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🌼NEW-Special Teaching on Marriage🌼 Watch Part 1 titled "Marriage is not a promotion" culled from an illuminating Word ministration by the Highly Esteemed Pastor TT Temisan! #Loveatfirstflight #SpecialTeachingonMarriage #loveworld

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💫💫💫 AWESOME MOMENT 💫💫💫 Live Participation of Kids from CE ABUNDANT GRACE DORTMUND 🇩🇪, WEZ4 in the on-going LET THE CHILDREN COME ONLINE CRUSADE SEASON 2. #childrenschurchrocks #lovewordchildrensministry #100000bibleclubs #WEZ4 #Ceabundantgracedortmund

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SEE AT A HIGHER PLANE ~ PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Man is primarily a spirit being; and the spirit has its inner senses. But for most people, their inner senses are untrained. So, you find that most are only used to what they can see and perceive in this earth-realm, because they’ve only been trained to describe things with their natural senses. How limiting that is! Don’t live your life to the limits of your natural senses. God tells us in His Word that there’s more than the human senses can comprehend. He said, “…I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions…” (Acts 2:17). When He said the young men shall see visions, He was talking about the ability to see beyond the ordinary; the ability to see with, and from your spirit; your inner senses. That’s why they’re called visions, because what you see at that realm, the natural man calls invisible. Take young David’s encounter with Goliath for example. He was so sure he could take down Goliath, even though others were afraid of him. Why? He saw differently. He saw through the Word that the man, Goliath, standing in front of him couldn’t in any way defeat the armies of Isreal. So, he said, “…who is this uncircumcised Philistine…” (1 Samuel 17:26). He saw what others couldn’t see, and that’s what we read in our theme verse: we don’t look at the things which are obvious to the natural eyes, for such things have no foundation. Stop looking at how much you have in the bank. Stop looking at the situation you’re in or what people are saying about you. See the invisible! Train yourself to see beyond this world, beyond the walls and the barriers. See through the Word. See by the Spirit, at a higher level. Hallelujah! CONFESSION: The eyes of my understanding are flooded with light, causing me to see the invisible, and energizing me for the impossible. My mind is anointed to see what the ordinary eyes can’t see. I see glory, victory and prosperity. I see beyond the walls and barriers. Praise God! #istandwithpastorchris #rhemafortoday #yourloveworldspecials #healingstreams #prayingnow #iclc2020 #affirmationtrain #atmophereofmiracles #healingschool #reign #themonthofvisualization #alignment #wordfest3 #stillpraying #preparation #FollowPastorChris #talkingsession #thankyoupastorchris #8dayofmeditation #kingschat #yokoos #kingschatrecommends #wehavemoved #wordfestextravaganza #ICLC #pcdltv #pcdl #healingstreamswithpastorchris

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HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR CELL OUTREACH! 💃💃💃 In the City of Chiangrai. We brought them food packs and prayed for them. Truely it is more blessed to give than to recieve! 💃🎉🎉 #CellMinistry #Onlinecell #asouladay #Everydayanoutreach #WEZ4 #CeBonn

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CONFIRMED!!! The Global Miracle Faith Seminar is holding this Sunday 19th with esteemed Pastor Chuka Ibeachum. Get ready for a mighty move of God’s Spirit #GMFS #takinghealingtothenations

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PRAISE REPORT - NEXT LEVEL WITH PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL 🇩🇪💃🇩🇪💃🇩🇪💃🇩🇪 Pastors, leaders, and partners from several cities across Germany converged in Christ Embassy Berlin Central, the zonal church and Viewing Centres were also set up in 27 cities across the country. All with great expectations for what this program would do in their lives And their expectations were not cut short! During the intensely prophetic ministration, the highly esteemed Pastor Biodun, regional pastor of USA Region 2, regional pastor of East Asia Region, Zonal Director of Accra, Ghana Zone, and Teens Ministry Director, showed the connection between worship and prosperity and shared extensively on "Ever Increasing Grace" through the use of time and opportunities. Healings took place and much grace was imparted through the prophetic utterances made. #WEZ4 is celebrating the new level of grace and prosperity we have been launched into and give thanks to our man of God, Pastor Chris for the honour & opportunity given to us to host the highly estemeed Pastor Biodun Lawal. We also say a big thank you to our regional pastor and Secretary General of our ministry, the highly esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina for helping us facilitate his coming. #nextlevelwez4 #CEGermany

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GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR IS THIS SUNDAY IN WESTERN EUROPE ZONE 4 🔥🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥 Expect healings and the miraculous right where you are this Sunday 19th of September 2021. When: 10AM Where: Every church in CE Germany - Western Europe Zone 4. #gmfs #gmsfwez4 #cegermany #wez4

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President Biden Declare WAR against all unvaccinated Americans If you think these satanic plans are limited only to America, Canada, Australia and most parts of Europe then you should have a rethink and start now to pray for your president, state governors, local government chairman, employers and all leaders In your country. Months ago, President Joe Biden said, Vaccines shouldn't be mandatory. Infact he implied he doesn't have such powers. Yesterday, he vowed to go against the constitution to fight governors who wouldn't comply with mandatory vaccination. This is the Emergency rule that Pastor Chris talked about last year isn't it? We must keep praying in the Name of Jesus and insisting that Satan has no place in our world. The bible tells us to resist Satan and he will flee. When we resist him in the Name of Jesus, he has no other option than to take off. He can't negotiate with us and we won't let him. Again, Prophet David in the bible was moved by Satan to have a census which by itself was a good national policy for economic reasons. Isreal had been having census prior to this time but the bible let's us know that this particular census was inspired by Satan. This particular census had satanic undertones. Only a spiritual man can tell when a government policy is inspired by Satan. It doesn't matter if it has happened in history. In the Same way, this particular vaccination programs have satanic inspiration, and that is why we must keep praying for our leaders. Pray and decree in the Name of Jesus and it shall be established unto you. Vaccine should never be mandatory. Infact, the science shows that this isn't a vaccine in the first place so why make it mandatory? Make sure you don't miss YOUR LOVEWORLD TONIGHT. IT'S THE GRAND FINALE. DOWNLOAD THE LIVE TV APP to watch.

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PRAISE REPORT! STRATEGIC MEETING OF TEENS/YOUTH PASTORS & LEADERS IN GERMANY WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL The live-transforming, destiny-changing training meeting of the Youths and Teens with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal was extraordinary! About 40 delegates who travelled several hours from different cities across Germany were present and over a hundred leaders participated online. The peak of it all was the impartation of grace for greater impact. Truly, the lives of the Youths and Teens across WEZ4 have been permanently changed! We have moved and have been provoked unto greater works. Hallelujah 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #lwteensministry #STML #Formidablezone #WEZ4 #CEGermany

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NEXT LEVEL WITH PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL 🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥🇩🇪🔥 Happening: Tuesday 14 Sept Venue: CE Berlin Central Church & local CE church viewing centres Register now: #NextLevelWEZ4 #CEGERMANY #WEZ4

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HAPPENING NOW: Strategic Meeting of Teens/Youth Ministry Pastors and Leaders with the Highly Esteemed Teens Ministry Director in Berlin, Germany #wez4 #lwteensministry

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Happy birthday to you dear Brother Joseph. We celebrate you today on this special day, thank you for availing yourself for the work of gospel and your love for the brethren. God bless you. #WEZ4 #CEGERMANY #CEGiessen

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Dear Brother Olaf and Dcns. Severine, It is a joy to see your bond in marriage waxing stronger in love. Enjoy this day of your wedding anniversary and remember to recall and enjoy the wonderful memories of your marital journey. Congratulations! #WEZ4 #CEGERMANY #Hannover

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THE EYES OF FAITH - PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. But the LORD said to Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). In Genesis 15:5, God said to Abraham, “…Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.” You’d notice that God was specific as to what He wanted Abraham to look at. He didn’t say to him, “Look up” or “Look around”; He said, “Look at the stars and see if you can number them.” Each time God tells you to look, He gives you what to look at, and usually, He wants you to see with the eyes of faith. It doesn’t matter how people see you; what matters is how you see yourself: the perception and opinion you’ve formed of yourself, on the basis of what the Word says about you. See “you” with the eyes of God, and live what you see! Don’t look at things from the physical perspective, and form conclusions that are based on sensory perceptions. God doesn’t want you to live that way. He wants you to see from your spirit and make the right judgments. Before the physical manifestation of the supernatural and glory of God in your life, you must see it first within you. Once you can see it with the eyes of faith, it’s yours. You must first have it within. For example, when God says to you, “I have granted your request,” don’t consider the surrounding situation anymore; see and receive it in the spirit first! See and apprehend your prosperity, health, peace, progress, success, deliverance and the salvation of your friends and family members. Proclaim with your mouth that which you’ve already seen within you—not so they’ll come to pass—but because you know they already exist in the faith-realm. If you want to have a fruitful walk with the Lord, you have to learn to see and receive with your spirit, and keep your focus on the Word. #istandwithpastorchris #rhemafortoday #yourloveworldspecials #healingstreams #prayingnow #iclc2020 #affirmationtrain #atmophereofmiracles #healingschool #reign #themonthofpraise #alignment #wordfest3 #stillpraying #preparation #FollowPastorChris #talkingsession #thankyoupastorchris #8dayofmeditation #kingschatrecommends #wehavemoved #wordfestextravaganza #ICLC #pcdltv #pcdl #healingstreamswithpastorchris

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#Cellministry #Teensministry #Youthchurch #CEGermany #WEZ4 #CEDüsseldorfTheFlourishingChurch #DanielCell #6billionsouls Glory be to God. 2 souls won into the kingdom and 6 contacts acquired.

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Why is visualizing necessary in receiving answers to prayers, and what is the right way of doing it? Learn more on the question and answer session with our man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. #istandwithpastorchris #rhemafortoday #yourloveworldspecials #healingstreams #prayingnow #iclc2020 #affirmationtrain #atmophereofmiracles #healingschool #reign #themonthofpraise #alignment #wordfest3 #stillpraying #preparation #FollowPastorChris #talkingsession #thankyoupastorchris #8dayofmeditation #kingschatrecommends #wehavemoved #wordfestextravaganza #ICLC #pcdltv #pcdl #healingstreamswithpastorchris

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It's 14 Days to the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. One more opportunity to make changes in our world through the non stop prayer chain for 24hours. Tune in to from Friday Sept 24th to Sat. Sept 25th 2021 at 6pm GMT+1 for a time of change #GDOP

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