachOut Campaign today. To give, call +2348025013846, +2348025013715, +1 832 4537524 or visit

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Against resistance, the Light of the Gospel illuminates the Philippines The heavy downpour on the 19th of October didn’t stop partners of Rhapsody of Realities from shining the Light of the Gospel in the Philippines. As partners from Christ Embassy U.A.E engaged people in different locations during the campaign, including the Mall of Asia, they encountered a group of young people in the mall who kept trying to distract the people from paying attention to the partners, announcing that they were false prophets. The partners kept at what they did, unperturbed by the noise around them and won souls to Christ. Glory to God!!! We are still sponsoring the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities in various languages around the world. To give, call +2348025013846, +2348025013715, +1 832 4537524 or visit

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Celebrating our highly esteemed CEO and Director, Pastor Deola Phillips. We love you so much ma. #magnumlumen

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Over 500 souls won so far, and still counting during the ReachOut Philippines 2019 Partners of Rhapsody of Realities in CE U.A.E received answers to the 25 days heartfelt prayers they offered towards the success of this year’s campaign as many souls were won to Christ during the recently held ReachOut Campaign. It was a glorious event; distributing the Messenger Angel in Batangas, Abu Dhabi, and through other ministers to other Islands and Provinces. During the campaign, partners made copies of the life-changing devotional available to the young in schools, the elderly in homes and many others on the streets. The campaign has been rewarded with 512 souls already won to Christ and counting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change lives today! Sponsor the organization of a ReachOut Campaign in your nation or to other nations. To give, kindly call +2348025013846, +2348025013715, +1 832 4537524 or visit

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13DAYS TO #IPPC2019! Have you cleared your schedule from Monday 11th- Sunday 17th November? There's no better place to be at this time than the Lord's Presence where LIGHTS would be celebrated!!! Don't miss it!

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Happy birthday to my dear Pastor Emeka Eze. You are amazing. Wise and abundant fruit bearer. An example of grace. I really love you and thank God for you. Thank you for being the son of our Man of God in all things. Happy birthday. We love you dearly in Asia!

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RHAPSODY REACH OUT PHILIPPINES 2019 took place during the week of october 19 at Manila and Batangas. 10 brethren and Pastor Pamela from Abu Dhabi 1 church flew to Philippines and joined up with the team on ground to spread the gospel according to our Man of God Rev Chris Oyakhilome. This reachout was preceeded with 25 days of prayers to prepare the environment and recipients. Thousands of Rhapsody daily devotional were distributed in both english and tagalog languages. The people readily received the word of God and missionaries also took Rhapsody to other islands in the Philippines. 512 souls were recorded as new christians during the campaign. We thank God for giving us a life worth living and touching lives through us and rhapsody of realities. Philippines belongs to Jesus Christ. Alleluiaaaa.  

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Certificate of appreciation upon responding to a need! # We are in office #ReachoutPhilippines #CE AbuDhabi 1

#Reachout Philippines Teachers and students at a school receive relief goods and ROR after they had a fire at the school that destroyed students property. #We are in office # Month of ministry

#ReachOut Philippines #light of love

#ReachOut Philippines #Light of Love

#ReachOut Philippines Theme Song #light of Love

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